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Programs and Events at the Center at Fairfield

Due to Covid-19, masks are strongly encouraged, but no longer required, for program participants or employees (subject to change). However, masking is still recommended when distancing is not possible indoors or when in close contact with others. Those who choose to wear a mask are welcome to do so.


Ongoing Programs:

  • Field Trips for Home Learning Groups: Enrich your home learning group by taking a field trip to the Center at Fairfield for hands-on, outdoor, environmental programs. Click here for program brochure. 
  • Science in Nature — Distance Learning: Bring the excitement and learning of our Science in Nature programs to your classroom with these live, virtual programs. Click here for program brochure.
  • Science in Nature — In-Person Learning: Offerings include programs at your school, field trips to the Center at Fairfield or a local park. For the All Grade Level brochure, click here.
  • Outreach Programs: Our animal-focused programs are ideal for individuals, libraries, scout troops, senior centers and more. Click here for details.
  • Scouting Programs: On-going, customized science- and nature-related programs are available on- or off-site. Click here for details.
  • Sponsor An Ambassador Bird: A rewarding way to ensure the welfare of a bird of prey that cannot survive on its own. Click here for details.


Summer Camp Extravaganza

Monday, August 15 – Friday, August 19
9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

For complete summer camp info and registration, click HERE.








Kids explore and thrive in a natural environment through an excellent balance of fun and engaging activities. During this grand finale week, the all-time favorite camp activities will be experienced and enjoyed again. A limited number of spots are available for ages 9-10 and 11-13.

For additional info and to register, click here.

Please email our program director with any questions. Summer camp is held at the Center at Fairfield, 2325 Burr Street, Fairfield, CT.


Naturalist Training Program

Thursdays: September 8 through October 27 
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.*

The Naturalist Training Program provides classroom and field training over the span of eight weeks. This program prepares adults of all experience levels to become naturalists in their communities and to contribute to environmental education and conservation efforts through volunteer service.

Classes are taught by field experts, including Connecticut Audubon’s Executive Director, Patrick Comins. Topics will include plants, birds, mammals, bird banding, marine ecosystems and more. Click here to view the syllabus. 

After completing the classes, you will be assisted with identifying ways in which you can apply your knowledge and interests to the Connecticut Audubon Society’s work and activities. To complete the program, please expect to attend every class. Classes will take advantage of the diverse ecosystems of Connecticut Audubon’s Fairfield Region locations (Center at Fairfield and Birdcraft), as well as the Coastal Center at Milford Point.

The cost is $260 for members and $318 for non-members (includes a one-year Connecticut Audubon membership). Space is limited. Click here to register.

Please bring water, a sun hat and apply sunblock and bug spray before arriving. Participants will need to complete a waiver. Masks are strongly encouraged, but no longer required, for program participants or employees (subject to change). However, masking is still recommended when distancing is not possible indoors or if in close contact with others. Those who choose to wear a mask are welcome to do so.

*The Coastal Center class on September 15 will meet from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and the Birdcraft class on October 6 will meet from 8 to 11 a.m. For additional information, please contact Jane Guenther at the Center at Fairfield (203-259-6305, ext. 109).


Outreach Programs

Enrich yourself, or the offerings of your group or organization, with our outreach learning programs. Ideal for individuals, libraries, scout troops, senior centers, Parks and Recreation departments and more, they can also be tailored to meet your specific needs. Programs can be in-person or virtual (via Zoom). Click here for brochure.

Birds of Prey – Encounter with one or more raptors on a bird handler’s glove. You’ll learn about the natural history of these magnificent birds, while discovering their unique physical and behavioral adaptations. We’ll discuss different raptor species and their amazing behavioral and predatory adaptations, as well as their conservation status and critical role in the environment.
Program fee: $300. Length: 60 minutes.

Meet the Animals – Unlock the basics behind how scientists classify animals into groups. We’ll focus on five basic animal groups: invertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. By comparing representative animals and their features, discover how the animals are related, what special traits they have, and better understand why they are classified the way they are. The program also includes live animals and mounted species.
Program fee: $165. Length: 60 minutes.

Backyard Birding – Learn how to identify backyard birds by sight and sound, who is at the feeder during each season and what their feeding habits are. Also covered will be bird characteristics, ways to entice birds to your feeder, what feeders and seed to use, and where to place feeders for bird safety and best viewing. This program includes a PowerPoint presentation, and there will be samples of bird feeders and seed that can be used in your backyard to attract birds.
Program fee: $165. Length: 60 minutes.

To schedule, please email our program manager at


Scouting Programs

The Center at Fairfield provides programs that meet the needs of scouts and their leaders. Our teacher-naturalists will lead scouts through hands-on, science-based programs during which they will discover unique habitats and wildlife while working towards badge requirements. Programs may be scheduled for weekdays and weekends (based on availability). For on-going Girl Scout programs through the Center at Fairfield, click here. For on-going Boy Scout programs, click here.


Sponsor an Ambassador Bird

Sponsoring an Ambassador Bird at the Center at Fairfield is a rewarding way to ensure the welfare of a bird of prey that cannot survive on its own. It’s a unique present for someone special or as a treat for yourself!

Your sponsorship will support the daily upkeep of your chosen bird, and the considerable amount of scrumptious raptor feed it eats — and yes — that does mean dead mice and rats!

You can also honor your favorite person, organization, teacher, or class with the gift of an owl, falcon or hawk sponsorship. It’s the perfect way to symbolically introduce them to the hunters of the sky! Click here for sponsorship information.


Connecticut Audubon’s Dr. Science: Using Binoculars for Birding

Ever wonder how you could use your binoculars to get an “eagle-eye” view of some of your favorite birds? Join Connecticut Audubon’s Dr. Science as she shares (and demonstrates) some dos and don’ts, including how you can listen, spot and focus in on your next super-incredible nature experience.

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