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Coming January 7 — Eliza Grames and The Song of the Ovenbird: Part II of Young, Gifted & Wild About Birds

December 18, 2020 — The reviews of Part I of Young, Gifted, and Wild About Birds are in, and they are awesome.

“So impressive! I learned a ton! Thank you!”

“Wonderful program!  It provided me with a whole new perspective on birding.”

So why not join us for part II?

Eliza Grames, a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, has spent the last several years working with a team of undergraduate researchers to find Ovenbird nests in Connecticut and record their songs, trying to determine why some males sing later into the summer than others.

Her presentation is set for Thursday, January 7, at 7 p.m.

She’s also studying why small forest fragments are less densely populated with songbirds than larger fragments.

What she’s discovered through modeling and song analysis may have important implications for the conservation of Ovenbirds, whose numbers in the state seem to be declining.






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