Connecticut Audbon Society


Summer Camp 2019

June 24 – August 23 (eight 5-day weeks; registration details below)

Center at Glastonbury, 1361 Main Street 06033
( / 860-633-8402)

Jun 24-28: Eco-Explorers
Where can we go? What kind of critters can we find?q With four microclimates found within Earle Park, there is bound to be a wide variety of animals to investigate and explore!

(Jul 1-5: no camp; have a safe holiday!)

Jul 8-12: Animal Architects
What skills do animals possess to survive in the wild? How are they like architects and can we mimic their adaptations? Birds build nests, rabbits build burrows, what can we do?

Jul 15-19: Bio-Blitz
It’s time to catalog all of the animals and plants that we find under every rock and in every body of water within Earle Park! With our list, we can track how healthy our ecosystem us here in our little corner of Glastonbury.

Jul 22-26: Forest Fantasy
What magic can we find in Earle Park? With enough imagination, we can make some of our own magic, tools and homes in these woods!

Jul 29-Aug 2: Buggin’ Out
Can we find all things creepy, crawly, slimy, chirpy, buzzing and flying? Hopefully, you won’t bug out during this week-long bug hunt, where we break out the magnifying glass and insect identification guides!

Aug 5-9: Nature-Nuts
What can we do to help preserve nature? Are there ways to help our environment beyond our compost bin and never-empty bird feeders? Find out how you can become a Nature Nut to help the earth.

Aug 12-16: Bird Brigade
What makes a bird a bird? What is a bird of prey vs a feeder bird, and what on earth are pellets? Let’s find out together! Test your knowledge all week long as we dive into the world of birds.

Aug 19-23: Survival Skills
Do you have the skills to survive in the wild? How would you find water and food, or begin to build a shelter?Can you use a map and compass to find home? Let’s find out if you’ve got what it takes!

Ages 3-5:   9-noon. Connecticut Audubon Chickadee ($55 family) or higher-level member $180/week, other $260)
Ages 6-12: 9-noon (above prices) or 9-4 (member $285/week, other $365)
Optional Lunch (all): 12-1 ($12/day)
Optional After Care (ages 6-12): 4-4:30 ($10/day)
Students ages 13-18 are welcome to become Junior Counselors, who assist experienced staff working with campers.

Click here for a camp brochure with program details and other important information.

Click here for a parent information letter with additional important details for camp attendance.

Click the titles to download printable (PDF) forms which we must have on file before the child starts camp:

Health Form – Physical (valid for 3 years from exam date)

Parental Permission Form (valid for 2019 camp season)

Medication Authorization Form (for each medication to be administered at camp; valid for 2019 camp season)

Individual Care Plan (for any child with a special health care need or disability; valid for 2019 camp season)

Click here to register onlinehere to download a mail-in registration form, or register in person at the Center at Glastonbury.






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