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June 19, 2021 — We suspect this year’s attempt to nest did not succeed.

In early June, crows destroyed two of the Osprey pair’s eggs; one egg remained but turned out not to be viable.

It’s possible that after the old Osprey nest platform was destroyed in a winter storm and replaced with a new one, a different pair of Ospreys from the usual occupants took over, or perhaps the same female and a different male — observers noted that their nesting skills didn’t seem particularly high.

Crows are just as consumed with survival and raising young as Ospreys, and it is the nature of crows that once they know the location of eggs, they won’t rest until they’ve eaten them.

As of May 12, we have three eggs. Will there be a fourth? Watch to find out.

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The 2021 Osprey Cam and platform are all new, erected and installed by volunteers and staff following a winter storm that destroyed the old platform and equipment. Hundreds of supporters responded with donations. 

It’s a great story, and Board member Gilles Carter captured it on this short video.

Here’s the story of the new platform, from our blog: A New Home for Milford Point’s Ospreys, Thanks to the Teamwork of Volunteers and the Generosity of Donors


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