Snowy Owls Drop in from the Arctic

Photo by Anthony Zemba/Copyright Connecticut Audubon Society

Photo by Anthony Zemba/Copyright Connecticut Audubon Society

Snowy Owls have irrupted in the northeast this winter, invading in good numbers and providing a rare spectacle that is delighting birders and underscoring the region’s connectedness to events above the Arctic Circle.

The influx of Snowies has attracted a good deal of media attention. Here’s the latest, a piece by WFSB in which the reporter interviews Milan Bull, our senior director of science and conservation.

In Connecticut, one of the best places to see Snowy Owls locally is Connecticut Audubon Society’s Milford Point Coastal Center, where one and sometimes two birds have been feeding and roosting for about a week. Snowy Owls have also been seen in Old Lyme, West Haven, Hammonassett State Park, Falkners Island, Stratford, Bridgeport and Westport. In nearby New York they have been seen around Jamaica Bay, on Jones Beach, Robert Moses State Park and on Fire Island.

One has even been seen as far south as Bermuda. Click here to read more…

7 Responses to “Snowy Owls Drop in from the Arctic”

  1. lynn d says:

    thanks for that story craig, such a majestic bird!

  2. Tom Andersen says:

    Great story!

  3. Craig J says:

    On 1/18/14 I took a ride to Harkness and stumbled upon a Snowy perched on a large boulder just offshore. I found a place to sit and observe and right next to me looked like what was a half eaten Grebe. After about a half hour of watching the owl through my binoculars, about five crows come in and start dive bombing the owl! The moment the crows gave up I took my eyes off the glass and two bald eagles land on the rock right next to the owl!!! About 20 minutes go by before the eagles took off. The owl remained.

  4. Corrie Turner says:

    I happened to see a snowy owl in Danbury, Ct. It was the night of a very bad snow storm in December and saw the bird perched ontop of a road sign. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take a picture. Wish I would have. It was a beautiful sight to see!

  5. Tom Andersen says:

    Stay tuned for an announcement about our Connecticut Snowy Owl contest! Coming this week…

  6. Arlene L says:

    Tara, I live in the area and I have been looking for them. I check the reports of sightings and you are the only person that has reported seeing them where we live. I am planning on taking a trip to the shore, I really would love to see one before they head back North. Is the one in Coventry still around?

  7. Tara wesoloskie says:

    We saw a very large snowy owl on a snow bank at the end of our cul de sac here in Coventry. I have been reading reports that some seen in CT have been ill. The bird looked large and healthy from a distance.
    Interestingly, my brother in law saw it two night earlier (12/24) on our same street but in an open field.
    I am curious if there have been other sitings in our area. Our family has enjoyed reading about the influx of snowy owls.
    Do they stay in one place for a while? Being seen a couple nights apart made me wonder if it may still be around.
    It was beautiful!

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