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RTPEC Migration Madness 2022

Join us for Connecticut Audubon’s 5th annual Migration Madness weekend! This family-friendly weekend runs May 13-15 and will focus on Connecticut’s bird populations during the height of spring migration. Sign up for our bird walks and family fun weekend long event and support our Birdathon team, the Awesome Osprey of the RTPEC, as we count as many bird species as we can!
Don’t forget your binoculars! For more information, visit the Migration Madness homepage!

Wednesday, May 11; 6-7 p.m.
Spring Migration Webinar via Zoom

There is no time more exciting to be a birder in Connecticut than during spring migration!  We welcome back some of our most colorful and beloved birds to the state and see numerous species moving through to breeding grounds further north. In this webinar Conservation and Education Coordinator Joe Attwater will go over what to expect during spring migration when out looking for birds. Free program. Suggested donation $10. 

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Friday, May 13

Friday, May 13; 9-10 a.m.
Bird Walk at Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison
If you ask a birder in Connecticut where the best place in the state to see birds is, most will say Hammonasset Beach State Park! Hammonassett is one of Connecticut’s most important coastal habitats, with numerous shorebird species that nest along its shores. $5 for members; $10 non-members  PROGRAM IS AT CAPACITY

Friday, May 13; 3-5p.m
Shrubland Bird Walk at Darrow Pond, East Lyme
With its extensive shrubland habitat, Darrow Pond provides critical habitat for many shrubland bird species including Prairie Warblers, Blue-winged Warblers, and Indigo Buntings. Baltimore Orioles and Tree Swallows can also be found around the pond, while Red-eyed Vireos and Wood Thrushes sing from the woods. $10 members; $15 non-members
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All Weekend!

Saturday, May 14 and Sunday May 15; 10am-2 pm
Family Fun event at the RTP Estuary Center
Join us for a weekend of family fun along the banks of the Lieutenant River! Each day will showcase local band Sunny Train from 11am-12pm and the FLAVORKING ice cream truck will be onsite from 12-2pm. There will also be a self-guided scavenger hunt, a create your own bird feeder station and more! Free for members. $20 for non-members. Cost is per family. All ages welcome!
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Saturday, May 14

Saturday, May 14; 8-10 am
Spring Migrants at the Arboretum, New London

Native birds need native plants, and they find plenty of them at the Connecticut College Arboretum! In the forests, we will search for Scarlet Tanagers, Veerys, and numerous warblers. We’ll watch swallows feed on insects over the pond, and hummingbirds feeding on the many native flower species. Best for ages 13 and up. Free program however registration is required. Limited to 10 participants. Free for members of CT Audubon and the CT College Arboretum; $10 non-members

Saturday, May 14; 4-6 p.m.
Spring Forest Bird Walk at Ames Family Open Space, Old Lyme

The forests of Connecticut are alive with bird song in spring, as we welcome back Scarlet Tanagers, Ovenbirds, Eastern Wood Pewees, and more! Additionally, the Ames Property also supports those woodland species that prefer riparian habitats, such as American Redstart, Baltimore Oriole, Yellow Warbler, and more. $10 members; $15 non-members
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Sunday, May 15

Sunday, May 15; 9am-10:00am
Family Bird Walk at Rocky Neck State Park, East Lyme

Walk the sandy beaches and explore the various habitats on our Family Bird Walk! Shorebirds can be seen on the beach and marsh, and songbirds flit about the brush and in the woods. The trails are kid friendly, and there’s always lots to see! Suitable for ages 6 and up! $5 members; $10 non-members; Children 10 and under free. 
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Birdathon Team

The highlight of the weekend will be the Birdathon, a friendly competition to find and count as many bird species as possible. Help support our team, The Awesome Ospreys of the RTPEC, or participate individually and collect pledges. 

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