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Welcome to the Connecticut Audubon Society of the Greater Hartford Area. We are a “virtual center” centrally located and can run programs in Hartford and many surrounding locations. Our flexible educators offer programs that are either virtual (via Zoom or Google Meet) or in person, meeting you at your school, library, or nearby park or conservation property. We take full advantage of our unique location in central Connecticut, working to promote awareness of the Connecticut River ecosystem and the birds and habitats it supports, and to foster conservation through education and related activities.


Mountainfilm on Tour is back with a new collection of beautiful and inspiring films.  Join us Earth Day weekend for this virtual film festival with proceeds benefiting the Greater Hartford Area programs!  More information will be posted here soon!


We offer exciting and educational community programs for children and adults! These programs work very well as virtual programs, but can also be done in person at your location. Contact Catie Resor, Education Program Manager at for more information or click on the program title to book your program online.

Birding 101- Adaptable to all ages

A good introduction to birds and birding. Learn about the variety of our local birds and how to go about identifying them. What equipment will you need? Where should you look? What resources can help you?


What’s going on with the Birds?-Suggested Ages: 12 to adult

Our birds face a variety of challenges from climate change to habitat loss. Learn about some of the stressors on our local birds. Explore some of the ways scientists study birds and the sorts of questions they attempt to answer with their research. Learn ways that you can get involved in collecting citizen science data that can be helpful to scientists worldwide.

Suggested Ages: 12 to adult


Landscaping for Birds–Suggested Ages: 12 to adult

Is your yard a good bird habitat? Learn about the needs of wild birds and how the landscaping choices you make affect bird populations.


Carbon Sinks and Sources- Adaptable to age 10 to adult

What’s your carbon footprint? Climate change can feel like a complicated issue, but mostly it just boils down to carbon. Gain a better understanding of the carbon cycle, our role in it, and what actions you can take that can have an impact on the balance of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

To reach our Greater Hartford Area program staff, please call 860-633-8402 or email





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