Connecticut Audbon Society


Migration Madness 2018! Connecticut Audubon’s First Annual Bird-a-thon

May 18 through 20, 2018

If you’re into birds, this is the most fun you’ll have this May!

For three days, birders of all skill levels will engage in a fun and friendly competition to find and count birds throughout Connecticut. Timed for the peak of bird migration!

Teams will collect pledges, then spend as much time in the field as they can before the end of the weekend.

All proceeds will directly benefit Connecticut Audubon’s bird conservation work throughout the state!

Whether you find 10 birds or 110 birds, you’re invited!

How do you get involved?

Each of Connecticut Audubon’s Centers will be hosting special bird walks and other programs.

Send your contact information to the Migration Madness coordinator, Amelia Graham.

Not an expert at identifying birds?

That’s OK! Everyone counts, and every bird counts.

Join a team at one of our centers. Staff can guide you through the identification process, or you can participate in a bird walk during the event.

What comes next?

Keep your eyes peeled! In the coming weeks, our website and emails will be filled with announcements and updates about this exciting event.

Other questions?

Don’t hesitate to email or call Amelia Graham at or 860-598-4218.






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