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Here’s a sampling of local news accounts of Connecticut Audubon’s activities:

Osprey Nation
Hartford Courant, November 21, 2023
Ospreys were driven nearly to extinction by chemicals in CT. A group of volunteers now monitors their growth

WSHU radio, November 21, 2023
Oldest Black-bellied Plover in the Western Hemisphere Found in CT

CT Public/WNPR radio, July 18, 2023
Decades after near extinction, CT’s Osprey population booms

Connecticut State of the Birds 2021
Hartford Courant, December 2
WNPR/Where We Live, December 2

August 9, 2021: Decades after pesticides almost wiped them out, CT’s Ospreys are ‘not just surviving, they’re thriving’

Fears of a bird die-off
Norwich Bulletin, July 24, 2021
Hartford Courant, August 6, 2021
Hearst CT: August 11, 2021
Hartford Courant: August 20, 2021

Hearst CT
June 11, 2021: Flooding washed away these Milford bird nests. CT Audubon says they need help

Hearst CT
February 14, 2021: The sound of s South Carolina bird sings in Connecticut

Hearst CT
January 29, 2021: Dramatic shift on climate
Rare Snowy Owl spotted in Central Park

Pelican Rescue
January 27, 2021: Pelican rescued from Connecticut River improving
January 28, 2021: Pelican rescued from icy Connecticut River in Essex

Connecticut State of the Birds 2020
December 18, 2020: Impacts from Covid 19 lead to lowest productivity in decades for loca bird species
December 22, 2020: Coronavirus Habits Disrputed Connecticut Piping Plovers

Horseshoe crabs & Red Knots
February 17, 2020: Push to stop horseshoe crab harvesting
New Haven Register
February 18, 2020: Audubon Society urges ban on CT horseshoe crab harvesting

February 18, 2020: Horseshoe Crab Fishing Ban May Bright Red Knot Birds Back to Connecticut

Roosting vultures
February 13, 2020: Vultures find a temporary home in Norwich

Piping Plovers
February 13, 2020
New London Day: Piping Plover populations are making a comeback

Wildlife tracks
February 8, 2020
Danbury News Times: Deciphering the many wildlife tracks (featuring Connecticut Audubon photos)

Migratory Bird Protection Act of 2020
January 25, 2020
Danbury News Times: Battling for birds

Bird population declines
January 16, 2020
Hartford Magazine: Connecticut is Losing Many of its Birds

Birds of the Year
December 28, 2019
Stamford Advocate: Shy sparrow, gull-chaser among 2019 Birds of the Year

Connecticut State of the Birds 2019
December 5, 2019
Hartford Courant: Climate change has pushed Long Island Sound and its birds “to the edge of major, hard to predict changes,” report says
December 6, 2019
Public News Service (radio): Report: Changing Climate Threatens CT Birds

Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds
November 19, 2019
Hartford Courant: Some threatened shoreline birds had good years in Connecticut, others not so much
New Haven Register: 2019 a good year for Connecticut’s piping plovers, oystercatchers

Habitat improvement at Deer Pond Farm
October 18, 2019
Danbury News Times: Sherman’s Deer Pond Farm turns destruction into new habitats

Bird population declines
October 3, 2019
Norwich Bulletin: How much fun would it be to dine with a downy woodpecker?

Monarch butterflies
September 29, 2019
Connecticut Post: Monarch butterflies tagged in conservation effort

August 8, 2019
Fox 61: Osprey population continues to rise in Connecticut after conservation efforts

Purple Martins
July 9, 2019
New Haven Register: Bird banding helps track CT’s purple martins

Deer Pond Farm
June 7, 2019
Danbury News Times: Sherman birding preserve opens New York side to public

March 5, 2019
Where We Live, WNPR 

Barred Owls
January 31, 2019
NBC CT: This is why you are seeing more barred owls in CT
March 2, 2019
Manchester Journal Inquirer: Keep your eyes peeled barred owl sightings, injuries on rise on state




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