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Osprey Reporting

Thank you for reporting osprey data to the Connecticut Audubon Society! This form is intended for use by Osprey Nation stewards.  Before you begin filling out the data form, please follow these guidelines…

  1. Use this form only for nests recorded on the official Osprey Nation map. Please check the map if you are unsure.  If this nest is NOT yet on the Osprey Nation map, please report the nest using this Report a New Nest Form
  2. If you have not signed up for a nest or you would like to steward additional nests, please review the map for nests without stewards, and then contact before reporting on those nests.
  3. Identify the nest by the Township and number as indicated on the map. This is necessary to ensure that all data entries are uploaded to the correct nests. If this mode of identification is not followed, information for the nest might not be accepted.
  4. Upload data for a single date of observation at a nest.
  5. For each nest, please send updates no less than once (1) per month and no more than three (3) times per month. An update for one nest can included data from multiple observation dates.
  6. If this is your first observation on a nest, in the “Observer Notes” section, please indicate the structure that the nest has be built on (i.e. – platform, tree, utility pole, etc.)
  7. Information from this form will be sent to a CAS database. Please allow at least one week for data to be transferred to the public Osprey Nation Map.

Name of Nest (Township and Number)
*Please refer to nests by their town name and number according to Osprey Nation map i.e. Ansonia #1*

Observer First and Last Name

Observer Email

Please check the nature of your observation:
I am the assigned steward of this nestI am NOT the assigned steward, I was just passing by this nest and wanted to report what I saw

Observation Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

Duration of Observation (Minutes)

Number of Adults

Number of Nestlings

Nestling Age

Number of Confirmed Fledglings

Please Check Behavior Observed

Observer Notes
Please include any additional information here, such as the pair arrival date, condition of the nest, any visible markings/leg bands on the adults, the estimated departure date, or any information not already included in the form. Maximum 400 characters.




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