Glastonbury’s Outdoor Aviary Is Home to these Non-Releasable Raptors:

cookie-barred-owl-aviaryCookie (barred owl who was hit by a car and has unclear vision).

Barred owls measure about 17-24″, weigh just under 2 lbs, eat small mammals and reside in suburban neighborhoods and dense woods in eastern US and Canada.




trinity-red-tailed-hawk-aviary-2Trinity (red-tailed hawk who lost use of one ear and one eye when hit by a car).

Red-tailed hawks measure 18–26″, weigh about 3.5 lbs, eat birds, mammals, fish, reptiles & amphibians and live in scrub desert, grasslands, farm fields, pastures, parks, woodlands & tropical rain forests in the US, Canada, Mexico & Central America.



buddy-broad-winged-hawk-kashaBuddy (broad-winged hawk who lost part of a wing when hit by a car), seen here with our naturalist, Kasha.

Broad-winged hawks measure 15-17″, weigh 9-20 lbs, eat small mammals, amphibians & insects and live in forests in eastern US, most of southern Canada, the pacific slope of southern Mexico, Central America & northern South America.



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