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One Bird, One Place #6

August 21, 2020 — Each Friday experts from Connecticut Audubon’s staff and boards make one suggestion for where to see one interesting bird in one specific place — “One Bird, One Place.”

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Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Matt Bell)

Center at Pomfret. Peak migration is now but they’ll be gone in the next week or two. Gnatcatchers are abundant and you’ll find them anywhere in CT, in trees along the edge of fields.

Suggested by Andy Rzeznikiewicz
Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Your hummingbird feeder and flower garden. The last week of August is by far the best time to spot them, as it is the peak of their fall migration. Patiently watching any patch of red, blue or pink flowers like garden flox, impatients, trumpet vine should pay off!


Suggested by Milan Bull

Black Tern (

One was seen this week at Sandy Point in West Haven, with Forster’s and Roseate tern. Check any spot where terns and gulls congregate. More easily found when they’re pushed together around two hours before high tide.Suggested by Andy Griswold

This week’s contributors

Milan Bull is Connecticut Audubon’s Senior Director of Science and Conservation.

Andy Rzeznikiewicz is Connecticut Audubon’s sanctuary manager, based in Pomfret.

Andy Griswold is director of Connecticut Audubon’s EcoTravel program.






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