Center at Fairfield

Glastonbury’s Outdoor Aviary Is Home to these Raptors

Cookie. Photo by Carol Welsh/CW Photography

Cookie, a Barred Owl who was hit by a car and has blurred vision.

Barred Owls measure about 17-24 inches, weigh just under two pounds, eat small mammals and live in suburban neighborhoods and dense woods in the eastern United States and Canada.

Trinity, a Red-tailed Hawk who lost the use of one ear and one eye when hit by a car.

Red-tailed Hawks measure 18-26 inches, weigh about 3.5 pounds, eat birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians ,and live in scrub desert, grasslands, farm fields, pastures, parks, woodlands & tropical rain forests in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Buddy, a Broad-winged Hawk who lost part of a wing when hit by a car.

Broad-winged hawks measure 15-17 inches, weigh 9-20 pounds, eat small mammals, amphibians and insects, and live in forests in eastern United States, most of southern Canada, the pacific slope of southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America.

You may observe them during any daylight hours, whether our Center is open or not.







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