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Deer Pond Farm

Deer Pond Farm

CT Bird Atlas & eBird

Barred Owl by Don Breeger

The Connecticut Bird Atlas, a project of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division and the University of Connecticut, relies on volunteers to collect data throughout the state during the nesting and non-nesting season. The objective is to document the distribution of all species of birds in the state during the 3-year project period from 2018 to 2020. This updated perspective will be particularly interesting in comparison with the first breeding bird atlas, which was published in 1994 (click here to purchase the first atlas), as many species have ranges that have expanded or contracted in the past quarter-century.

The state is divided into several hundred “blocks,” smaller areas that are the focus of volunteers. Deer Pond Farm is located in block 60D, which we have adopted as the lead for collecting observations and submitting data, although anyone is welcome to submit their own observations. Click here to see which species are breeding in block 60D.

eBird, a project of Cornell Lab of Ornithology, allows birders through citizen science to submit checklists, which can be shared with other birders or even with projects like the Connecticut Bird Atlas. Several analytical tools are available to increase the value of this data, such as bar charts that show what birds to expect throughout the year in a specific location (for example, click here for a chart showing the species observed at Deer Pond Farm). Hotspots direct birders to public birding locations and allow multiple birders to submit data into the same location. At Deer Pond Farm, we have two hotspots: Deer Pond Farm, CT Audubon (Fairfield County), Sherman and Deer Pond Farm, CT Audubon (Dutchess Co.). Please enter your observations into these hotspots while you are at Deer Pond Farm. Thank you!





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