Connecticut Audbon Society

2019 Dave Engelman Volunteer Benchmark Awards

Charles N. Watson
Chuck is the person who makes sure the sentences make sense, the commas are consistent, and the writers say what they mean and mean what they say.

This year’s Connecticut State of the Birds report will be the eighth for which he’s served as an editor. That means he has worked on and improved 76 articles written by men and women with tremendous expertise but whose literary skills sometimes need improvement.

Chuck has also edited our three-times-a-year EcoTravel newsletter for six years, striving for and achieving clarity and concision.

Chuck moved to Westbrook, Connecticut, in 2008, soon after retiring from 37 years as a professor of American literature at Syracuse University. He became a serious birder at age 10 and says he hopes to continue editing and birding for another 50 years.

Karen Forbes
A lifelong learner with a love for nature, Karen has used her knowledge and skills to help improve our newest preserve, Deer Pond Farm in Sherman.

She has tested the trail maps for accuracy. She has served as a Garden Gaggle member, providing maintenance and monitoring to our bird and pollinator garden. She assists in maintaining the preserves many nest boxes, cleaning and conducting weekly checks; and she has worked on a variety of tasks as an administrative assistant.

A resident of Sherman since 1983, Karen is a recently retired nurse practitioner with a PhD in nursing research; she’s been an assistant professor and a clinical nurse specialist. 

Jayne Gillon 
For the past 10 years, Jayne Gillon has been a reliable and dedicated volunteer at the Center at Glastonbury. Jayne shows up each week with a smile on her face ready to take on any project. She has saved our staff countless hours by keeping up with our program data entry, making sure we are accurately tracking the number of students and adults we serve at our center, and compiling the teacher survey data to help improve our programs. We rely on Jayne as an extra set of proof-reading eyes and value her input on programs and exhibitions at the center. She has rearranged and spruced up our nature store numerous times and recently has begun helping with store inventory as well. We rely on Jayne as one of our most dedicated volunteers.

Sandra Brown
Sandee has served the Center at Glastonbury in one capacity or another since 1987. She has served multiple terms on the regional board, and is a former member of Connecticut Audubon’s state Board of Directors. As a retired school teacher, Sandee lent us her knowledge, experience, and expertise not only in teaching programs for us but working with our staff to create and improve our programs.

Every spring, Sandee rallies her troops to put on the annual Traditional Tea fundraiser to benefit the Center at Glastonbury. The Tea is Glastonbury’s most successful and popular event and Sandee’s attention to detail and dedication is the key to that success.

Above everything else, Sandee’s love of the Center at Glastonbury and the Glastonbury community in general is evident to all who have interacted with her over the years. Her dedication to education and conservation shines through in everything she does. 

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