Connecticut Audbon Society

Girl Scout Badge Day at The Connecticut Audubon Center at Glastonbury

Saturday, May 12 10 a.m. – noon

Center at Glastonbury, 1361 Main Street 06033

The Girl Scouts of Connecticut will offer activities to help girls achieve the objectives of  one or two of the following badges:

Girl Scouts

Senior Locavore: Some of the best ways to care for our environment include watching what we eat and where we obtain it. Eating local food reduces our carbon footprint and is healthier for us, too! Together, we will learn how to grow our own food, identify some local edible plants, discuss the benefits to habitat and human health, and prepare a simple yet delicious meal with food that we harvest ourselves. We will also share some additional recipes you can take back home. Helps accomplish Steps 1, 2, 3. 10-12 (register here).

Brownie Outdoor Adventurer: Earle Park has all of the elements for an exciting and joyous outdoor adventure – we have streams, a pond, hills, and trees. Together we will explore it all, including a study of the clouds to learn what they can tell us about the upcoming weather! We will provide a nature journal where you can record your observations and write down your favorite experiences of the day. Helps accomplish Steps 1, 2, 3. 10-11 (register here) or 11-12 (register here).

Brownie Outdoor Art Creator: The colors, shapes, and sounds of nature have always been an inspiration for artists. Join us to learn about nature journaling and use nature and natural materials to create your own works of art. You will come away with nature-inspired art and gifts just in time for Mother’s Day! Helps accomplish Steps 1, 2 & 3. 10-11 (register here) or 11-12 (register here).

Junior Flowers: Join us to use different tools and microscopes to look deeply and closely at different parts of flowers! Learn about the jobs of each part of the flower and compare different types of flowers to see their differences and similarities. We will then take our investigation outdoors to learn about our local flowers and the plants that create them. You’ll learn how to determine which flowers use smell and which use color to attract their pollinators. Helps accomplish Steps 1, 2, 3. 10-11 (register here) or 11-12 (register here).

Junior Outdoor Art Explorer: Join us to explore art and music in nature. The sounds, textures, and colors of the natural world can provide inspiration for both visual art and music. Explore the natural environment of Earle Park and become inspired to create your own artwork. We will provide watercolor and acrylic paints, brushes, pencils, and paper. Girl Scouts must provide other desired art supplies. Please bring your own camera; smartphones are acceptable to use as cameras. Helps accomplish Steps 2, 3 & 4. 10-11 (register here) or 11-12 (register here).







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