Connecticut Audbon Society

Share your #CTBird Photos and You Could Win an EcoTravel Cruise

Become a Member in September and join in the fun by entering our

#CTBird Photo Contest!

The winner will receive two tickets to one of our Eagles & Osprey Cruises on the Connecticut River in the spring. They’ll also have their photo featured in our next statewide newsletter!

#CTBird Warbler Photo

The rules are simple:

  1. Take a photo of a bird in Connecticut
  2. Post it to The Connecticut Audubon Society Facebook page with the #CTBird hashtag (you have to “like” the page and you must use the hashtag for us to know which photos are being entered; photos will appear in the Visitor Posts)
  3. Or post it to Instagram or Twitter using #CTBird (you must use the hashtag for us to be able to find the photos)

A winner will be chosen in early October.

Have fun snapping some incredible #CTBird photos – we can’t wait to see them!

“The Bald-Headed Eagle is a long-lived bird of majestic appearance, whose piercing voice can be heard above a wild storm.” – Mabel Osgood Wright






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