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Welcome to the Connecticut Audubon Society of the Greater Hartford Area. We are a “virtual center” centrally located and can run programs in Hartford and many surrounding locations. Our flexible educators offer programs that are either virtual (via Zoom or Google Meet) or in person, meeting you at your school, library, or nearby park or conservation property. We take full advantage of our unique location in central Connecticut, working to promote awareness of the Connecticut River ecosystem and the birds and habitats it supports, and to foster conservation through education and related activities.

Our Science in Nature program offers K-12 students and their teachers the opportunity to bring STEM to life.
Experiential learning in nature is exciting and makes it easier for students to understand science concepts that may be difficult to grasp in the classroom. Taking advantage of your local outdoor spaces, your students will examine various real-world phenomena using math and literacy skills and science technologies while also having fun!
Each program is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as Common Core math and literacy standards.
These programs are an invaluable resource for building student and teacher learning, and provide a wealth of opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills as students are encouraged to
• use and design models
• use their data to generate evidence-based explanations of phenomena, and
• creatively problem solve real world issues.
Connecticut Audubon Society’s Science in Nature programs consist of hands-on, STEM-based activities that relate to earth and life sciences, ecology, conservation and civic engagement.

Topics we offer include: Weather, Plants, Birds, Climate Change, the Watershed, and more!

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