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History of Birdcraft Sanctuary

If you read our blog or are familiar with the Connecticut Audubon Society, you know about the Birdcraft Sanctuary and Museum. Founded in 1914, Birdcraft is the first private bird sanctuary in the United States. This six-acre site was originally created as a refuge to attract, harbor, and feed migratory and resident birds. It still serves this purpose today as an oasis of natural habitat adjacent to Interstate 95 and residential neighborhoods. Additionally, since 1979, Connecticut Audubon Society volunteers, licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, have operated a bird-banding station at Birdcraft. More than 18,000 birds have been mist-netted, documented, banded, and released unharmed.

While working on a master bird list for Birdcraft I came across the following publication that you can view online here:

It is The Story of Birdcraft Sanctuary by Mabel Osgood Wright. The Connecticut Audubon Society was founded in 1898 by Mrs. Wright, a pioneer in the American conservation movement. CAS received its first land donation in 1914 through the generosity of philanthropist Annie Burr Jennings of Fairfield. With Ms. Jenning’s gift of 10 acres, Mrs. Wright created Birdcraft Sanctuary, the first-of-its-kind songbird refuge in the nation, and literally laid the groundwork for Connecticut Audubon Society. Check out the short book at the link above by selecting a format on the left side of the page. You will learn so much about Birdcraft, the Connecticut Audubon Society, and conservation nearly a century ago.

Currently we have 190 species on that Birdcraft bird list with some amazing rarities. If you ever have data or information on any of our sanctuaries or centers, we would love for you to share it with us.






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