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A young Osprey hatched in Bridgeport dies because of discarded fishing line and other trash

Heroic rescue effort comes up short August 6, 2018 – Last week the Connecticut Audubon Society announced a new program to help recycle monofilament fishing line because of the risk it poses to birds. Yesterday presented a vivid illustration of the risk. Almost a dozen people spent their Sunday afternoon trying to save an Osprey […]


A Successful Summer for Purple Martins at the Coastal Center

August 2, 2018 – The population of Purple Martins continues to rise at the Milford Point Coastal Center. This summer, 128 nestlings were fitted with identifying leg bands by a team of staff and volunteers from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Audubon Society. Last year there were 107, in […]


Kate Reamer is Named Director of the Center at Glastonbury

July 7, 2018 – Please welcome Kate Reamer as the new director of the Center at Glastonbury! Kate, a Glastonbury resident with extensive experience in outdoor environmental education, replaces Michelle Eckman, who has held the position on an interim basis for two years. Michelle will be returning to her position as Connecticut Audubon’s education director. […]



August 3, 2018 — All of Connecticut’s coastal shorebird habitat attracts Whimbrels, but the Coastal Center at Milford Point is an especially favorable place to look for them because of the way high tides concentrate shorebirds in a relatively small open area.


Recycling Fishing Line to Save Birds

August 1, 2018 – Parts of the waterfront in Fairfield and Bridgeport will soon be getting new recycling tubes for the safe disposal of the monofilament fishing line that can strangle or disable birds who get caught in it. A team of volunteers is building and installing the tubes. Madeline Dennis Raleigh of Black Rock […]





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