Connecticut Audbon Society

Outreach Programs

Enrich yourself, or the offerings of your group or organization, with our outreach learning programs. Ideal for individuals, libraries, scout troops, senior centers, Parks and Recreation departments and more, they can also be tailored to meet your specific needs. Programs can be in-person or virtual (via Zoom). Click here for brochure.

Birds of Prey – Encounter with one or more raptors on a bird handler’s glove. You’ll learn about the natural history of these magnificent birds, while discovering their unique physical and behavioral adaptations. We’ll discuss different raptor species and their amazing behavioral and predatory adaptations, as well as their conservation status and critical role in the environment.
Program fee: $300. Length: 60 minutes.

Meet the Animals – Unlock the basics behind how scientists classify animals into groups. We’ll focus on five basic animal groups: invertebrates, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. By comparing representative animals and their features, discover how the animals are related, what special traits they have, and better understand why they are classified the way they are. The program also includes live animals and mounted species.
Program fee: $165. Length: 60 minutes.

Backyard Birding – Learn how to identify backyard birds by sight and sound, who is at the feeder during each season and what their feeding habits are. Also covered will be bird characteristics, ways to entice birds to your feeder, what feeders and seed to use, and where to place feeders for bird safety and best viewing. This program includes a PowerPoint presentation, and there will be samples of bird feeders and seed that can be used in your backyard to attract birds.
Program fee: $165. Length: 60 minutes.

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