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125th Anniversary

Advocacy Alert: Email your representative in Hartford to support a state Lights Out bill

Help mark 125 years of bird conservation by taking action today!

May 4 update: The House unanimously passed a slightly amended bill today. It’s not perfect but it still offers important safety improvements for migrating birds. Thank you to all of you who wrote to your House member. The Senate is next.

The action alert below has been changed to reflect today’s vote.

May 3, 2023 — The State of Connecticut has a chance to become part of a growing movement to protect birds. You can help by taking action today on this important Lights Out bill.

Please use this link to thank your House member in Hartford for voting yes on House Bill 6607, “An act concerning the nighttime lighting of state-owned buildings at certain times for the protection of birds.”

House Bill 6607 requires state-owned buildings to turn out exterior lights between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. in April and May, and from August 15 to November 15, each year.

Birds migrate at night and those are peak bird migration periods.

A billion birds a year are killed in North America when they fly into buildings. Turning off the lights is a proven way to reduce the number of bird deaths.

The Connecticut Audubon Society is part of a coalition called Lights Out Connecticut. The coalition’s members and grassroots supporters are all pledging to turn out their lights.

This bill would bring the State on board too. It will make a huge difference.

Please send this thank you email now.

You can read the amended bill here. And you can learn more about Lights Out here.

Thank you for taking action!






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