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Bioblitz: What you might find on Earth Day

Bridget Cervero takes a photo at Deer Pond Farm.

April 16, 2020 — Step outside in late April in Connecticut and you could find common violets blooming in your lawn and red maples about to leaf-out. Shad flies are probably circling your head and an Eastern Phoebe is poised to snag them. You’ll see a squirrel and maybe a chipmunk. Crows might be cawing.

If you’re participating in Connecticut Audubon’s Earth Day Backyard Bioblitz on April 22, your list will include all those. And more.

A bioblitz is just a fancy name for an organized effort to find as many different kinds of living things as possible. This one is free and it’s designed for all skill levels and all ages.

It runs from midnight to midnight but you can participate as much or as little as you want. It’s all for fun, a way to get out of doors and connect to nature 50 years after the first Earth Day.

Just register below and then download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone. There’s also more information and a registration link here.

What you find depends on where you live and how hard and far you look.

If you’re in a city: earthworms and daddy long-legs. House Sparrows, pigeons, House Finches, starlings; Bald Eagles and Monk Parakeets (especially if you’re in New Haven). Dandelions and violets and daffodils.

In the suburbs and the country, spring peepers, wood frogs, American toads, and garter snakes. Painted turtles if it’s a warm day; maybe box turtles and spotted salamanders, if you’re lucky. Mourning cloak, cabbage white, clouded sulphur, and eastern comma butterflies. May apple, trout lily, bluets; early saxifrage, trillium, and spring beauty.

Every and any living thing counts. Cats and dogs. Ants.

Even Homo sapiens (take a selfie).








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