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2019 Osprey Nation: Your help needed!

Carol Dunn, one of Osprey Nation’s stalwart stewards, observes a nest at Gulf Pond in Milford. Photo by Susan Doherty.

April 3, 2019 – People throughout Connecticut are letting us know that Ospreys are back.

The sixth year of the Osprey Nation citizen science project is about to start. But to make this year as past years, we need more nest stewards.

Last year, the project’s volunteers found 775 nests. So far in 2019, 244 people have volunteered, some for more than one nest.

We still have 287 nests that no one has signed up for.

That’s quite a shortfall.

If you can spare 15 to 20 minutes twice a month, please volunteer.

Here’s what to do:

Click this link and check out the map of Osprey nests in the state. Those with red markers are in need of stewards.

If you find one or two that you’d like to sign up for, visit this page.

Or for more information about what being an Osprey Nation steward entails, email our Osprey Nation coordinator, Melina Giantomidis:

“It is a great pleasure to watch these Osprey families grow and return each year, and I am happy to be part of team of monitors to help ensure that Osprey thrive in Connecticut for many years to come.” – Dorothy Goldberg, East Haven.






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