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Trail Wood Sanctuary

Trail Wood Sanctuary

photo by Deb Eccleston

Programs & Events at Trail Wood

93 Kenyon Road, Hampton
Teale’s writing cabin and study are open by appointment. Call (860)928-4948.

Trail Wood Poetry Reading
Sunday, July 1, 2- 4 p.m.

Join Hampton resident John Wertam, a Trail Wood and poetry enthusiast, for a leisurely walk around Trail Wood, stopping as whimsy and circumstance dictate to experience nature and read poetry that tries to capture our love of the outdoors. If you are so inclined, bring a copy of your favorite poem that relates to the feeling and awe of being in the presence of nature, put it in your back pocket and maybe we will get a chance to share it.  

Trail Wood Bird Walks
Thursday, June 28, 8 a.m.
Tuesday, July 24, 8 a.m.

Join Andy as he finds various nesting birds at our Teale sanctuary in Hampton. Hooded warblers, Chestnut-sided warblers, Indigo Buntings, and Blue-winged warblers should be found. Meet in the sanctuary parking lot at 93 Kenyon Rd. Fee: $5 CAS members; $10 non-members.

Summer Writing Workshop
Sunday, July 22, 2-4 p.m.

Alison Davis will lead this workshop. Share the beauty of Trail Wood. Meet fellow nature lovers and writers of all skill levels. Bring a notebook and pencil. Fee: $10 CAS members; $20 non-members.


Nature Photography Exhibit by
Aaron Bourque & Deborah Eccleston
June through end of July

Lifelong nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and Trail Wood artists-in-residence, Aaron Bourque and Deb Eccleston capture the natural environment all around the Quiet Corner in their beautiful photographs. Free admission. Exhibit at Center at Pomfret.


Save the Date!
Trail Wood Under the Harvest Moon, September 22 at 5pm

Private Guided Bird or Nature Walks

This service is offered year-round. Each walk can be geared toward your expectations and locations. Sanctuary Manager Andy Rzeznikiewicz can take you to your next “life bird,” to local hot spots, or just use his knowledge to find birds and wildlife for you. Owl walks and private Woodcock watches are very successful in small groups. This is an excellent gift for that outdoor enthusiast who has everything. Call 860-4948.

Bird Surveys on Private or Public Property

Sanctuary Manager Andy Rzeznikiewicz is available to conduct bird population surveys on your property and can provide advise on how to best manage the property for optimum bird habitat. Private property owners, Land Trusts, municipalities or other groups interested in inventorying breeding or migratory bird populations on their properties might consider this service. Conservation groups that are evaluating potential land purchases for conservation might find this service helpful as well. The best time of year to conduct nesting bird surveys is May and June. Call early to schedule as the calendar fills up fast this time of year: 860-928-4948.

Programs Offered to Groups and Libraries

We can bring our wildlife video and bird slide show programs right to you. Call 860-928-4948 for more information on each program.





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