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Environmental Education Programs for Pre-K through Grade 12

Connecticut Audubon Society offers educational programs which comply with the Connecticut Science Framework standards. All programs are coordinated with local curriculum objectives and are available for school visits at the Center at Fairfield. Our early elementary programs are offered at the Center at Fairfield and can also be brought to your school.

Complete details are available in our School Program Guide. For our Science and Nature brochure, click here.

For questions or to register for a visit please contact our scheduler at 203-259-6305 ext. 117.


CANE Program for Grades K-2

The Connecticut Audubon Nature Explorers (CANE) Program is offered to students at the Fairfield Public Schools and St. Thomas Parochial School. We train Parent-Volunteers to present three science enrichment programs to their child’s class. Two units are presented in the classroom, leading up to one end-of-year field study activity. We provide some of the materials that will be needed in the classroom.

The Kindergarten fall and winter programs are puppet shows; the spring program is held on school grounds.

The Grade 1 fall program is a puppet show; the winter program is a hands-on activity about bird beak adaptations; the spring program is a trip to the Birdcraft Museum.

The Grade 2 programs include setting up a salt water tank in the classroom; a ‘Mystery in the Marsh’ activity to test students’ detective skills; and a trip to Southport Beach to investigate the variety of wildlife habitats found there.

For more information, contact the CANE Coordinator at each school or call Colleen Noyes 203-259-6305, ext. 112.

TRAINING SCHEDULE: For the 2019-2020 Training Schedule, click here.

PRESENTATION SCHEDULE: For the 2019-2020 Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Presentation Schedules, see below:

Kindergarten Presentation Schedule
Grade 1 Presentation Schedule
Grade 2 Presentation Schedule








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