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Our award-winning Science in Nature program consists of hands on, inquiry-based activities in earth and life sciences, ecology, conservation and responsible citizenship. Half- and full-day Science in Nature programs are hands on, aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can take place at our center, your school, or a local park.

Click here for our Science in Nature brochure. For more information, please contact Catie Resor at 860-633-8402 ext 204 or email

Choose from the Following Curricular Areas:
• Weather and Climate
• Earth/Land Systems: Water, Weathering, and Erosion
• Adaptations: Life Cycles
• Adaptations: Structure and Function
• Ecosystems

Your Center at Glastonbury currently offers these exciting programs:

One-Hour Program at Our Center – Adaptable to All Ages

Life at the Pond – Discover the variety of living things at Tom’s Pond. Observe how they are interconnected. How healthy is the pond habitat? Assess biodiversity by examining and identifying tiny invertebrate creatures and test for water quality. Please call 860-633-8402 Monday-Friday or email to book this program.

One-Hour Outreach Programs at Your Location or Ours – Adaptable to All Ages

Animal Studies – We care for number of native species that were rescued and rehabilitated. Study our animal ambassadors while posing the question,  How do the structural characteristics of these animals differ and how do these unique adaptations function in their survival? Click here to find or reserve an available time.

Birds of Prey – We care for several rehabilitated raptors: a red tailed hawk, a broad-winged hawk and a barred owl. Examine these animals up close. Learn what they eat and how they would live in the wild. Gain an understanding of how human activities can threaten these magnificent creatures. Please call 860-633-8402 Monday-Friday or email to book this program.

Grade-Level Programs

To find an available time or book a grade-level program, click the program title below.

KindergartenWhat’s the Weather? (1 hour at our center or your school) NGSS K-EES2-1.

Learn about seasons and changes in weather. What are some ways we can measure weather? Observe signs of the seasons here at Earle Park or at your school. Take measurements of air and soil temperature, wind speed, and rain.

First GradeAmazing Animals! – Structures and Functions (adaptations) (1-2 hours at our center or at your school) NGSS LS1-1.

Using our animal ambassadors as a model students will gain an understanding of the various structural characteristics that can function in helping an animal survive and reproduce. Students will explore the habitats of Earle Park and consider how various structures help animals to live in specific habitats.

Second Grade – Seeds in Motion (2-4 hours at our center or at your school) NGSS 2LS2.

Discover the endless variety of seeds and flowers and better understand the vital role that animals play in the pollination of flowers and the dispersal of seeds.

Third GradeHumans and Habitats (4 hours on site) NGSS 3LS4-4.

Explore Earle Park’s habitats and the creatures that live there. Discover evidence of human impacts. How do people’s actions, intentional or not, alter the environment and how does this affect the creatures that live there.

Fourth Grade The Connecticut River (4 hours on site) NGSS 4ESS2.A.

Hike to the banks of the CT River and discover evidence of erosion and weathering. Play games and use models to better understand the workings of the CT River watershed. How do our actions affect the river?

Required Waiver Forms for Participants (click title for downloadable PDF)

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