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Volunteer and Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Center Director, Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, Old Lyme
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Accounts Manager, Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, Old Lyme
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Development Associate, Birdcraft State Office, Fairfield
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Become a Volunteer

Connecticut Audubon Society welcomes volunteers, who donate their time to help us with our work in so many ways and places.  Our current volunteers participate in:

  • Citizen Science Projects
  • Projects at our Centers, including research projects, bird banding, animal care, helping with field trips, and office and administrative work
  • Work at our State Headquarters, including membership support and services

If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Scientist, read about current projects and opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering at our Centers or State Headquarters, read about the current opportunities listed below.  We hope to hear from you.

Dave Engelman Volunteer Benchmark Award

We are humbled by the countless number of hours donated each year by our talented volunteers.  At our Annual Meeting, we recognize those truly special volunteers, who have provided many years of extraordinary service with the Dave Engleman Volunteer Benchmark Award.  Learn more about the award and the recipients.

Volunteer Opportunities

What do our volunteers do?  A variety of interesting and worthwhile projects at our offices and Centers throughout the state.  If you would like to pursue a volunteer opportunity, please contact the appropriate staff member.

Fairfield Area:

  • Mailings, telephone and office help: Contact Shari Greenblatt at
  • Animal care and outdoor projects: 203 259 6305, Ext. 116.

Coastal Center at Milford Point:

Center at Glastonbury:

Center at Pomfret:

Deer Pond Farm in Sherman:

  • Programs: citizen science, leaders and co-leaders
  • Administrative: mailings, telephone, and other office projects
  • Outdoor: garden team, photography, trail monitoring and work
  • Training provided. Click here for application and additional information. Contact Deirdra Wallin at

EcoTravel Office in Essex:

Research Projects:


The Dave Engelman Volunteer Benchmark Award

The Connecticut Audubon Society’s Volunteer Benchmark Award was established in 1993, and is given annually by our Board of Directors to one or more people whose volunteer activity has significantly enhanced our mission.  Each year, at our Annual Meeting, recipients are presented with a  plaque commemorating their dedication to conservation.

In 2007, the award was renamed the Dave Engelman Volunteer Benchmark Award.  Dave Engelman was a member of the Board of Directors, who lost a courageous battle with cancer on March 9, 2007.  He epitomized the characteristics of an extraordinary volunteer by helping Connecticut Audubon  grow both in spirit and as an organization.  He was a longtime member, donor, Board member, and for a time interim president managing day-to-day operations.  He truly made a lasting impression on all of us at Connecticut Audubon.

Recipients of the Dave Engelman Volunteer Benchmark Award 
1993: Paul van der Stricht
  Robert Braun
  Uli Hellman
1994: Gloria Barnes
1995: John Tierney
1996: W. Bradley Morehouse
1997: Ann G. Wasmer
  Fred Sibley
1998: Katherine DeWitt
  Richard King
1999: Wright Montgomery
2000: Hugh Smith
2001: Marilyn Duda (Connecticut Audubon Society staff)
2002: Leslie Carothers
2003: Karla Strickland
2004: Dave Engelman
2005: George C. Cartwright
2006: Mrs. Lucie Warren
  Milan Bull (Connecticut Audubon  Society staff)
2007: Peter and Carleen Kunkel
  Duffy Schade
2008: Lorne Wilson
  Judy Harper (Connecticut Audubon  Society staff)
2009: Wendell & Alison Davis
  Judith F. Richardson
  Carl Trichka
2010: Benjamin Williams
2011 Ross and Barbara Strickland
2012 Fred Schroeder
  Carrie Shelton
2013 Philip W. Stein
  James G. Denham

Phil Donahue


Toshia Barnett


Diana Atwood Johnson


Walter “Sandy” Sanstrom
Jerid O’Connell
Kathleen Hart
George Dewey
Lawrence J. Lunden

 2017 Louise Crocco (Connecticut Audubon  Society staff)
Richard Telford
  Dan Miller
  D.G. Warner
2018 Ralph Wood
  Charles Stebbins
  Karen Cowperthwaite
  Read about the 2018 winners here.





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