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Simply put, the Coastal Center at Milford Point and the adjacent protected lands, marshes and waters, are among the best wildlife sanctuaries in southern New England.

Take a look at the nesting Ospreys and then scroll for more. Best of all, visit!

The Milford Point Osprey Cam is back, solar-powered, high-definition, and with sound. Enjoy!

Summer azure, one of the many butterflies you might see at the Coastal Center’s pollinator garden. Photo by Patrick Comins.

A total of 315 bird species have been seen at the Coastal Center. Ospreys nest in the marsh. Highly vulnerable species such as Piping Plovers and American Oystercatchers nest on the beaches. Snowy Owls often spend the winter in the area. Thousands of shorebirds congregate in August and September.

The nearby waters of Long Island Sound and the Housatonic River are rich in oysters and clams. The dune habitat supports rare plants. A thriving population of Purple Martins occupies a colony at the edge of the marsh.

Four observation platforms are available to wildlife viewing, as are the beaches. We also have a newly-established pollinator garden. We ask visitors to keep a respectful distance from all wildlife.

We’ll activate our Purple Martin Cam in May or June.




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