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Programs and Events at the Center at Fairfield

Because of concerns about Covid-19, the Center at Fairfield is running outdoor programming only and asking participants of those programs to practice social distancing and wear masks; see below for our current programs. The Center at Fairfield building is closed and all indoor programs are cancelled until further notice. For information about our virtual summer camp, click here. The Nature Store has reopened with a modified schedule; click here for details.


Guided Walks for Young Naturalists

Schedule your own private, expert-led walk! A Connecticut Audubon staff naturalist will provide individualized attention on these engaging explorations of the Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary, specially designed for kids. The walks will include a staff member and up to four pre-registered and pre-paid attendees. There’s a variety of activities to choose from, such as pond explorations, insect netting and log roll investigations. 

Participants are required to wear masks and practice social distancing (mask removal at the discretion of the program leader). The entire program is outdoors, so please bring water, a sun hat and apply sunblock and bug spray before arriving. Note: Center building and facilities (including restrooms) are closed, however, there are portable toilets available (please bring hand sanitizer).

$100 per group (max. of four to a group). Drop off for kids ages 8 and up (family groups also welcome!) In case of rain, the walk will be rescheduled. Email our program manager at to schedule. This program is at the Center at Fairfield, 2325 Burr Street, Fairfield, CT.


Birds of Prey, Meet the Animals and Backyard Birding Programs

Enrich the offerings of your group or organization with our remote-learning, adult programs (via Zoom). Ideal for libraries, senior centers, Parks and Recreation departments and more, they can also be tailored to meet your specific audience needs.

Birds of Prey – Encounter with one or more raptors on a bird handler’s glove. You’ll learn about the natural history of these magnificent birds, while discovering their unique physical and behavioral adaptations. We’ll discuss different raptor species and their amazing behavioral and predatory adaptations, as well as their conservation status and critical role in the environment.

Meet the Animals – Unlock the basics behind how scientists classify animals into groups. We’ll focus on five basic animal groups: invertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. By comparing representative animals and their features, discover how the animals are related, what special traits they have, and better understand why they are classified the way they are. The program also includes live animals and mounted species.

Backyard Birding – Learn how to identify backyard birds by sight and sound, who is at the feeder during each season and what their feeding habits are. Also covered will be bird characteristics, ways to entice birds to your feeder, what feeders and seed to use, and where to place feeders for bird safety and best viewing. This program includes a PowerPoint presentation, and there will be samples of bird feeders and seed that can be used in your backyard to attract birds.

$125 per program. Program length: 60 minutes. To schedule, please email our program manager at


Connecticut Audubon Adventures: The “Not So Bummer” Summer (Online Via Zoom)

Mondays – Fridays
Now through August 21
9 a.m. – Noon

We’re going virtual this year with Connecticut Audubon Adventures: The “Not So Bummer” Summer! This unique camp alternative offers interactive, live, nature-themed explorations and activities for ages 6 through 10. The program of online and outdoor adventures, designed and run by Connecticut Audubon’s highly experienced team of summer camp directors and educators, is a great way for kids to have fun at home this summer while connecting with the natural world.

Different themes each week keep the program fresh and appealing to many interests. A good balance of engaging hands-on activities, combined with investigative STEAM learning, ensure it will be the solution to a “not so bummer” summer experience that exercises minds while having fun. Although every day in the “Not So Bummer” Summer will be different, the sample schedule below gives you an idea of what to expect:

  • 9-9:10 a.m.: Monday orientation with campers and parents
  • 9:10-9:45 a.m.: Kick off the day with Morning Mystery Challenge
  • 9:45-10:45 a.m.: Explorers and scientists get your juices flowing with outdoor exploration or indoor experimentation
  • 10:45-11 a.m.: Snack Chat
  • 11-noon: Just Crafting Around! Step-by-step creative projects. Wrap up, prepare for next day and Secret Sign-Off
Here’s what we have planned for the upcoming weeks:
  • Week 8, August 3-7: Fantastic Flyers. Discover the mystery of birds, bats, bluebirds, dragonflies and butterflies. Meet our resident birds of prey and unveil the mysteries of beaks, talons and feathers as we explore their many adaptations and skills.
  • Week 9, August 10-14: Full STEAM Ahead. Use your engineering and art skills to take the science of plants and animals to a new level! Fun design challenges will have you laughing and learning about the way nature works.
  • Week 10, August 17-21: Awesome Invertebrates. Worms, snails, butterflies, spiders and crabs are just a few of the many incredible creatures that live life without a spine. Investigate the weird and wonderful characteristics that help these awesome invertebrates survive.

For ages 6-10. Members $150 per week, Non-members $175 per week. Discounted pricing available for additional sibling(s) or if registering for five weeks, or all ten. Questions? Please email

To view all the details, including descriptions of weekly topics, a program FAQ and how to register, click HERE. Registrations will be accepted up until Sunday at noon, the day before the session begins.


Connecticut Audubon’s Dr. Science: Using Binoculars for Birding

Ever wonder how you could use your binoculars to get an “eagle-eye” view of some of your favorite birds? Join Connecticut Audubon’s Dr. Science as she shares (and demonstrates) some dos and don’ts, including how you can listen, spot and focus in on your next super-incredible nature experience.

See below for our previous Dr. Science adventures:
Episode 1: Skunk Cabbage, click here.
Episode 2: Estuaries, click here.
Episode 3: Beach Grass, click here.
Episode 4: Rockweed, click here.
Episode 5: Mud Snails, click here.
Episode 6: Bivalves, click here.
Episode 7: The Great Blue Heron, click here.
Episode 8: Life Under a Log, click here.
Episode 9: The Wood Frog Story, click here.
Episode 10: Owl Pellets, click here.
Episode 11: Dandelions, click here.
Episode 12: Snakes, click here.


Sponsor an Ambassador Bird

Sponsoring an Ambassador Bird at the Center at Fairfield is a rewarding way to ensure the welfare of a bird of prey that cannot survive on its own. It’s a unique present for someone special or as a treat for yourself!

Your sponsorship will support the daily upkeep of your chosen bird, and the considerable amount of scrumptious raptor feed it eats — and yes — that does mean dead mice and rats!

You can also honor your favorite person, organization, teacher, or class with the gift of an owl, falcon or hawk sponsorship. It’s the perfect way to symbolically introduce them to the hunters of the sky! Click here for sponsorship information.





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