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Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
203-259-6305 ext. 109

To help keep store customers and staff safe, hand sanitizer is provided inside the entrance to the store and curbside pick-up is also available (with payment by phone) — please email the store manager at to make arrangements.



20% Off Bird Seed in February

February is National Bird Feeding Month and at the Nature Store you’ll save 20% on all varieties and sizes of bird seed the entire month. Shop as often as you like to take advantage of this annual sale. Knowledgeable staff are available to offer guidance on seed choices, feeder selection and answer general bird-feeding questions.


The Nature Store also has a wide selection of bird- and nature-themed items such as mugs, wall art, photo frames, books, bird seed, feeders and more. Below is a sampling — please stop by to see our complete selection. Your purchases will help support Connecticut Audubon’s conservation and environmental education programs.

Squirrel-Resistant Bird Feeders
The Nature Store has an extensive line of squirrel-resistant bird feeders to help attract feathered friends to your yard. These feeders are all currently in stock, but quantities are limited, so don’t delay (a wide selection of bird seed is in stock, as well). In addition, along with other Nature Store items such as birding books, bird houses, bird-themed clocks and thermometers, these feeders make a great gift.

From left to right: Audubon Squirrel-Resistant Caged Tube Feeder, Birds Choice Classic Bird Feeder with Baffle & Pole, Bromebirdcare SquirrelBuster Classic Bird Feeder with Baffle & Pole and Bromebirdcare SquirrelBuster Plus.

      • Audubon Squirrel-Resistant Caged Tube Feeder: Durable, clear plastic tube feeder with green metal top, base, perches, ports and protective cage. Features protective grid work that allows birds to feed while keeping predators out. Easy to fill and clean!
      • Birds Choice Classic Bird Feeder with Baffle & Pole: This squirrel-resistant feeder’s green top and baffle is made with baked enamel coating. The large seed reservoir is made from UV-resistant polycarbonate and there are four aluminum seed ports and perches.
      • Bromebirdcare SquirrelBuster Classic: Four ports and wire mesh shroud allows for wide variety of perching and clinging birds to share the feeder. The negative grip tube prevents squirrels from grabbing the wire hanger with their hind legs, hanging down alongside the feeder and defeating the closing mechanism.
      • Bromebirdcare Squirrel Buster Plus: This feeder breaks new ground with design features available for the first time on any bird feeder. Openings in the bottom section of the feeder (shroud) align with seed ports, providing birds access to the seeds. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing the seed ports. Squirrels and large birds are thwarted, but are not harmed in any way. This feeder is adjustable and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Birds Choice Magnet Mesh Birds Choice Nyjer Feeder
Having a quality finch feeder is the cornerstone of successful bird feeder. You’ll love seeing this screen loaded with finches and their friends! Purchase with a small bag of finch blend or nyjer seed for a perfect gift.

      • All-metal construction, polyester powder-coated yellow top and bottom with a black screen.
      • This patented mesh screen will attract up to double the number of birds than other mesh on the market.
      • Comes in two sizes: 18 inches (1.5 quart capacity) or 12 inches (1 quart capacity).


A Nature Store Exclusive! “The Owls” Handmade Note Cards


When you need to send something more personal than an email, look no further than the “The Owls,” a new series of handmade note cards created by Susan Macari-Brady, a local artist. Based on her original paintings, “The Owls” is a series that she began in 2020 during the pandemic. Susan photographed her paintings, printed and hand-signed each card and print. Available exclusively at the Nature Store, the cards are sold individually and in assorted packs of five. Individual cards: $6.50; Assortment of five cards: $28.50.


New! Matted Owl Prints and Assorted Owl Sticker Seals

Susan Macari-Brady’s popular line of owls are now available as matted prints (above) and as sticker seals (shown at left). The 5 x 7 inch matted prints feature a choice of the Barn, Saw-whet or Barred Owls and are hand-signed ($12 each). A packaged assortment of 20 owls (two of each of 10 different owls) are available as sticker seals for $15.50.

About the artist:
Susan began this series in the middle of 2020 and continually progressed. She began turning her paintings into cards as a way to preserve the original work and to share her images. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Susan studied fine art photography and, for the past 20 years, has worked commercially for a collectibles company.



“Welcome” Easel Sign
Visitors to your home will receive a warm greeting with this lighthearted welcome sign, accented with a scattering of colorful birds. Made of sturdy metal, this easel-type, standing sign measures 49” H.

“Birds on a Branch” Planters
Perfectly timed for summertime annuals or as a decorative storage option, these planters can be purchased individually or as a set.

By using one or more, they also coordinate nicely with the “Welcome” easel sign for a cheerful display.


Mini 14″ Garden Bird Bath
One of the best ways to make your backyard more bird-friendly is to provide a clean and dependable water source. This compact, easy-to-clean bird bath fits the bill and more! It sits at ground level, mimicking where birds find water in nature, such as puddles.

Placing the bird bath in the shade, near a tree or shrub will also help to keep the water cooler and provide branches on which birds can preen. The light-weight, wood frame is made of long-lasting Western Red Cedar.




Stainless-Steel Water Bottles
An ideal way to stay hydrated on the trails or paired up with our tote bag (below), our royal blue, 24 oz. water bottle is made of stainless-steel with a threaded BPA-free lid.




Cloth Tote Bags
The spacious blue tote bag measures 15 inches wide by 16 inches high. With nine inch tall handles, it will fit easily over your shoulder and is a perfect, plastic-free choice for your shopping needs.



CAS Embroidered Ball Cap
For a good-looking, comfortable baseball cap, we have the one for you! This adult size, chino twill cap in sky blue has a pre-curved bill and sports an embroidered Connecticut Audubon Society logo. It’s the perfect way to look great while supporting our conservation and environmental programs.


Message Signs
“Have a nice daisy,” “You make the world special just by being in it” and “Friends are the sunshine of life” are just a few of the inscriptions available in this delightful, daisy-themed series. Includes coordinating hanging cord. Dimensions: 6.5″ W x 3″ H.


“Sing a Song Of Happiness” White Washed Wood Plaque
You’ll love the whimsical flair of these five cute, attentive birdies. They’re perched on a tree branch near a nest filled with happy promise.

Made of shaped pebbles, the birds are in various sizes and colors. The leaves on the branch are also made with pebbles. Dimensions: 18″ W x 6.5″ H x .75″ D.


L-R: Painted Pebble Box Plaques, Sunflower Mug.

L-R: Bird & Flower Plate, Wildflower & Bird Tea Towel, Songbird Tidbit Dish, Songbird Mug. All items are available in a variety of styles.

 L-R: Bluebirds Night Light, Bird on Branch Coasters (set of four), Bee Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.

L-R: Costume Butterfly Wings, Bird & Check Pattern Frame with Beaded Hanger, Galvanized Bird Feeder.


Wind Chimes
Add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor spaces with one of more of these delightful wind chimes. You’ll enjoy their gentle tones when the wind softly blows. 

— Bird Sitting on a Branch: Featuring common backyard birds, these chimes have a decorative bead above the bell. Dimensions: 3″ W x 13″ H. Sold individually.

— Mini Flower: Made of polished aluminum/zinc, the stylized, central flower has a chain from which hangs decorative petals holding four, strung tubes. Dimensions: 1.75″ W x 8” H.
Images shown are not to scale.


Antique-Style Glass Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

This feeder has a 10 oz. nectar capacity with a base that comes apart for easy cleaning and four decorative flower feeding parts. Additional features include:
— Decorative, green antique-style glass bottle
— Elegant base accents with brushed-nickel finish



Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder
This feeder has a 10 oz. size nectar capacity with with circular perch and built-in ant moat. Additional features include:
— Wide opening glass bottle and detachable flat base for easy cleaning and filling
— Five integrated perches designed with hummingbirds in mind
— Decorative hanger included


Elegant Copper Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Combining brushed copper and sturdy hardened glass, this feeder adds a touch of classic charm while the red, flower-shaped feeding ports invite hummingbirds to dart over and nourish themselves on the nectar it holds. Additional features include:
— Wide-mouth, 12 oz. size bottle allows for easy filling and cleaning
— Wraparound perch has space for multiple birds
— Built-in bee guards defend against unwanted insects



Shelf Sitter Gnomes
Brighten up your shelf, cabinet or windowsill with one or more of our whimsical, pastel-colored gnomes. Each holds a springtime flower and has rope legs that dangle down. Available in lavender, pink and aqua. Approx. 3 1/4″L x 2 1/2″W x 9″H (including legs).

Watercolor Lilies with Dragonfly Message Blocks
Round out your display with an inspirational message block. Decorated with watercolor lilies and a dragonfly, the blocks are 2 1/2″ square and come in a variety of messages. They also are an ideal gift for someone who loves nature, dragonflies and water lilies.


Supplies for Birds
Welcome birds to your yard with nesting boxes, feeders and more. Also in stock is a wide variety of bird- and nature-themed items such as books, games, greeting cards and home décor.


Cedar Bluebird Houses
Handcrafted of natural cedar, these nesting boxes are a great way to support Bluebirds during the busy spring season. They are easy to clean, have proper drainage and ventilation, come with mounting screws and are made in the U.S.A.

To make your backyard habitat even more attractive to Bluebirds, grow some native plants that are their favorites. Flowering dogwood, hollies and blueberries are a few examples of excellent choices.


Birds of Connecticut Field Guide by Stan Tekiela
Focusing exclusively on 121 species of Connecticut birds, this handy and well-organized beginner’s field guide makes identification easy.

With a photo on each page, the guide is color-coded by the predominate color of the bird, and the index doubles as a check list. You’ll enjoy learning and identifying the birds that call Connecticut home.





The Sibley Birder’s Life List and Field Diary
From leading ornithologist and bestselling author David Sibley comes this essential write-in field companion for all levels of birders.

This indispensable birder’s companion includes both ample space for on-site notes and a life list to be filled in by the legions of passionate birders who have bought Sibley’s bestselling guides.




Jigsaw Puzzles
Puzzles are a great way to take a break, and with this Bloomin’ Birds jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill, you’ll have lots of family fun. This 350-piece puzzle depicts a scene that celebrates spring’s flowers and beautiful birds, with the opportunity for puzzlers of all skill levels to work different sides of the puzzle at the same time.

Other puzzles choices include (below from left to right): Birds on a Wire (poster included; 500 pieces), Popular Backyard Wild Birds of North America (1,000 pieces), The Towering Tree Puzzle (17 double-sided pieces, ages 3+), Songbirds (500 pieces, ages 8+) and Birds A-Z (500 pieces, ages 8+). Your whole family enjoys will enjoy these new puzzle activities!


Bingo Games
Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. Why? It’s a very social game and lets you see how you are doing, which is especially important if you need “just one more number.” Plus, the most important reason is that the winner gets to shout “BINGO!”

These games are fun for all the whole family (ages 3 and up) and include six player boards, 112 card stock bingo squares and 42 picture cards with an image on the front and facts on the back. As creative spin on classic bingo, there are brilliant color photos and informative facts on the back of each calling card. Suggestions for different ways to “Bingo” are also included.

    • Bird Bingo: Learn about North American birds including the Northern Cardinal, Bald Eagle and Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.
    • Nature Bingo: The natural world is all around us and this bingo counts trees, feather and aquamarine animals among its cast of characters.

Fairfield Commemorative Poster Collection


Illustrator and designer Paul Siegel’s 1930s-inspired posters depict iconic locations in the Fairfield community. Through color, light, shadow and shape, the designs pay homage to great poster artists of the past and will look elegant in any home. Five selections to choose from:

      1. Experience Fairfield (24” x 36”): $29
      2. Penfield Pavillion (16” x 20”): $15
      3. Burr Mansion (16” x 20”): $15
      4. Southport Harbor (16” x 20”): $15
      5. Town Hall (16” x 20”): $15

Special Discount: Palooza, 1636 Post Road, Fairfield, is offering professional framing of these commemorative posters at a generous discount. Call the Nature Store for more information.


Premium Quality Bird Seed
A wide variety of high-quality bird seed is always in stock at the Nature Store. Knowledgeable staff are available to offer guidance on seed choices and feeder selection, in addition to  answering general bird feeding questions.




Traditional to Contemporary Home Accessories and Bird-Themed Stationery

      • Owl planter pots – perfect for succulents.
      • A selection of wall plaques with themes such as “Take time to enjoy the simple things” – just the right touch for freshening up for autumn.
      • Bird on a pedestal figurines in a blue and white enameled floral motif and white enamel soap/sponge dishes with navy bird trim.
      • Bamboo spreaders with bird etchings.
      • Note cards from Hester & Cook including the “Backyard Party” boxed set featuring original designs of fancifully illustrated birds by Vicki Sawyer and Onion Hill card designs by watercolor artist Kassie Foss.

Additional items shown above (left to right): Porcelain bird figurines featuring ornamental scrollwork, decorative blue and white enamel trinket tray, bamboo measuring spoons etched with an ornamental bird motif and Peterson’s assorted bird-themed note card set (Eastern Bluebird featured above; other birds in set include the American Goldfinch, Baltimore Oriole and Cardinal).





These wall plaques have bird designs that incorporate heartwarming sentiments in elegant typography. Designs include: “Our First Nest,” “Home Tweet Home,” “Every Birdy Welcome” and “This Place is for the Birds.” Selections available while supplies last.





This antique dark brown iron wall accent features birds, tree branches, pine cones and grass detailing. It will cheerfully greet those who visit your home, adding just the right touch of welcoming warmth.




Crazy for Cardinals
Cardinal-themed items include specially designed travel mugs, feeders, tea towels, books and more!





Black Bellied Plover, Plate Number 334  ($100)

Beautiful John James Audubon Artwork Limited Edition Prints
(Proceeds to Benefit the Center at Fairfield)

Carolina Turtle Dove,
Plate Number 17 ($400)

For a limited time, John James Audubon Amsterdam Edition prints of North American birds will be for sale with all proceeds benefitting the Center at Fairfield’s conservation and environmental education programs.

These are the finest limited edition facsimiles of the single greatest ornithological work ever produced and printed: the Havell edition of Audubon’s Birds of America. A museum in Holland bought their copy from Audubon’s son in 1839, which was used to produce these color lithographs. In 1972, a Dutch printing firm printed each plate in up to eight different colors on handmade rag paper exactly as the originals, giving these prints the same look and feel as the original Havell edition.

Now, for a limited time, a selection of these prints are available for purchase. Please click here to view catalog. For further information, please email the Nature Store manager, Jane Guenther.





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