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An easy way to keep up with what’s happening In the Sanctuaries

Snowshoers stopping for a break at Deer Pond Farm. Photo by Allison Kent.

In the Sanctuaries …

March 2, 2021 — Connecticut Audubon’s sanctuaries are amazing places.

Amazing for the diversity of birds, the occasional moose, the minks and fishers, the bobcats, the scores of other animals.

But they’re also amazing for the people of Connecticut.

You can snowshoe. You can look for breeding birds. You can track mammals or enjoy the progress of our habitat improvement work.

Or you can just walk.

Because of your support, your membership, and your volunteer work, Connecticut Audubon’s sanctuaries have gotten a lot better in recent years.

So we want you to know more about them. In the coming months, we’ll be highlighting the best of the sanctuaries.

A milestone in habitat work. A significant new breeding bird. A program worth a special trip. A trail upgrade that will make your visit better.

To keep you informed two or three times a month, we’ll text you when something significant is going on. The texts will complement the usual program emails you receive from our centers.

So sign up! We hope it will lead you to great discoveries.

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