Connecticut Audbon Society


Osprey Pictures

We encourage you to share any pictures of the nest and birds you take throughout the season!

Please send pictures to with the NAME and NUMBER of the nest as the email subject. These pictures will be displayed on the map and, at the end of the season, will be included in a slideshow!

In 2017, we also ask stewards to take pictures of the osprey catching/carrying/eating fish for a research project on osprey diet. These pictures can be sent to and/or Here is a summary of the research project:

The purpose of this study is to gather information on seasonal prey patterns of Osprey during the breeding season in CT. This is a 6 month study, ranging from March to August (arrival and departure). In order to determine what prey Ospreys feed on, photos will be taken of Osprey with prey in their talons. By determining what prey Osprey feed on reflects our water quality of LIS and how our environment is doing.  – Melina Giantomidis, Osprey Diet Researcher




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