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Young Family Foundation Grant Helps EcoTravel Provide Binoculars and Field Guides to Students in Cuba

EcoTravel Director Andy Griswold delivered a suitcase full of binoculars and field guides for young birders during a recent EcoTravel visit to Cuba, thanks to a gift from the William C. Young Family Foundation. Read about it here.


Favorite Tours

Macaw - Ben LunsfordAmazing Amazon Cruises

Year Round Departures!     Seven Days!
Our most popular cruise explores some of the most untouched rainforest in all of Amazonia. On an eight-cabin expedition vessel, travelers venture far up some of the least inhabited rivers in the Amazon Basin for a full seven days and explore areas rarely visited, seeking out the mysterious life in the heart of the Amazon. This is the most thorough, detailed, and sophisticated trip offered in the entire Amazon and comes with rave reviews from past participants. Guides are accomplished local naturalists. This is a trip of a lifetime, easy for seniors and families! Fee starts at $3,795 per person. Iguacu Falls, Machu Picchu, Pantanal, Galapagos, and Ecuadorian Highlands extensions available.

Galapagos - Pete USA

Galapagos Cruise: Islands of Discovery
Year-round Departures!     10 Days!    
Galapagos, a remote archipelago where life goes on much as it has for millions of years, is the world’s greatest living laboratory for study and observation of nature. Here the animals have no fear of humans, and you can be at one with nature as nowhere else on Earth. Over centuries, animal and plant life reached the islands and gradually evolved into new life forms. Opportunities for photography are unparalleled, with sea lions, iguanas, and penguins in arm’s reach. Cabins available from $4,300 per person. Ecuadorian Highland, Machu Picchu, and Quito extensions available. Don’t miss out on this tremendous learning experience in the “Enchanted Islands.” Call or email for more detail.


Featured Tours

Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun
October 1 – 12, 2017     12 Days!
Join us for a walking tour in Italy exploring southern Tuscany’s remote and little-known landscapes, flora and fauna, history and culture, and fine Tuscan cuisine. Visit the deeply private heart of Tuscany where you can feel far from the “tourist trail.” Discover the region’s charming small towns and villages, the fascinating ruins, and the beautiful and bountiful natural history. Overnight at a spot on the Mediterranean Sea, a farmhouse in an olive grove, and a 12th-century castle. See authentic Tuscany. Leader: Priscilla Wood. Fee: $4,498. With member discount: $3,998. Optional post-trip extension!


Connecticut Audubon Society EcoTravel has a great selection of tours that visit many exciting spots close to home and around the globe. All of our tours promise to be special adventures, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful animals and habitats in the world. The Connecticut Audubon Society strives to be at the forefront of environmental education, and our EcoTravel program plays a strong part in that goal. If our dates or tours do not meet your needs, we can provide you with the itineraries of other natural history travel companies. If you choose one of their programs and sign-up through us, we will earn commissions which support Connecticut Audubon Society’s education programs. It costs you nothing extra and helps us immensely. 

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Overnight International Tour Listing 


Scotland: The Wild Highlands
July 14 – 22, 2017     Nine Days!
This fabulous tour of the Scottish Highlands is a great mix of daily explorations  through stunning hills, glens, forest, and coasts and encounters with eagles, pine martens, otters, deer, crossbills, badgers, porpoise, and much more. Scotland is #1 in Europe for up-close wildlife watching, and this part of the country offers an unusual and curious variety. Under the guidance of a qualified local naturalist you will learn the wonders of the wild Highlands and discover a land of colorful history and outstanding beauty. Leader: Priscilla Wood. Fee: $3,425. With member’s discount: $2,925. Optional extension to Glasgow, Scotland.

Nova Scotia’s National Parks
July 27 – August 4, 2017     Nine Days!
From the spectacular tides of the Bay of Fundy to the rolling farmland to the heath-lands of Cape Breton, there is no better highlights tour! Search for the rare Right Whale. The tremendous number of shorebirds at this time of year is legendary, known for their incredible aerial ballet. Nights are at Canada’s government-owned four-star lodges. Cape Breton delights travelers with its high cliffs overlooking the North Atlantic and its quaint fishing villages. Fee: $4,495. With member discount: $3,995. Leader: Andy Griswold.

Grand Spain Tour
September 3 – 17, 2017    15 Days!
Spain is the most visited European country by birdwatchers owing to its location along the migration route between Europe and Africa and because it embraces habitats of the Western Pale Arctic. This landscape provides shelter to a great number and variety of species, including raptors, alpine birds, steppe birds, aquatic birds, and an unsurpassed representation of typical Mediterranean species. See specialties such as Spanish Imperial Eagle, Lammergeyer, DuPont’s Lark, Wallcreeper, and Moustached Warbler. Visit historic monuments and cultural sites, including medieval and Moorish villages. Leader: Frank Gallo. Fee: $4,998. With member discount: $4,398.

Brazil’s Atlantic Forests
September 18 – 29, 2017     12 Days!
Located in the heart of a vast mountain range, Itatiaia National Park is the first Brazilian national park and one of the most famous birding spots in the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. Mountain roads offer stops for colorful jewels such as Green-headed, Gilt-edged, and Burnished-buff Tanagers. The park is home for  myriads of antbirds, woodcreepers, foliage-gleaners, flycatchers, and tyranulets, seen as we walk the trails and roads close to the lodge through lush forest, past lakes and waterfalls, and through alpine meadows. Down to the coast, Ubatuba is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Brazil, where the remaining Atlantic Rain Forest blankets the land from mountaintops to sea level. Here we can find numerous species of hummingbird. Walking the trails in the region gives us opportunities to see an outstanding selection of bird and plant  species. Leader: Nick Bonomo and our local Brazilian guide. Fee: $5,598. With member discount: $4,798. Optional Rio extension.

Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun
October 1 – 12, 2017     12 Days!
Join us for a walking tour in Italy exploring southern Tuscany’s remote and little-known landscapes, flora and fauna, history and culture, and fine Tuscan cuisine. Visit the deeply private heart of Tuscany where you can feel far from the “tourist trail.” Discover the region’s charming small towns and villages, the fascinating ruins, and the beautiful and bountiful natural history. Overnight at a spot on the Mediterranean Sea, a farmhouse in an olive grove, and a 12th-century castle. See authentic Tuscany. Leader: Priscilla Wood. Fee: $4,498. With member discount: $3,998. Optional post-trip extension!

Polar Bear Migration
October and November  2017     Eight Days!
This northern expedition in Churchill, Manitoba, on Hudson Bay, will take travelers to the land of the Polar Bear to witness the annual migration. Participants travel on the tundra in specially equipped tundra vehicles, providing them with the best possible views of the bears in their spectacular habitat. Searches for the northern lights, a visit to the Eskimo Museum, and optional helicopter and sled dog tours are some of the other activities offered. Local guides provide a wealth of knowledge! This is the most accessible population of Polar Bear, but it is in jeopardy from global warming. See them now. Fee: $6,395. With member discount: $5,895. Includes airfare from Winnipeg to Churchill. Multiple departures available.

Northwestern Argentina and Buenos Aires
November 7 – 18, 2017     12 Days!     
Northwestern Argentina holds some of the most spectacular landscapes, ranging from humid forests to extremely arid lands, from lowlands to mountains more than 13,000 feet high. A host of localized and endemic birds are present, making this a prime birding trip. Start from Buenos Aires and experience a diversity of climates and habitats. The Torrent Duck and Rufous-throated Dipper have us scanning every stream. The humid Yungas cloud forests and montane forest host hundreds of species. Open grasslands and shrubby ravines are inhabited by the rare and unusual. Enter the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with spectacular scenery, beautiful colonial villages, and lots of wildlife. Ascend to the lakes of the barren Puna, kingdom of the Andean Condor, Giant Hummingbird, and concentrations of water birds. Experience the authentic culture of the Andes; enjoy magnificent scenery, superb wines, and the magnificent city of Buenos Aires. Leader: TBD. Fee: $5,698. With member discount: $4,998.  

Ecuador’s Private Birding Reserves
January 22 – February 2, 2018     12 Days!   
You’ll have the opportunity to visit private birding reserves in the high barren plains, highland rainforest, cloud forest, and tropical rainforest , based from lodges at the reserves. The reserves are all within a two-hour radius of Quito, spanning nine different ecosystems. With over 1,000 possible bird species (65 species of hummingbird), wild orchids, waterfalls, mammals, and butterflies, each of the exclusive reserves is a unique paradise. A must for the serious birder-naturalist! Leader: Andy Griswold. Fee: $4,998. With member discount: $4,298.

Japan in Winter
January 2018     15 Days!
This spectacular itinerary will take us to the three largest islands in Japan’s archipelago: Honshu, Kyushu, and Hokkaido. From the spectacle of thousands of cranes in the frosted paddy fields of southern Kyushu, to the fabled Snow Monkeys bathing in the hot springs, to the forests of the Japanese Alps of Honshu, to the rare and enormous Blakiston’s Fish Owl and the majestic mass gatherings of White-tailed and Steller’s Sea Eagles, Japan in winter offers unparalleled photographic and wildlife viewing opportunities and a cultural experience that captivates the most seasoned traveler. Visit the Imperial Palace and Botanical Gardens in Tokyo. A Taiwan extension is offered.  Fee: TBD. Leader: Rob Taylor.  

Tanzania Safari
February 8 – 21, 2018      14 Days!
Visit at the best time to view the animals of the Serengeti! Lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and other predators are especially visible during this season. Visit Ngorongoro Crater, described as the eighth wonder of the world, Lake Manyara National Park in the Great Rift Valley, and Oldupai Gorge, where the Leakeys made their famous archeological discoveries of early hominids. Witness the calving of thousands of wildebeest. Travelers are accompanied by Miley Bull, CAS Senior Director of Science and Conservation, who has led this trip for many years. Fee: $6,198. With member discount: $5,398. Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro Trek extensions available.

Cuba Bird Survey
February/April 2018     13 Days!
We are again offering our licensed bird survey in Cuba. This program has a more than 20-year history as a conservation project focused on Cuba’s importance as a wintering habitat for migratory birds. Travel with a small group and local guides through less traveled parts of Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most ecologically diverse island nation, home to 26 endemic birds: the world’s smallest, the Bee Hummingbird; one of the rarest woodpeckers, Fernandina’s Flicker; and the elusive Blue-headed Quail-Dove. Leader: Andy Griswold. Fee: Estimated at $5,350.

Panama’s Canopy Tower and Lodge
March 11-26, 2018     14 Nights!
For many years, this tiny country roughly the size of South Carolina was known only for the “Engineering Wonder of the World” that connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Panama Canal. More and more people, however, are starting to discover the vast natural and cultural wonders that Panama offers. It boasts a great variety of tropical habitats, including Caribbean coral reefs, Pacific mangrove wetlands, dry tropical forests, wet rainforests, all the way to mountain cloud forests with their moss-laden, orchid-covered trees. These tropical ecosystems also harbor an incredible diversity of colorful flowers and plants and a wide array of wild animals like sloths, toucans, anteaters, monkeys, and more. There are about 960 different species of birds—far more than the total number of species found in the U.S. and Canada combined ! Having more than 30 percent of its national territory protected, Panama presents excellent opportunities to see wildlife and learn about tropical environments. Leader: Will Haffey and local guides. Fee: $6,298. With member discount: $5,569.

Brazil Garden Tour
Celebrating Roberto Burle Marx
July 9 – 23, 2018     15 Days!
Brazil is a land of staggering beauty and unsurpassed diversity. It is also the birthplace of Roberto Burle Marx, one of the most influential and groundbreaking landscape artists of the 20th century.  Explore his landscape design genius, the natural wonders of the unique Atlantic forest biome, and the art, history, culture, and cuisine of three cosmopolitan cities: Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis, and Teresopolis. This tour has something for everyone. Leaders are garden designer and birder Cole Burrell and local guide Patricia Silva. An extension to Belo Horizonte is available.  Fee: $8,298. With member discount: $7,598.


Overnight Domestic Tour Listing


Connecticut Lakes
June 15 – 18, 2017     Four Days!
The Connecticut Lakes region is the pristine area at the northern tip of New Hampshire offering unlimited, unspoiled wilderness. This is the center of the North Country’s moose habitat where the mighty Connecticut River is born. Birds may include Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Gray Jay, Mourning Warbler, and Boreal Chickadee. Stay at a peaceful lakeside lodge and hike to the headwaters, straddling the river where it begins its journey south. Fee: $1,198. With member discount: $998. Leader: Priscilla Wood.

Maine’s Puffins and Whales
July 6 – 10, 2017     Four Days!
Whale watching is perhaps one of the most exciting activities you’ll ever experience! You will be amazed at these gentle yet awesome animals. Enjoy traveling to the whales aboard a high speed catamaran. Naturalists point out whales, seals, eagles, porpoises, dolphins, and a variety of offshore seabirds, including Atlantic Puffin. Revel in the scenic beauty of coastal Maine, its historic towns and hidden coves, Mount Desert Island, and Acadia National Park. Hike or just relax and take in the scenery. Fee: $1,425. With member discount $1,125. Leader: Priscilla Wood.

Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona
September 18 – 26, 2017   Nine Days!
With the spectacular rock formations as your backdrop, enjoy scenic hikes of the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, a canyon created by the Colorado River over a six-million-year period. Learn about the history of the canyon, the animals and birds that inhabit the area, and the magic of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Travel farther to Sedona, characterized by massive red-rock formations rivaling the beauty of many national parks. Located in Arizona’s high desert, Sedona is blessed with four mild seasons and is known for the “energy vortexes” that create what  many consider a spiritual power center. Leaders: Duane Weber (National Park Service) and Priscilla Wood.  Fee: $3,998. With member discount: $3,498.

Monhegan Island: Migration Hotspot
September 22 – 25, 2017   Four Days!
Join leader Joe Bear on a relaxing tour of Monhegan Island at the height of the migration season. Off the coast of Maine, Monhegan serves as a stopover point for birds caught out over open water. With no roads and no cars on the island, participants stroll along the many trails while searching for what arrived overnight and enjoying eye-level looks at many of the warbler species, tanagers, and flycatchers. In the fall, nature and beauty are at their apex on Monhegan. Stay at a lovely island inn and don’t miss the blueberry pie! Fee: $1,198. With member discount: $998.

Block Island Weekend Escape
September 29 – October 1, 2017     Three Days!
Revel in the wilds of Block Island, Rhode Island, after summer tourists have left the beaches and town. Often a magnet for wayward birds, “Block” will delight travelers with its island architecture, wild flowers, and natural beauty. This is our most popular weekend escape as indicated by our many repeat participants. Fee: $845. With member discount: $645. Leaders: Jay Hand and Andy Griswold.

Cape May, New Jersey
October 13 – 15, 2017     Three Days!
Without a doubt one of the top ten birding spots in the country, Cape May is where every fall hundreds of thousands of migrating birds funnel into the southern tip of New Jersey and birdwatchers come from all over the world to enjoy not only the diversity of hawks, shorebirds, and warblers, but also the scenic beaches, meadows, and the lively historic town. Something for everyone! Leader: TBD. Fee: $845. With member discount: $645.

Sea Turtle Rescue
December 1 – 3, 2017     Three Days!
In early December, the Cape Cod beaches become the last hope for sea turtles like Kemps, Ridley, Green, Loggerhead, and Hawksbill that are stunned by the cold water and end up stranded along the coast. Join leader Priscilla Wood and work with local marine-life rescue squads to help safely locate and transport these fragile marine reptiles to safe haven. Scour the outer Cape, Chatham to Provincetown, without the crowds of summer, and be magically absorbed into the wildness of grass-topped dunes, empty beaches, and ceaseless crashing waves. Expect the rare and unusual. Fee: $855. With member discount: $655.

Arkansas and Ivorybills?
January 14- 21, 2018     Eight Days!
Join our ninth exciting expedition into a mature southern woodland that once hosted the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and perhaps still does! Enjoy the private lodge while experiencing the history and tales of the elusive “Grail Bird.” This tour is by special arrangement in an area that is not open to the public. Henslow’s Sparrow, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and clouds of waterfowl in the heart of America’s rice belt! Fee: $2,395. With member discount: $1,998. Leader: Priscilla Wood.

Montauk Escape
February 9 – 11, 2018     Three Days!
The town of Montauk, on the far eastern tip of Long Island, is one of the best winter birding spots. The open ocean and the harbor provide opportunities to see many winter waterfowl not so commonly seen in Connecticut. Eiders, all three scoter species, gulls, alcids, grebes, loons, and other winter specialties are among the many birds one can expect. Enjoy the quiet of an off-season resort town and the fresh air of winter beaches. Fee: $855. With member discount: $655. Leader: Andy Griswold.

Birding Florida’s Gulf Coast
February 12 – 18, 2018     Seven Days!
The subtropical ecosystem makes the region around Sarasota a major stopover on the Eastern Flyway and a premier birding destination. Tour numerous birding hotspots along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail, a network of hundreds of sites spread throughout the state. Florida hosts a variety of habitats from tropical hardwood and scrub forests to tidal flats, marshlands, and mangrove swamps. Visit Cork Screw Swamp, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, and many other preserves. Some target birds are Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Florida Scrub-Jay, Bachman’s Sparrow, and Whooping Crane. Many species are typical “backyard birds” for Florida residents, but a real treat for anyone from the North. Leader: Priscilla Wood. Fee: $3,075. With member discount: $2,675.

Colorado’s Grouse and Prairie Chickens
April 14 – 24, 2018    Eight Days!
Our tour is designed to allow time for birding the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Plateau, and the marvelous leks of Colorado’s grasslands, emphasizing the western birds you seldom or never see on the east coast. The tour provides the best opportunity to find each of the many target bird species, including Greater Sage-Grouse, Gunnison Sage-Grouse, Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Dusky Grouse, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Three-toed Woodpecker, rosy-finches, and more. Each day will be a total natural history experience! Fee: $5,485. With Member Discount: $4,885. Leaders: Phil Rusch and James Restivo.  

Texas: Coast, Valley, and Hills
April 24 – May 3, 2018    Ten Days!
Join the popular guide team of Jay Hand and Andy Griswold as they reunite for another great adventure in “The #l Bird State.” Three-quarters of all birds occurring in the continental United States have been recorded in Texas, where on this ten-day trip you can see over 275 species, including Green Kingfisher, Plain Chachalaca, Great Kiskadee, Green Jay, Tropical Parula, and more. The scenery is fabulous, featuring vast open spaces unlike anything in the East. Visit famed High Island, Bolivar Flats, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, King Ranch, Sabal Palm, Santa Anna, Bentsen, and the Edward’s Plateau. Jay and Andy are known for their expert knowledge of Texas birds. Fee: $3,898. With member discount: $3,498.

Ohio’s Magee Marsh and Canada’s Point Pelee
May 8 – 17, 2018     Ten Days!
Magee Marsh, on the shore of Lake Erie, is a prime stopover for North American warblers. Every spring thousands of birders and photographers flock to this location to witness the spectacle of large songbird concentrations preparing to migrate across the great lake toward their breeding grounds in the North. Point Pelee National Park situated on Lake Erie’s north shore is one of the most important migration highways in North America and since 1918 has been preserved as a national sanctuary. It is located within the true deciduous forest region commonly called Carolinian Forest, in Canada found only on a narrow belt along Lake Erie’s north shore and featuring plants and animals that are rare or absent elsewhere in Canada. The Point is perfectly situated as a migrant trap and in springtime can boast as many as 260 species, with a single-day high of 170! Trip via our luxury van from Connecticut. Fee: $3,300. With Member Discount: $2,898. Leader: Andy Griswold.


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Falcon in a Tree

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