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Programs & Events at the Center at Pomfret


Although we are staffed, the Center at Pomfret remains closed to the public due to the pandemic. Feel free to contact us via email and/or phone (860)-928-4948. If you are interested in shopping at our nature store, we are scheduling store appointments (mask required) as well as curbside pick-up. Thank you for understanding, enjoy our trails and stay well.

Walk Our Trails!

The Bafflin Sanctuary remains open to the public from dawn to dusk.
To minimize wildlife disturbance, we ask all walkers to stay on designated trails.

Master Naturalist Volunteer Training

Tuesdays, April 13 through June 15, 8 a.m. – Noon 

Have you always wanted to learn more about the natural sciences? Want to volunteer at the Center? 

With 40 hours of training (ten four-hour sessions), this may be the program for you. Registration limited. 

Click here for training outline and click here for the application.


Focus On Nature – Photography Contest

Exhibit & Sale
Sunday, May 2 through
Wednesday, June 30

For Entry Forms and more information, click here.






Birds Seen This Week

Week of March 29nd 2021

American Woodcock, Tree Swallow, Fox Sparrow, Wood Duck, Ring-necked Duck, Hooded Merganser, Canada Geese, Wild Turkey, Song Sparrow, Robin, Eastern Bluebird, Red-tailed Hawk, Barred Owl, Flicker, Pileated Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe, Great Blue Heron, Turkey Vulture, Black Vulture



Birds This Month 

Birds You Can Expect to See in April




Don’t miss
our digital
David Stumpo
watercolor exhibit!
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Migration Madness Weekend

May 14, 15, 16:

Join us for the Fourth Annual Migration Madness Birdathon! Watch for sign-up information on the website.

Bird Walks and Programs

NOTE! The following bird walks require pre-registration and have attendance limits. Carpools approved with proof of COVID vaccinations. Masks to be worn.

Register by emailing
Include name, phone number, date & title of walk, and number of people. Andy will contact you to confirm.

Every Tuesday in April & May, 8 a.m.
(..except May 18 – no walk)
No pre-registration required.

With access to over 1,650 acres of land, we will seek out a variety of bird species. Wear drab-colored clothing and bring binoculars. Spotting scope optional. Fee: $10 CAS members; $20 non-members.

Gellert Preserve Bird Walk
Friday, May 14, 8 a.m.

This Wyndham Land Trust preserve has a variety of habitats including field, shrub land and woodland. Birds to watch for include Prairie Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Blue-winged Warbler and Scarlet Tanager. Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Birding 101
Friday, May 14, 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, May 15, 8 a.m.

Have you always wanted to bird watch but did not know where to start?  Come on out and learn the basics from Aaron Bourque, a longtime volunteer and passionate birder.  Wear comfortable shoes for a leisurely walk on the trails in search the avian life on the sanctuary.  Binoculars available for use during program.  Pre-registration required, call 860-928-4948 to register. Free.

20 Warbler Day (12th Annual)
Saturday, May 15, 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We will search for 20 species of warblers in one day, carpooling to numerous locations. Help us beat our record of finding 21 species!
Limit 12 people. Fee: $25 CAS members; $50 non-members.

Bafflin Bird Walk
Sunday, May 16, 8 a.m. FULL

Peak migration is going strong at this time. We’ll go where the best morning viewing spots are. Limit 10 people. Fee: $10 CAS members; $20 non-members.

Bull Hill Bird Walk
Monday, May 17, 8 a.m.

We’ll meet at the Center and carpool to this forest on the Woodstock/Thompson line.
Indigo Bunting, Prairie Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Northern Waterthrush are some expected species. Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

90 Bird Day (16th Annual)
Wednesday, May 19, 6 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The goal is to hear or see at least 90 species of birds in less than ten hours. We’ll visit many locations within a 10-mile radius of the Center. Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. Limit 12 people. Fee: $25 CAS members; $50 non-members.

Nightingale Forest NORTH Bird Walk
Friday, May 21, 8 a.m. FULL
Sunday, May 30, 8 a.m.FULL

Explore this newly preserved Wyndham Land Trust area. Expect to see Black-throated Blue Warblers, Canada Warblers, and Broad-winged Hawks. Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Bird Banding Demonstration
Saturday, May 22, 9 a.m.

Watch Andy and our master bird banding crew in action. See birds up close as we gently catch them, record measurements and safely release them. Participants may release a bird. Limit 12 people. Register by emailing arzeznikiewicz@ctaudubon.orgFee: $10 CAS members; $20 non-members.

Boston Hollow Bird Walk
Sunday, May 23, 8 a.m. FULL

We’ll explore the Boston Hollow area of Ashford. Much of the land is owned by Yale. It is a unique area with a Northern forest feel.
We will bird from the road. Limit 10 people. Fee: $7 CAS members; $12 non-members.

Chaney Preserve Bird Walk
Monday, May 24, 9 a.m.

Explore this CAS preserve in the Oakdale section of Montville, encompassing a 10- acre clear cut, large stands of mountain laurel and mature forest. Hooded Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Acadian Flycatcher and Rose-breasted Grosbeak could be seen. Limit 7 people.
Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Natchaug Forest Bird Walk
Friday, May 28, 8 a.m.

We’ll carpool along the dirt roads, stopping at strategic spots to find various birds.
You can expect to see Cerulean Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush.
Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Pumpkin Hill Bird Walk
Saturday, May 29, 8 a.m. FULL
Tuesday, June 22, 8 a.m.

This is a fantastic location for exploring and bird watching. We’ll look for Worm-eating Warblers, Cerulean Warblers, Prairie Warblers and even one or both cuckoo species. Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Nipmuck Forest Bird Walk
Saturday, June 12, 8 a.m. FULL

Explore this large forest interior block in northwest Woodstock. Most likely we’ll find nesting Brown Creepers, Winter Wrens, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Pine Warblers and Black-throated Green Warblers. Limit 7 people. Fee: $20 CAS members; $30 non-members.

Citizen Science Volunteer Monitoring Program

Become a Citizen Science Volunteer Wildlife Monitor.

Training and monitoring hikes offered throughout the year.
Interested? Find out more during our introductory program on Zoom.

Wildlife Tracking / Training Hike
Date TBD.

Our teams of trained volunteers monitor study sites quarterly to collect wildlife conservation data. Hikes are subject to change due to weather. Full training is six hikes; select seasonal hikes that suit your schedule. Registration is required. Masks and social distancing practices apply. Training fee per hike: $40 CAS members; $60 non-members.

For more information on these two programs and to register, email Paula Coughlin, Citizen Science Coordinator, at




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