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Looking to a future where all can share and experience the joys of nature

March 28, 2023 — For the past several years there has been an important and renewed focus on issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in our society and institutions. Accordingly, the Connecticut Audubon Society and other Audubon societies across the country have been involved in discussions about the mixed legacy of John James Audubon. At the heart of these discussions is the issue of what his legacy means at a time when our diversity is recognized as a great strength, and inclusivity is viewed as essential to our progress.


3 new conservation laws: Connecticut Audubon members speak out successfully, as bills to protect shorebirds and migrating birds pass in Hartford

June 21 update — Governor Ned Lamont signed the Lights Out bill into law yesterday.
June 9, 2023 — Three important environmental bills supported by the Connecticut Audubon Society and its members passed the Connecticut General Assembly in Hartford in recent days and have been sent to Governor Ned Lamont to sign into law.


Great fun for enthusiastic participants in 2023’s Migration Madness and Birdathon

2023 Migration Madness participants: 360 2023 Birdathon participants: 68 Species seen: 176 $$$ raised for bird conservation: $13,000 Scroll to see the prize winners and complete leaderboard for the 6th Annual Migration Madness Birdathon. June 5, 2023 — Congratulations to Joanne Bourque of Pomfret and Frank Mantlik of Stratford, the big winners in this year’s […]


Governor Lamont proclaims June 4, 2023, as Connecticut Audubon Day in the state!

May 30, 2023 — the state of Connecticut is celebrating our organization’s 125th anniversary with an official proclamation by Governor Ned Lamont declaring June 4, 2023, as Connecticut Audubon Society Day. Then on June 7, the celebration of the founding continues as Connecticut Audubon presents two programs in conjunction with the Fairfield Museum and History Center. It was on June 4, 1898, that the Audubon Society of the State of Connecticut held its first annual meeting of members. Two hundred and fifty people crowded into Fairfield Town Hall on that Saturday.


Rededication of Hartford Urban Bird Treaty creates a new agenda for conservation of the city’s birds

May 19, 2023 — A coalition of federal and city officials along with statewide and local conservation groups renewed their commitment today to improving Hartford as a place for birds to thrive and for people to enjoy them. Coalition members joined with city residents at Keney Park in Hartford to officially rededicate the Hartford Urban Bird Treaty. A program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Urban Bird Treaty is a national network that works to improve bird habitat in urban areas.


Re-dedication of Hartford Urban Bird Treaty set for Friday, May 19, at Keney Park

May 12, 2023 — Join us at Keney Park in Hartford on Friday, May 19, for the official 2023 rededication of Hartford’s Urban Bird Treaty — a multi-organization plan to improve bird habitat in the city and offer more opportunities for city residents to learn about and enjoy birds.


Heather Wolf, author and bird photographer, to judge 2023 Birdathon photo contest

May 10, 2023 — An undisputed highlight of Connecticut Audubon’s Migration Madness Birdathon, scheduled for May 20 and 21, is the annual photo contest. Each year, birders send us a selection of the best photos they took while participating in the Birdathon. We forward them to a judge — we don’t include names or time stamps, just the photos, so the judging is anonymous — who picks the winners. This year we are lucky to have Heather Wolf as the photo contest judge.


The Migration Madness Birdathon, May 20 – 21: Fun for bird lovers of any skill level!

The Connecticut Audubon Society is inviting everybody to join in the fun later this month at the 6th annual Migration Madness birding weekend.It’s a great way to help celebrate Connecticut Audubon’s 125th anniversary, and to make a contribution to bird conservation. The highlight is the Migration Madness Birdathon, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22. The Birdathon is a fundraising event that benefits bird conservation throughout the state. It’s open for all ages and for all skill levels.


Connecticut school kids will get more outdoor science education thanks to federal grant from Congresswoman DeLauro

The number of school kids participating in Connecticut Audubon’s Science in Nature outdoor education program will increase dramatically in the coming years, thanks to a $750,000 federal grant received from the office of U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro of New Haven. Approximately 20,000 Connecticut students in grades kindergarten through 5th participate in Science in Nature now. That number will increase by at least 50 percent, to 30,000 students. And the total number of hours of science-based outdoor instruction will increase to 60,000 hours, from 40,000. Representative DeLauro announced the grant at a press conference on Friday, April 21, at Connecticut Audubon’s Milford Point Coastal Center.


A billion birds a year are killed when they crash into buildings. You can help by turning out the lights

It’s gut-wrenching to find a dead bird crumpled on the ground next to a building. Unfortunately, it is also all too common. Birds migrate at night and this spring there is a great opportunity for you to do something that directly benefits birds: turn out the lights.





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