Connecticut Audbon Society


Spring 2020: The Daily Bird

Two Snowy Egrets, left, and a Great Egret.

We’re revising our large archive of Bird Finder features, bringing them up to date for this spring and re-posting them as our Spring 2020 Daily Bird.

We hope it provides a few moments of enjoyable distraction during this difficult time.

The roster of authors includes Miley Bull, Patrick Comins, Andy Griswold, Greg Hanisek, Kathy Van Der Aue, Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe, Nick Bonomo, Andy Rzeznikiewicz, Stefan Martin, and many more. The articles are authoritative, lively, and concise.

We’ll do it five days a week for the time being.

You can sign up to receive each day’s link via text. Sign up here.

March 24 — American Woodcock

March 25 — Tree Swallow

March 26 — Common Loon

March 27 — Great Scaup, Lesser Scaup

March 30 — Winter Wren

March 31 — Palm Warbler






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