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Programs & Classes at Deer Pond Farm

We invite you to make a reservation to join us for one of our walks or programs.
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Celebration of the Opening of Deer Pond Farm’s Western Trails

Saturday, June 8
All programs are free. Registration required for bird walks & lunch.

Event Schedule

8 a.m. Early Morning Bird Walk – To register, click here

9 a.m. Bird banding demonstration

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Education, Exhibits & Activities

10 a.m. Opening Remarks & Welcome

10:30 a.m. Christine’s Critters Falconry Demonstration

Noon Lunch in Tent – To register, click here

1 p.m. Bird Walks – To register, click here

All 835 acres & over 20 miles of our trails in Sherman, CT, & Pawling, NY, are now open!
Deer Pond Farm is a gift from the late Kathy and Walter Wriston

Migration Madness and Birdathon at Deer Pond Farm

Photo by Sharon Cuartero

May 17-19, 2019

Join us for The Connecticut Audubon Society’s second annual Migration Madness: Big Weekend Bird Challenge Bird-a-thon. The event brings together supporters from across the state to raise essential funds for nature conservation, education, and advocacy — and to compete in an exciting birding competition.

Bring:  Binoculars, camera, water, walking stick and a sense of adventure.
Binoculars are available to borrow.

$5 for members
$10 non-members
$20 families

Friday, May 17

Private Preview Tour of our New York Trails  5 to 7 p.m.
Join Cathy Hagadorn, director of Deer Pond Farm, for a sneak peek of the western portion of our property with a beautiful New York vista. Birds know no borders, come and enjoy the western sunset from the highpoints on this hike and have bragging rights, in being part of the first official guided hike in this area.

To register, click here


Saturday, May 18

Early Bird Walk  6 to 8 a.m.
Join Jim Arrigoni, conservation biologist, and Angela Dimmitt, local expert birder, to see how many birds we can identify as we explore a variety of habitats on the Connecticut section of Deer Pond Farm! Expected highlights: a diversity of stop-over warblers including Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, and Magnolia.

To register, click here


Not-So-Early Bird Walk  8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
Jim Arrigoni, conservation biologist, will lead us through the trails in the New York section of Deer Pond Farm! Expected highlights: a diversity of stop-over warblers including Chestnut-sided, Black & White, and Blackburnian.

To register, click here


Photo by Sharon Cuartero

Children’s Story Time with Craft & Nature Walk     10 a.m. to noon
Join Deirdra Wallin, program coordinator, and Christine Ranno, coordinator of children’s services, from the Sherman Library in the bird and pollinator garden for some fresh air, exercise and fun! We’ll listen, look and learn as we explore our surroundings paying attention to our native plants, one of our nearby ponds and the wildlife that enjoy these habitats. An adult must accompany children.

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Sunday, May 19

Birding Hot Spot Hike     noon to 2 p.m.
Bring a light snack or lunch and join Cathy Hagadorn, director of Deer Pond Farm, for gentle hike to one of our special destinations. Enjoy the shade of old apple trees while we take a hike break on some logs to enjoy the songs of the spring birds here. (Free program)

To register, click here


Birdathon Team: Stateline Highlanders of Deer Pond Farm

Join us in welcoming our birdathon team! This is a fun and friendly competition to find and count birds in Connecticut.  All pledges go toward bird conservation work throughout Connecticut. Our species goal is 75 bird species. Our pledge goal is $500. To help us reach our goal, please make a pledge here 

Stateline Highlanders of Deer Pond Farm Team Members

Photo by Bob MacDonnell Jim Arrigoni  Connecticut Audubon Society Conservation Biologist

 Angela Dimmitt  Local expert birder, President of the Western CT Bird Club

   Stefan Martin  CAS Deer Pond Farm Staff & 2018 Migration Madness Winner

  Chad Seewagen  Executive Director of Great Hollow Nature Preserve
                                  & Ecological Research Center

  Elizabeth O’Connor  Environmental Educator & CAS Deer Pond Farm Volunteer





For more information on Migration Madness, including all of the programs, teams, and sponsorship opportunities for this statewide event, please click here.

Volunteer Appreciation

by Deirdra Wallin

Friday, April 26
11 a.m.

Current volunteers are invited join us as we celebrate the impact of your service!  Email to register or to inquire about volunteer opportunities.



Invasive Plant Removal with Jim Arrigoni

by Deirdra Wallin

Friday, April 26
2 p.m.
No fee

Join us on this seasonally scheduled work party to address this major threat to native biodiversity. Learn about the ecology of different invasive plants and management methods. Email for more information and to register.





Spring Walks with Jim Arrigoni

Eastern Bluebirds by Richard Stone

Spring Ecology Walk
Tuesday, April 30
5 p.m.
To register, click here

 If this year is typical, the new lime green-colored leaves will be breaking their buds at this time, signaling the transition from when birding can be done more effectively by eye than ear. With conservation biologist Jim Arrigoni, we’ll also look for spring ephemeral wildflowers on the forest floor, soaking up the last rays of sun before fresh foliage casts its shadow. If we’re lucky, we’ll also enjoy the sound of toads trilling in the ponds and wetlands at Deer Pond Farm.

Spring Sunset Walk
Monday, May 6
6 p.m.
To register, click here
The end of these lengthening spring days are particularly special, as the sounds of many animals that are signing off for the day can be heard, while the nocturnal wildlife is just   beginning to stir. This “crepuscular” period is usually rewarded by interesting sounds and sights. Join conservation biologist Jim Arrigoni in a sunset safari through the varied habitats of Deer Pond Farm.

Allow for an average of two hours and 1.5 -2 miles. Dress for the weather.  Inclement weather cancels.  Bring binoculars, camera, water bottle, walking stick, sunscreen, bug spray and a sense of adventure. Binoculars are available to borrow.

Free for members
$5 Non-members
$10 Family non-members


Migration Bird Walks with Miley Bull


Yellow-rumped Warbler by Brian Bennett

Spring is prime time bird watching for the experienced, beginners and all levels in between! Join Miley Bull, senior director of science and conservation, on these guided walks through the diverse habitats of Deer Pond Farm to look, listen and learn about our   warmer weather visiting birds. He’ll explain migration basics, including the how and why tanagers, warblers, orioles, flycatchers, vireos and other birds pass through our area or stay awhile to nest as they head north along the Atlantic Flyway.

Allow for an average of two hours and 1.5 -2 miles. Dress for the weather. Think head, hands and feet!  Wool hats, gloves and socks are really good choices. Bring water bottle, walking stick, binoculars, camera, sunscreen, bug spray and a sense of adventure.  Inclement weather cancels. 

Free for members
$5 Non-members
$10 Family non-members

Wednesday, May 1
8 a.m.
To register, click here

Wednesday, May 29
8 a.m.
To register, click here




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