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Science in Nature

Our award-winning Science in Nature program consists of hands-on, inquiry-based activities in earth and life sciences, ecology, conservation and responsible citizenship.

Half- and full-day Science in Nature programs are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and can take place at our Center, your school or a local park.

Please see below for the exciting programs that the Center at Fairfield offers. For the All Grade Level brochure, click here.


Adaptable to All Ages — 60 to 90 minute programs (click here for brochure)
•  Birds of Prey
•  What Makes a Bird a Bird?
•  Fur, Feather and Scales
•  Wetland Study
•  Life in the Woodlands
•  Native Americans


Grade-Level Programs — 60 minutes to 4 hour programs 
Kindergarten (click here for brochure)
•  Seasons and Weather
•  Survival

First Grade (click here for brochure)
•  Structures and Functions
•  Life Cycle

Second Grade (click here for brochure)
•  Landforms and Erosion 
•  Habitats and Organisms 
•  Seeds and Dispersal

Third Grade (click here for brochure)
• Weather and Animals
• Humans and Habitats

Fourth Grade (click here for brochure) 
•  Weathering and Erosion
•  Adaptations: Structures and Functions

Fifth Grade (click here for brochure)
•  Water Cycling
•  Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics

Sixth to Eighth Grade (click here for brochure) 
•  Weathering, Erosion and Deposition
•  Competition for Resources

Required Waiver Forms for Participants
•  Adult Liability and Photo Release
•  Child Liability and Photo Release (English)
•  Child Liability and Photo Release (Spanish)

To schedule a program, email Tricia Kevalis at or call 203-259-6305 ext. 117.


CANE Program for Grades K-2

The Connecticut Audubon Nature Explorers (CANE) Program is offered to students at the Fairfield Public Schools and St. Thomas Parochial School. We train Parent-Volunteers to present three science enrichment programs to their child’s class. Two units are presented in the classroom, leading up to one end-of-year field study activity. We provide some of the materials that will be needed in the classroom.

The Kindergarten fall and winter programs are puppet shows; the spring program is held on school grounds.

The Grade 1 fall program is a puppet show; the winter program is a hands-on activity about bird beak adaptations; the spring program is a trip to the Birdcraft Museum.

The Grade 2 programs include setting up a salt water tank in the classroom; a ‘Mystery in the Marsh’ activity to test students’ detective skills; and a trip to Southport Beach to investigate the variety of wildlife habitats found there.

For more information, contact the CANE Coordinator at each school or call Colleen Noyes 203-259-6305, ext. 112.

TRAINING SCHEDULE: For the 2019-2020 Training Schedule, click here.

PRESENTATION SCHEDULE: For the 2019-2020 Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Presentation Schedules, see below:

Kindergarten Presentation Schedule
Grade 1 Presentation Schedule
Grade 2 Presentation Schedule








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