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Nature Store at the Center at Fairfield

The Nature Store at The Center at Fairfield

The Nature Store strives to offer nature related merchandise which will help to enhance your experience here at the Center.  It’s  a figurative aviary with lots of bird related items. You’ll find colorful mugs with birds on them, Sibley calendars, Bird-opoly and Bird Bingo, puzzles, jewelry, educational toys, and field guides.   And for the coffee coinsures there’s “Birds and Beans” certified bird friendly shade grown organic coffee.

The Nature Store offers a variety of birding merchandise for the backyard birder: birdseed, feeders and accessories, nest boxes, binoculars and birdsong identiflyers. Knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you select the right seed and the correct feeder for your specific bird feeding and bird watching needs.



New in the Nature Store:  Birdwatching DVDs

For those just getting started with birdwatching, the experience can vary from exciting to frustrating. In the beginning many new species are observed, yet some can be difficult to identify. Two new DVDs, “Better Birdwatching on the Northeast Coast” and “Better Birdwatching in Connecticut and Massachusetts” make the learning process easier by focusing on about 150 of the most common birds found in Connecticut.

DVD author Joe LaFleur has degrees in Wildlife Biology and Communications. Over the past 20 years he has collected hundreds of hours of video and sound recordings that have been edited down to two hours on each of the new DVDs. LaFleur researched the abundance, distribution and seasonal status of birds to select species that are most common and widespread throughout the region. During the selection process residents and summer breeders received top priority, followed by wintering species, then migrants that only pass through in the spring and fall.

Searchable indexes on the DVDs allow users to quickly locate species of interest. The video content has been carefully edited to display diagnostic field marks and unique behaviors of birds in their natural habitats. Birds are often secretive and hard to see, so learning their sounds can be critical for identification. The unique collection of songs and calls on the DVDs include multiple songs for many species. Within a species, the songs are similar but do vary by geographic region and even among individual birds.

The DVDs cost $25 each.






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