Center at Fairfield

Visit our Pollinator Garden

This tranquil spot is a welcoming place to sit for a spell, mediate or enjoy the beauty of the gardens. Here visitors find themselves absorbed in the beauty of plants in bloom, butterflies fluttering from one flower to the next and birds feeding on insects.
Most importantly, it is a habitat that provides nectar and larval food to pollinators. And, the seeds from the blooms feed our Goldfinch, Tufted Titmouse and Chickadee population in the fall. Beneath the natural splendor, a very essential ecosystem service is taking place – pollination.
Our pollinator garden which is located just outside our building, is an organic, native and naturalized non-invasive plant garden.   Please do come visit, it is indeed a place of harmony and beauty.
The pollinator garden was spearhead by Lori Romick and made possible by volunteers, Girl Scouts, UCONN Master Gardeners, Milford Garden Club and Grillo Landscaping.






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