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Macaw - Ben Lunsford

Amazing Amazon Cruises
Year-round Departures.    
Seven Days!
Our most popular cruise explores some of the most untouched rainforest in all of Amazonia. On an eight-cabin expedition vessel, travelers venture far up some of the least inhabited rivers in the Amazon Basin for a full seven days and explore areas rarely visited, seeking out the mysterious life in the heart of the Amazon. This is the most thorough, detailed, and sophisticated trip offered in the entire Amazon and comes with rave reviews from past participants. Guides are accomplished local naturalists. This is a trip of a lifetime, easy for seniors and families! Fee starts at $3,795 per person. Extensions are available to Iguacu Falls, Machu Picchu, Pantanal, Galapagos, and Ecuadorian Highlands. Call for details.

Galapagos Cruise: Islands of Discovery
Year-round Departures.
Galapagos, a remote archipelago where life goes on much as it has for millions of years, is the world’s greatest living laboratory for study and observation of nature. Here the animals have no fear of humans, and you can be at one with nature as nowhere else on Earth. Over centuries, animal and plant life reached the islands and gradually evolved into new life forms. Opportunities for photography are unparalleled, with sea lions, iguanas, and penguins in arm’s reach. Cabins available from $4,700 per person. Ecuadorian Highland, Machu Picchu, and Quito extensions available. Don’t miss out on this tremendous learning experience in the “Enchanted Islands.” Call for details.

Connecticut Audubon Society EcoTravel has a great selection of overnight tours that visit many exciting spots, both close to home and around the globe. All our tours promise to be special adventures, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful animals and habitats in the world. The Connecticut Audubon Society strives to be at the forefront of environmental education, and our EcoTravel program plays a strong part in that goal. If our dates or tours do not meet your needs, we can provide you with the itineraries of other natural history travel companies. If you choose one of their programs and sign-up through us, we’ll earn commissions which support Connecticut Audubon Society’s education programs. It costs you nothing extra and helps us immensely.

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Overnight International Tours

May 2023

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
May 22 – June 2, 2023     12 Days!     Three spots remain! CALL NOW!
Travelers visiting Iceland today follow in the steps of the mighty Vikings who first visited the island in the 9th century. Whether you delight in vast uninhabited expanses of landscape or walking around town making friends, you’ll feel free in Iceland and enter a whole new realm of experience. You’ll discover original nature as you’ve never seen it before while visiting thousands of cliff-nesting birds and exploring the culture, history, geology, and more.
Leader: Andy Griswold.
Fee: $7,998. Members: $6,998.

June 2023

Scottish Highlands and Islands
June 2 – 12, 2023     11 Days!          One spot left! CALL NOW!
This fabulous tour of the Scottish Highlands is a great mix of daily explorations through stunning hills, glens, forests, and coasts as you encounter eagles, pine martens, otters, deer, crossbills, badgers, porpoises, Western Capercaillie, and more. Scotland is #1 in Europe for up-close wildlife watching, and this part of the country offers an unusual and curious variety. Under the guidance of a qualified local naturalist you’ll learn the wonders of the wild Highlands and the Orkney archipelago, discovering a land of colorful history and outstanding beauty. 
Leaders: Local guides and Rob Taylor.
Fee:$6,598. Members: $5,598.

August 2023

Nova Scotia from Fundy to Cape Breton    Book this as a private departure with friends and family!
August 8 – 18, 2023     11 Days!
From the spectacular tides of the Bay of Fundy to the rolling farmland to the heathlands of Cape Breton, there’s no better highlights tour! The tremendous number of shorebirds at this time of year is legendary, known for their incredible aerial ballet. Enjoy some nights at Canada’s government-owned four-star lodges. Cape Breton delights travelers with its high cliffs overlooking the North Atlantic and its quaint fishing villages. This tour starts and ends in Halifax.
Leader: Andy Griswold.
Fee: $5,198. Members: $4,498.

Romania: Transylvania to the Danube      Two spots remain! CALL NOW!
August 20 – September 1, 2023     13 Days!
Eastern Europe is an often overlooked birding destination. On this adventure, we’ll explore Transylvania, famous for Vlad the Impaler and ancient old growth forests. We’ll also explore the Danube Delta, considered the best preserved delta in Europe. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, the delta is home to over 300 species of birds, many of which congregate in large numbers during the fall migration. We’ll aim to observe this migration and explore the under-birded region that is Eastern Europe.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $6,698. Members: $5,998.

Gardens of Art and Architecture      Few spots remain! CALL NOW!
Marx, Niemeyer, and Brazilian Modernism
August 24 – September 7, 2023    15 Days!
Brazil is a land of staggering beauty and unsurpassed diversity. It’s also the birthplace of Roberto Burle Marx, one of the most influential and groundbreaking landscape artists of the 20th century.  Explore his landscape design genius, the natural wonders of the unique Atlantic forest biome, and the art, history, culture, and cuisine of three cosmopolitan cities: Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis, and Teresopolis. This tour has something for everyone! Leaders are garden designer and bird guide Cole Burrell and local guide Patricia Silva.
Fee: $12,995. Members: $10,995.

February 2024

Tanzania Safari: Birds and Mammals      THIS TRIP IS ALREADY FILLING! CALL NOW!
February 19 – March 4, 2023      14 Days!
This is Africa as you’ve always imagined it: the magic of a Serengeti sunset, the teeming wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater, and some of the most wonderful birdlife you’ll ever see. A safari to Tanzania is a special adventure into the premier wildlife-viewing country of Africa, with national parks and reserves unsurpassed anywhere in the world. We’ll see all of the major plains animals: lions, hippos, zebras, giraffes, impalas, gazelles and other herbivores, baboons and monkeys, and herds of elephant and buffalo. You’ll stay in outstanding lodges, and a side trip to Oldupai Gorge will take you to the cradle of mankind. Travelers are accompanied by staff members Rob Taylor and Andy Griswold, along with talented Tanzanian guides.
Fee: $8,998. Members: $7,298. Prices estimated at time of publication.

Overnight Domestic Tours

Regional Overnight Tours include transportation from a central meeting spot.
Some trips can be followed in your personal vehicle as a Self-Drive Trip.

April 2023

Dauphin Island, Alabama     Wait List Only!
April 12 – 18, 2023     Seven Days!
To the east of world-famous High Island, Texas, lies little-known Dauphin Island, just south of Mobile, Alabama. One of the first stretches of land that neotropical migrants see as they make their way across the Gulf of Mexico, Dauphin is where birds congregate to rest and refuel after the exhausting flight, sometimes through inclement weather. It’s not uncommon to have over 100 species in just a single day! Time will be spent searching not only for migrant songbirds, but resident southern specialties, shorebirds getting ready to leave their wintering grounds, and more. Join us on our inaugural trip to Dauphin Island!
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $3,498. Members: $2,998.

May 2023

Warbler Extravaganza: Magee to Pelee
May 9 – 18, 2023     10 Days!      Three spots left! Call now!
This ultimate adventure circumnavigates Lake Erie at the peak of migration. Protected areas along the shoreline provide stopover habitat for migrants on their way to boreal breeding grounds. Explore Presque Isle, Tawas Point, world-famous Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, and Point Pelee National Park. Over 30 warbler species are expected, along with many vireos, flycatchers, swallows, and thrushes. A final night near Niagara Falls allows for reminiscing over the new friendships and memories made. Trip is via our luxury van from Connecticut. This is a perfect trip for birders of all levels!
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $3,498. Members: $3,098.

Mount Auburn: Warbler Mecca
May 19 – 21, 2023     Three Days!      Wait List Only!
Mt. Auburn, in Boston, was founded in 1831 by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as a “garden cemetery,” a concept since copied by many communities across the country. The variety and scale of the trees alone is not to be missed, providing an oasis that birds find irresistible. This is absolutely the best place on the East Coast to see and hear large numbers of migrant warblers during the peak of spring migration! Birds are often at eye level, offering excellent views and photographic opportunities.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $1,298. Members: $998.

Maine’s Elusive Spruce Grouse      Book this as a private departure with friends and family!
May 23 – 26, 2023     Four Days!
Make an escape to clear mountain waters, lakes abundant with native trout, and the brightest star-filled nights you’ve ever seen—all in the beautiful woods of Maine. Visit places where Frederick Church painted landscapes of Mount Katahdin. Get away and roam among the moose, carnivorous pitcher plants and sundew, orchids, and birds unique to this northern habitat. The big target is Spruce Grouse but will also include other hard-to-find species like Black-backed and American Three-toed woodpeckers.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $1,598. Members: $1,398.

June 2023

Minnesota and North Dakota     Wait List Only!
June 2 – 11, 2023     10 Days!
This two-state tour explores a variety of habitats, from prairies and lakes to boreal forests and bogs. Formed by retreating glaciers 12,000 years ago, the lakes and wetlands throughout the region are critically important breeding habitats for waterfowl and gulls. As much as 75 percent of the United States’ population of ducks breed in the area, and the surrounding forests are destinations for warblers and other neotropical migrants. Expect close to 200 species as we search for targets including Connecticut Warbler, Great Gray Owl, Yellow Rail, and the multitude of species found in the Prairie Potholes.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $4,198. Members: $3,698.

Connecticut Lakes          Few Spots Remain!
June 14 – 17, 2023     Four Days!
The Connecticut Lakes region is the wild area at the northern tip of New Hampshire, the center of the North Country’s moose habitat where the Connecticut River is born. Birds may include Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Canada Jay, Mourning Warbler, and Boreal Chickadee. Stay at a peaceful lakeside lodge and hike to the headwaters, straddling the river where it begins its journey south.
Leader: Jim Sherwonit.
Fee: $1,398. Members: $1,198.

July 2023

Maine’s Whales and Puffins        Few Spots Remain!
July 6 – 10, 2023     Five Days!
Maine is one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast. With its rocky shores, dense forests, and access to the ocean, it gives nature lovers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. This trip allows participants to experience much of what Maine has to offer, with a puffin cruise, whale watch, forest walks, ocean strolls, and amazing views. Explore the beauty of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, one of the most picturesque parks and home to Cadillac Mountain, where sunrise and sunset is unequalled. Revel in the scenic beauty of historic towns and hidden coves.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $2,398. Members: $2,098.

Southeastern Arizona Desert Bloom      Book this as a private departure with friends and family!
July 19 – 27, 2023     Nine Days!
Late July welcomes the summer rains and is prime time for finding hummingbirds. As many as 15 species are possible, including White-eared, Violet-crowned, Berylline, and Plain-capped Starthroat. This is also the time for Mexican rarities, such as Aztec Thrush. These are but a few of the many species we’ll search out as we journey through this lovely, varied landscape, which draws birders from all over the world. Visits to Saguaro National Park and Karchner Caverns are planned. Great birds and adventure not so far from home!
Leaders: Jay Hand and Andy Griswold.
Fee: $3,698. Members: $3,298.

September 2023

Monhegan Island: Migration Hotspot        Few Spots Remain!
September 20 – 23, 2023     Four Days!           

Join leader Jim Sherwonit on a relaxing tour of Monhegan Island at the peak of migration. Off the coast of Maine, Monhegan serves as a stopover point for birds caught out over open water. With no roads or cars on the island, participants stroll along the many trails while searching for what arrived overnight and enjoying eye-level looks at many species of warbler, tanagers, and flycatchers. In the fall, nature and beauty are at their apex on Monhegan. Stay at a lovely island inn, and don’t miss the blueberry pie!
Fee: Call for details.

Block Island Weekend Escape          Few Spots Remain!
September 29 – October 1, 2023     Three Days!

Revel in the wilds of Block Island, Rhode Island, after summer tourists have left the beaches and town. Often a magnet for wayward birds, “Block” will delight travelers with its island architecture, wild flowers, and natural beauty. This is our most popular weekend trip and timed well for the fall migration!
Leaders: Andy Griswold and Matt Bell.
Fee: Call for details

October 2023

Oregon’s Klamath Basin     Wait List Only!
October 2 – 11, 2023     10 Days!
Widely recognized as an ecologically-important wetlands, Klamath Basin began its conservation efforts back in 1908 when Teddy Roosevelt established the first waterfowl-focused National Wildlife Area. Located on the border of Oregon and California, over 190,000 acres are protected between six National Wildlife Refuges. The Cascade Range, home to Oregon’s only National Park, features 11 species of breeding woodpeckers. Join us as we explore the beauty of Oregon, from the rocky coastlines to the snow-covered peaks, to the waterfowl-filled Klamath Basin.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $4,798. Members: $4,298.

Cape May Migration        Six Spots Remain!
October 12 – 15, 2023     Four Days!
Without a doubt one of the top ten birding spots in the country is Cape May, where every fall hundreds of thousands of migrating birds funnel into the southern tip of New Jersey. Birdwatchers come from all over the world to enjoy not only the diversity of hawks, shorebirds, and warblers, but also the scenic beaches, meadows, and lively historic town. There’s something for everyone!
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $1,498. Members: $1,198.

December 2023

Puerto Rico: Island Endemics     New Dates!
December 27, 2023 – January 2, 2024     Seven Days!
Many of North America’s nesting birds spend the winter in tropical regions throughout the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico. Although the island measures only 35 miles north to south and 100 miles east to west—about two-thirds the size of Connecticut—over 350 species have been recorded there. It also features 17 endemic species (more than the entire Lower 48!) along with twenty-five species endemic to the West Indies. Enjoy a winter getaway to warm tropical breezes among great bird species, including Elfin-woods Warbler, Puerto Rican Tody, and the critically endangered Puerto Rican Parrot.
Leader: Matt Bell.
Fee: $4,598. Members: $3,998.

January 2024

Hawaii’s Endemic Birds and Landscapes        Reserve your spots now!
January 3 – 12, 2024     10 Days!
Experience Hawaii’s beautiful birds! We’ve designed the ultimate all-inclusive Hawaii birding tour and are excited to get you off the beaten path, so you can enjoy the “real Hawaii,” all while supporting wildlife conservation initiatives and local businesses. Enjoy birding in paradise in search of Hawaii’s endemic forest birds, majestic seabirds, native water birds, migratory shorebirds, and introduced specialties. Expect scrumptious meals and oceanfront accommodations.
Leaders: Andy Griswold and local Mandy Talpas.
Fee: $10,498. Members: $8,998.


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