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The Science and Conservation Office – Our Work

Connecticut Audubon Society manages and protects 20 sanctuaries, covering 3,300 acres of wildlife habitat throughout Connecticut. The organization is also carrying out numerous conservation projects throughout the state.

Osprey Nation
740+ nests mapped, 316 volunteer monitors.
One of the largest citizen science projects in Connecticut.

Piping Plover monitoring at Hammonasset
Connecticut Port Authority contract, $100k, over 5 years.

Monitor potential plover nesting at new beach created from dredge spoil

Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds
Partnership alliance with National Audubon and Roger Tory Peterson Institute to monitor and protect beach nesting birds along the entire Connecticut coastline resulting in one of the most productive efforts for these birds along the Atlantic coastline. Last season yielded 66 nesting pair each of Piping Plovers and American Oystercatchers. The most in the approximately 30 years that records have been kept. Productivity is greatly enhanced by the monitoring.

Habitat/Sanctuary Restoration
Major restoration efforts underway at Connecticut Audubon sanctuaries: Smith Richardson, Croft, Chaney using Federal grants and private contributions. These efforts are providing habitat for some of the most threatened species in the Northeast. Improving habitat for pollinators in our sanctuaries, particularly at Deer Pond Farm.

IBA Ranger at Milford Point
Grant supported seasonal intern monitors beach nesting birds, Diamondback Terrapins and Horseshoe Crabs at Milford Point as well as welcomes the public to our Coastal Center sanctuary and informs the public about our programs and resources.

Wildlife Projects
Osprey and Purple Martin nest cameras

Nest box programs: Wood Ducks at Larsen, Deer Pond Farm; Purple Martin colonies at Milford.

Connecticut Bird Atlas
Important partnership with UCONN, DEEP and others to implement the most significant bird conservation effort in Connecticut history, involving Connecticut Audubon recruiting, training and fielding volunteers from all over the state.

Additions to the Conte Refuge
We are members of The Friends of Conte (Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge, a New England refuge) and helped Fish & Wildlife justify acquisition of three parcels in the Haddam Neck area to add to the Salmon River Division.

Helping Partners with Land Protection
Assisted the Trust for Public Land with information for a grant to protect a 100 acre parcel in Windsor.

Helped Wyndham Land Trust to protect an amazing parcel in Thompson, near the Bafflin preserve (with more than a dozen state-listed species).

Connecticut State of the Birds report
Focused this year’s report on the Connecticut Bird Atlas and garnered much publicity for the project. Additional copies of report sent to all members of the Connecticut Ornithological Association.





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