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Science in Nature

Your Outdoor Classroom

We bring STEM to life!

Experiential learning in nature is exciting and makes it easier for students to understand science concepts that may be difficult to grasp in the classroom. While your students are in the field examining real-life phenomena, they are using math and literacy skills and various science technologies at the same time. And having so much fun while doing it! 

Connecticut Audubon Society’s Science in Nature programs are designed for K-12 students and consist of hands-on, inquiry-based activities that relate to earth and life sciences, ecology, conservation, and civic engagement.

Each program is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as Common Core math and literacy standards.

These programs are an invaluable resource for building student and teacher learning capacity by providing opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills, using and designing models, and developing evidence-based explanations of natural phenomena.

Science in Nature has been peer-reviewed by an independent committee of education experts who have endorsed the program as an invaluable resource for building students’ and teachers’ academic capacity.

Science in Nature encompasses the tried and true programs that each of our centers has offered for years combined with new full-day programs that cover new topics such as weather and climate; landforms; weathering, erosion, and deposition; adaptations; life cycles; wetland ecology and more.

To learn more about Science in Nature, please see our brochure or contact a member of our education team listed below!

Distance Learning Science in Nature

Bring the excitement and learning of our Science in Nature programs to your classroom! These live, virtual programs meet the Next Generation Science Standards and are appropriate for students in Kindergarten to 12th Grade

For more information contact our education team listed below!

For more information on program topics offered and to schedule a program, please our individual center pages linked below or contact :

Tricia Kevalis, Center at Fairfield. 203-259-6305 x 117

Ken Elkins, Coastal Center at Milford Point, 203-878-7440;

Catie Resor, Greater Hartford Area, 860-633-8402 x205

Sarah Heminway, Center at Pomfret, 860-928-4948;

Heather Kordula, Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, Old Lyme, 860-598-4218;




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