Connecticut Audbon Society

Larsen Sanctuary Trail Monitor


Volunteer Trail Monitor


  1. To provide a consistent, watchful presence on our trails─ completing a checklist report to assist CT Audubon in keeping the trails safe and enjoyable for visitors.
  2. While staying on the trail, to report on conditions of the surrounding landscape.
  3. To be CT Audubon ambassadors and positively interact with guests while on trails.


  1. Walk the assigned trail loop once a month; especially after a weather event that may have deposited debris on the trail. If able and willing, walking twice a month is welcomed but not required.
  2. Practice safety precautions. This includes: checking the forecast before going out, wearing appropriate clothing, utilizing sunscreen and bug spray, bringing water, letting someone know where you are going and when, and not doing tasks outside the scope of your duties.
  1. Gloves and plastic bags are in the volunteer box to pick up litter. If litter is sharp or unsafe, such as broken glass, be cautious and use the appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves.
  2. Gloves and plastic bags are in the volunteer box to pull up invasive plants.
  1. Clear away small debris such as small branches that can easily be moved off trail if within your capacity.
  1. Utilize the Trail Monitor Report Form to indicate safety and maintenance needs. When reporting locations, it is helpful to report, as appropriate, which side of trail, distance from trail or trail junctions, and the species and size (height and/or diameter) of hazard trees. Do email or call immediately following your walk if any significant action is needed. Please leave the completed form in the volunteer box outside the front door.
  2. If taking digital pictures of findings you are reporting, email or
  3. Record your time spent trail monitoring on the Time Log sheet located on a clipboard near volunteer box.


  1. Ability to walk an assigned loop with varying degrees of slope and distance year round.
  2. Ability to work independently as well as cooperatively with others.
  3. Walk the loop once a month, complete and return the report form, and log volunteer hours.
  4. Conduct the walk following safety precautions and within the scope of duties, not beyond.
  5. Communicate any concerns, questions, or suggestions directly with Center Manager or other staff.
  6. Be a positive volunteer ambassador representative of CT Audubon.

Have fun and enjoy your time on the trails, thank you!



To download or print these documents:

Monitor Description and Duties

Monitor Report Form

Time Log






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