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What We Believe: Creating a Lifelong Bond of Stewardship Through Birds

An Eastern Bluebird at our Trail Wood Sanctuary, in Hampton. Photo by Peter Vertefeuille

An Eastern Bluebird at Trail Wood, in Hampton.
Photo by Peter Vertefeuille

It is through the charismatic nature of birds that the Connecticut Audubon Society seeks to make this world a better place. With your help, our goal is to use the beauty, diversity, and visibility of our feathered friends to connect more people with the natural world around them.

It is our hope that such connections will spark a lifelong bond of stewardship, for it is our core value that we would like to leave future generations a state that is in better shape than the one we inherited.
– Alexander Brash, President, Connecticut Audubon Society



Milford Point Osprey Cam: The Egg-laying has Begun!

Osprey in flight - by Twan Leenders

Ospreys are impressively large birds up close! Connecticut Audubon Society photo by Twan Leenders

The Ospreys have returned to their nest at Connecticut Audubon Society’s Milford Point Coastal Center, and we’re celebrating by unveiling a new, high resolution infrared video camera to provide viewing round-the-clock.

Watch the Ospreys on their nest here!

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Summer Camp & Special Events!

Register Now for Summer Camps! Registration for Connecticut Audubon Society’s summer camps is underway! This page has everything you need to register for camp at the Center at Fairfield, Birdcraft Sanctuary, the Center at Pomfret and the Milford Point Coastal Center, as well as for summer programs at the Center at Glastonbury. To register online […]

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Introducing ‘Connecticut Audubon Bird Finder,’ A Weekly Guide to the State’s Birds and its Great Outdoor Places

Connecticut Audubon Society is launching a new weekly guide, called Connecticut Audubon Bird Finder, to help birders plan weekend trips to great outdoor settings throughout the state. Connecticut Audubon Bird Finder is a carefully curated guide to an unusual or interesting bird that has been sighted that week in a publicly-accessible location. The bulletins will […]

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Author Joel Greenberg on the Passenger Pigeon: “They’re gone because we destroyed them. We systematically, unrelentingly killed them.”

By Liz Acas for Connecticut Audubon Society NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The extinction of the once-abundant Passenger Pigeon shows that any species could be in danger today, author Joel Greenberg told a rapt audience at Yale University on March 12. Greenberg, author of the acclaimed book A Feathered River Across the Sky: The Passenger Pigeon’s […]

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The Great Connecticut Audubon Society Snowy Owl Observation Contest

At Stratford Point. Photo by Anthony Zemba/Copyright Connecticut Audubon Society

This has been an incredible winter for Snowy Owl sightings in our area. Connecticut Audubon Society is looking to you to help us celebrate and raise awareness of these beautiful birds. Enter our Snowy Owl Observation Contest by sharing your experience with us, and you could win a first prize of $300 or one of […]

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Innovative “Living Shoreline” Will Help Improve Bird Habitat at Stratford Point

November 7, 2013 – Connecticut Audubon Society and Sacred Heart University of Fairfield have been awarded a $59,000 Long Island Sound Futures Fund grant to construct an innovative “living shoreline” project at Stratford Point to both improve critical bird and wildlife habitat and protect the state’s coastline from storms like Hurricane Sandy. The living shoreline […]

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Bridgeport 8th Graders Mark the Second Year of Science in Nature

Connecticut Audubon Society President Alex Brash, along with Angela Bhushan, science director of the Bridgeport public school district, spent Tuesday morning in the field with a group of 35 Bridgeport 8th graders, conducting conservation science experiments to mark the second full year of our Science in Nature education program. The students, from the Curiale School, […]

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Connecticut’s Best Nature Sanctuaries, Chosen by Yankee Magazine: Bafflin & Trail Wood

May 2013 – Like good parents, we don’t make judgments about which of our 19 sanctuaries are better than the others. We love them all. But that doesn’t mean others can’t render a judgment. The editors of Yankee Magazine have done just that, choosing Trail Wood and the Bafflin Sanctuary, in northeast Connecticut, as the […]

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Fish at the Larsen Sanctuary

Since 2010 students from Housatonic Community College, along with their professor, Dr. Tony Pappantoniou, have been engaged in studying the fish species of the Larsen Sanctuary, at Connecticut Audubon Society’s Center at Fairfield. Dr. Pappantoniou recently sent us an account of their work….  

Chimney Swift Monitoring

Connecticut Audubon Society helped to monitor a Chimney Swift nest and roost site in summer 2013 in Hartford. Anthony Zemba, our director of conservation science, along Jack and Maggie Peretto from the Hartford Audubon Society, monitored the chimney at the Governor’s Foot Guard Armory from the last week of April until late September. They were volunteers […]

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