Connecticut Audbon Society

Annual Report 2019

With Appreciation to the 40-plus Members Who Have Been with Us for 45 Years!

Virginia Loch
Member Since 1971
Virginia Loch
Virginia Loch
quoteI decided to contribute to the Connecticut Audubon Society because I felt it was a good cause to support. It is important for people to support organizations like Connecticut Audubon that strive to protect our environment, land, and wildlife.”
Humphrey and Carol Nichols
Members Since 1972
quoteLooking back on our years in Fairfield, we always focus on what has seemed to us two of the town’s greatest assets – its wonderful library system and Connecticut Audubon! As newcomers we began by exploring the Larsen Sanctuary on weekends, and then as our family grew we regularly attended the animal programs at the center. Audubon has always been a real family place, but we enjoyed the adult activities, too.”
Frederick and Jean Schroeder
Members Since 1972
Jean Schroeder
Jean Schroeder
Fred Schroeder

Fred Schroeder

quoteWe have supported Connecticut Audubon for over 45 years because we are firm believers in its dual mission of environmental education and conservation, and have been impressed with the fine work that is being done. During this time we have taken many wonderful trips with Ecotravel, seeing the world, and enjoying the friendships of our fellow travelers. Fred has found his many years as a member of the Birdcraft bird-banding crew very rewarding.”
Judy Wilkinson
Member Since 1972
Judy Wilkinson
Judy Wilkinson
quoteWhat Connecticut Audubon has meant to me is getting to know the wonderful birds we have here in Connecticut, and the ones migrating through. Such a wonderful variety! And, not least, getting to know the people connected to Audubon—such dedicated volunteers.”
Mildred Fromm
Member Since 1972
quoteMy husband and I enjoyed the Center at Fairfield as well as Milford Point. Birding became very important to us when we moved to Fairfield in 1957 and the Center at Fairfield offered what we needed. We made five EcoTravel trips: Galapagos Islands, Borneo and Hong Kong, Kenya, Rwanda and Kenya, Australia and New Zealand. The last four were made with Miley Bull as our excellent leader.”
Elisabeth Breslav
Member Since 1972
quoteForty-nine years ago, my teenage son Marc absolutely refused to go to a sleep-away summer camp, but agreed to let me find some structure for the long summer vacation days. I made a number of unsuccessful calls until I discovered the Connecticut Audubon junior staff program. Little did I know that, inspired by Miley Bull, Marc would develop an interest in birds and turn into a life-long bird watcher with an impressive (I believe almost 600) life list. Bird watching continues to enrich my son’s life—and it all started with doing some weeding around the Fairfield office.”
Alan and Judith Goldbecker
Members Since 1973
quoteI first got involved with Connectcut Audubon when our children (now 52 and 49) were in nursery school. I would guide while they were at school. Children from the Bridgeport School System would come to the Fairfield Center for guided trips. It was a wonderful experience to introduce them to the outside world. A learning experience for us all.
Frank and Linda Mantlik
Members Since 1974
Frank Mantlik
Frank Mantlik
quoteConnecticut Audubon’s sanctuaries and centers are an absolute joy to visit.”
Jane and Richard Link
Members Since 1974
Jane and Richard Link
Jane and Richard Link

quoteMy husband and I love the Adirondack Nights the best. Thank you for all the fond memories. We look forward to many more years with the Connecticut Audubon Society. I also asked my five adult children. Here are some of their comments: “Loved the bird walks!”

“I grew up loving animals and nature and photographing sunsets and rainbows—respecting nature.”

“The people were so kind and taught me a lot about loving birds and nature, and even now that I am a father when I pass by Connecticut Audubon I still get a warm and comfortable feeling in my heart.”


This 2019 Annual Report is a thank you and a celebration of the Connecticut Audubon Society’s most loyal members – 40-plus people who have been members for 45 consecutive years or more.

As Peter Kunkel, Chairman of the Board from 2015-2018, noted during his tenure: “Our members are us and we are our members, Whatever success the organization has achieved, it’s important to recognize that you are the reason for that success.”

Join us in thanking and acknowledging these loyal members, listed on the left, many of whom were kind enough to share their thoughts and memories about their involvement with Connecticut Audubon.

You can find a list of all of our generous members and donors below. Click here.

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A message from Kathleen Van Der Aue, Chair of the Board

It has been a year of restoration and renewal for the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Under the leadership of Patrick Comins we have solidified our reputation as conservation leaders in Connecticut. Our Smith Richardson Sanctuary, a rare shoreline forest habitat, has been restored thanks to retiring Board members Charlie Stebbins and Jerid O’Connell, along with the Greens Farms community, a large grant from the Long Island Sound Futures Fund and the work of dozens of volunteers. We hope to use this work as a model for restoring other sanctuaries.

It has been a year in which we instituted a disciplined approach to long-term financial sustainability, including a change to our business model that provides the regional centers with more independence and accountability. Let me talk about more about that.

It’s no secret that not-for-profits have been under increasing stress financially as changes in tax laws have made charitable donations less attractive.

We invited a group of Harvard Business School alumni to come in and review our business practices.This group, Harvard Community Partners, has many years of experience and the members volunteer their expertise in advising not-for-profits.

They spent several months going over every aspect of our operations and made recommendations which the board has committed to follow. We are on track with their recommendations and are optimistic that we are poised for another 121 years of conservation action.

Another focus has been our effort to incorporate the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization. The population of Connecticut is diverse and protecting our environment depends on our ability to reach all of Connecticut’s residents. We all need healthy habitats and everyone in Connecticut needs to know how to achieve and maintain them.

It has been a year of challenges as well. Not too long into my tenure a barn burned down on one of our sanctuary properties.Then a neighbor built a stone wall and put a gate across the entrance to one of our preserves. Age reared its ugly head at Birdcraft where rot was discovered in the pilings under the bridge, and so on, it’s never dull!

Our organization is poised for growth and stability and we appreciate the continued support of you, our members.

Click this link for a brief overview of the fiscal year ending April 30, 2019.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to protect Connecticut’s environment! This list reflects all donors from May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019. We apologize for any errors and encourage you to contact Development Director Joyce Leiz at 203-259-0416 x402 or

Mabel Osgood Wright Society Planned Giving Society

Ms. Mary E. Albro

Mrs. Faith W. Barrington

Mr. Joseph Bear

Mr. Michael Bonzagni

Ms. Lynn D. Brown

Ms. Leslie A. Carothers

Ms. Marian V. Erwin

Dr. Mahlon S. Hale

Henry Link, PE

Mrs. Virginia C. Loch

Mr. Lawrence J. Lunden

Mr. Frank W. Mantlik

Mr. Edwin Martin

Mr. Donald Morgan

Ms. Barbara Nielsen

Ms. Nancy L. Polydys

Mr. Philip B. Reinhart


Mr. John W. Salisbury

Ms. Elissa A. Sommer

Mr. Leonard Tavormina

Mr. Benjamin D. Williams


$50,000.00 +

Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Wildwood Foundation

R.T. Vanderbilt Trust

Ms. Diana Atwood Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Vanderbilt

SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Rebecca Harvey

Mr. Paul Lee

Mr. Matthew Sarver and Mrs. Lauren Morgens

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Spector



Virginia B. Squiers Foundation


$25,000.00 – $49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Wood

Chester Kitchings Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Kitchings

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Perkin

Estate of Paul Lee

Louise S. Lee

National Financial Services LLC

The Perkin Fund


Mrs. Kathleen Van Der Aue

Mrs. Emily B. Nissley

Mr. and Mrs. Hans H. Koehl

Spirol International Corp.

M.L.E. Foundation, Inc.


$10,000.00 – $24,999


Mrs. Betty Bradley Giegerich

Ms. Brenda Giegerich


Ms. Patricia C. Kitchings

Beagary Charitable Trust

The Honorable and Mrs. Lowell

P. Weicker, Jr. Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

1772 Foundation, Inc.

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Senator and Mrs. L. Scott Frantz

Horizon Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Mary Ellen Sias

John Patrick Flanagan Foundation

Mr. Paul Vanderbilt

Mrs. Amanda A. Flanagan

Mr. Robert E. Dineen, Jr. and Ms. Jeanne C. Olivier

Mr. and Mrs. Winkler C. Gosch

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Stebbins


Bank of America

Cox Communications, Inc

Grace Jones Richardson Trust

Hollis Declan Leverett Memorial Fund

Jeniam Foundation


$5,000.00 – $9,999

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

Mr. Patrick M. Comins

First Light Power Resources

Fields Pond Foundation

Ms. Christina E. Clayton and Mr. Stanley Kolber

Jewett City Savings Bank

Ms. Joyce Hergenhan

Mrs. Jean Burdick

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cristina

The Mitchell D. Phaiah Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. James T. Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart H. Greenfield

Katharine K. McLane and Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust

Mr. Henry R. McLane, III

Shipman and Goodwin, LLP Counselors at Law

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Pfizer, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. David Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Millard

Eversource Energy Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Cullman, Jr.

United Technologies Corp.

Mr. Lawrence J. Lunden

Ms. Mary Stoner

Mr. Rodney Williams

ERJ Fund

A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation

Mrs. Susan D. Akers

Brose Hie Hill Foundation

Joseph and Barbara Ellis

Mrs. Luann A. Engelman

Ms. Jennifer Houston

Mrs. Barbara T. MacAllaster

Sara L. MacAllaster

Nordson Corporation Foundation

Mrs. Priscilla Rockwell

Mrs. Linda Schwartz

SpringRiver Private Foundation Trust

The Stewart & Constance Greenfield Foundation

TVEyes Inc.

Waterfall Family Foundation, The


$2,500.00 – $4,999

Mr. Michael Aurelia and Ms. Denise M. Savageau

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

Mr. John D. Kelsey

R. C. Bigelow, Inc.

Rockfall Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Knowlton

TIAA Charitable Inc.

Mr. Timothy W. McNally

Mr. Benjamin D. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Ian P. Roche

The Bowerbird

Schwab Charitable Fund

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dr. Susan E. Gobel

Mr. Michael Brown and Mrs. Laurie Havanec

Selectman John Kiker and Mr. Daniel Hulseberg

B.C.S. Company, Inc.

Aquarion Water Company

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Garafalo

Ms. Nancy L. Polydys


Wakefern Food Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kunkel

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Childs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Martin

Community Foundation of Middlesex County

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Case

Ms. Joan Dash

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

Woodstock Academy

Network for Good

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Schroeder

Mrs. Bernadine Stebbins

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Franzen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hirschfeld

Ms. Patsy McCook and Mr. Sidney Whelan

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney M. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher V.B. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Webster, Jr.


Ms. Alison G. McCall

Dr. and Mrs. Allen F. Horn

Ms. Louise Levin

Mr. Norman Needleman and Ms. Jaqueline Hubbard

Northstar Wealth Partners

Panoram Foundation, Inc.

Reynolds’ Garage & Marine, Inc.

United Natural Foods, Inc

Webster Family Foundation Trust

Wells Fargo Investors – The Private Bank


$1,000.00 – $2,499

Ms. Celeste Cobb and Mr. Oliver North

Ms. Andrea A. Krofina

Mr. Michael Bonzagni and Ms. Ann Thomas


Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy, III

Mrs. Eleanor J. Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Lvoff

Mr. and Mrs. Jerid O’Connell

Voya Foundation

Mrs. Jolly Steffens

Rev. Anne Stilson Alvord


Ms. Cynthia Bigelow

Mr. Rich Cersosimo and Ms. Valerie Koif

Ms. Sandy Crape

David & Eunice Bigelow Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Dryfoos

Mrs. Newell D. Hale

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Indian River Community Foundation

Larsen Fund

Mr. Robert R. Larsen

Ms. Louise Price

Dr. Kathe A. Sackler and Dr. Susan Shack Sackler

Mr. Charles Steffens


Mr. Edward C. Swift

The Shack Sackler Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Vaida

Mr. Doug Zarookian

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Dellenbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Rubin

Killingly Building Products Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeb N. Embree

MBIA Foundation, Inc.

YourCause, LLC

Aetna Foundation

Charles Schwab

The Rev. and Mrs. Mark Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. David Bavelas

Merrill Lynch

Ms. Florence G. Berrien

Mr. John C. Folsom

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mongillo

Ms. Wendy Ford

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy, III

Ms. Denise D. Jernigan

Blue State Coffee

Mr. and Mrs. David Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gray

Ms. Allison K. Gray-Smith

Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence

MacInnis Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. MacInnis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masin

Mr. and Mrs. Jon N. Savage

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sheehan

Mr. Leo Sheridan

Sibley-Saltonstall Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Storrs

The JECM Foundation

Welch & Forbes LLC

Ms. Jane Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van de Berghe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Archambault

John and Alison Forbis

Ms. Susan Mackenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Schultz

Dr. Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr. and Ms. Catherine Dolan

Richard and Lisa Maguire

Ms. Joyce Leiz and Mr. Aaron Haber

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kosa

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blackman

Demco LLC

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Twining

Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Tyler

Whitbeck Road LLC

Mr. Peter Ciesielski and Ms. Mary C. Giglio

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Crosby

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Milan G. Bull

Mrs. Shari R. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Philo Shelton

Ms. Leslie A. Carothers

Ms. Barbara O. David

Donation Line, LLC

Foxboro Foundation

Dr. Pamela Fraser-Abder

Ms. Marjorie L. Hoskin

Archambault Insurance Associates



Mr. Robert F. Miller and Ms. Ann E. Withey

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn W. Googins

Ms. Janet B. Bent

Mr. Leonard Tavormina

Ms. Elizabeth T. Parkinson

Mrs. Alison Davis

Ms. Sarah Heminway and Mr. Earl Semmelrock

Mr. Alan R. Spier



Aquarion Water Company

Dr. Nancy E. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Aubrey

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Becker

Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Ms. Lynn Burdick

Mr. William R. Chaney

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Mr. Peter C. Daitch

Ms. Sara I. DiIorio

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Mr. Barry Emswiler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Fleischmann

Mr. Lester E. Foster

Foundation Source

Goldman Sachs Gives

Graphic Image

Mr. Evan Griswold and Ms. Emily Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Theron S. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hokin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Howard

Jack Strickland Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Jeffrey

Mr. and Mrs. Mike D. Johnson

Mr. John C. Kennedy

Ms. Keitha Kinne and Ms. Daniela Sikora

Mr. Jeffrey F. Koehl

Mr. John A. Kussmann

Lester E. Foster & Phyllis M. Foster Foundation

Ms. Kathryn McAdams

Milford Boat Works, Inc.

MRB Foundation, Inc.

National Audubon Society, Inc.

New York Community Trust

Newell D. Hale Foundation

Mr. Daniel Ohayer

Mr. and Mrs. John Opie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Osborn

Pasta Vita, Inc.

Mr. Glenn Postemski

Mr. and Mrs. John Pritchard

Mr. Geoffrey Rehnert

Edith Rotival

Mr. and Mrs. Laurent P. Rotival

Dr. and Mrs. Dean Rupp

Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Scripps

Mr. Brant R. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Sturman

Subway World Headquarters

The Chaney Family Foundation

The JJK Foundation

Travelers Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Tremaine

Mr. Richard Weber

Ms. Ruth M. Wilbur


$500.00 – $999

Mrs. Anna Gault Galjan and Mr. Paul A. Galjan

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Hancock

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Hiller

Mr. and Mrs. Milan J. Bull, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thayne D. Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Swarr


Mrs. Irmtraud Reswick

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Parker

Ms. Mary Ellen Jacobs

Ms. Mary S. Dangremond

Mr. Allan Dodds Frank and Ms. Lilian King

Ms. Mary Hogue and Mr. Guy Gleysteen

Ms. Denise B. Archambault

Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn Pond

Ms. Julia Rathkey and Mr. Gregg Richardson

Mr. Edward M. Krzyzek

Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. John Short


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Raphael W. Hodgson

Milford Environmental Protection Initiative, Inc.

Mr. Thomas L. Horn and Ms. Susan Sciaraffa

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Hurzeler

Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. MacDonald

Anne Penniman Associates


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnouw

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Baum

BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Doyle

Dr. Mahlon S. Hale and Dr. Mary Jean Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hare

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Joffray

Mr. James L. Kerr

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Oldershaw

Planet Fuel Charitable Fund

Pough Interiors

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tucker

GE Foundation

Mr. Timothy Remmers and Ms. Elke Dickinson

Apple Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Svensk

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Duncan

Mr. William C. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Propen

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Wolter

Mr. Steven Light

Dr. Joel Papowitz and Ms. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Reamer

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Rotando

Mr. Robert A. Webber

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Mantlik

Ms. Carol T. Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn G. Valcourt

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Adiletta

Ms. Kathryn A. du Pree

Ms. Shari Greenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. W. Murray Buttner

Byrnes Agency Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Rex H. Coley

Dermatology Associates of Eastern CT, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Bob R. Galvin

Dr. Sylvia P. Heffley and Mr. Dennis Heffley

Johnson & Johnson – Matching Gifts Program

Miss Adina Klein

Ms. Katherine R. Lears

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Lucey, Jr.

Mr. Patrick J. Lynch

Katharine O’Brien

Ms. Beth Rhame and Mr. Christopher J. Wright

Ms. Catherine J. Spencer

Ms. Pamela A. Trailsmith

William C. Young Family Foundation

Jill and Raymond Mathieu

Mrs. Misty Beyer

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

Mr. Christopher C. Kueffner and Ms. Lynn Stoddard

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kerin

Ms. Cassandra Bull

Mr. and Mrs. William Wheaton

Mrs. Nancy H. Booth

Mr. R. Paul Maidment and Ms. Sandra L. Tosi

Mr. and Mrs. Drummond Bell

Mr. William H. Cochrane, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Miller

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust

Ms. Monica Norwood

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Palmisano

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rowan

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stanton

Mr. Christopher Unsworth

Mr. and Mrs. DeVer G. Warner

Ms. Stacey L. Weise

Mr. and Mrs. John Boland

Mr. Stephen W. Lewis

Anne and Henry McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard R. Schade

Mr. Michael Drummer and Dr. Carlee Drummer

Mr. Edward A. Richardson

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wassmundt

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cyphers

Dr. Mark E. Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Frost

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Grant

Mr. William J. Aseltyne

Ms. Mary N. Babcock

Mr. and Mrs. Collin P. Baron

Blue Green Brands LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bradley

Ms. Kathleen M. Burdick-LaChance

Ann and Edward Carter

Dr. and Mrs. Marc B. Cerrone

Charter Oak Credit Union

Dr. Andrew J. Ciok

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Harwood Comstock

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cook

Lucile L. Darcy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeGrand

Mr. and Mrs. John E. DeLuca

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Denham

Ms. Enid S. Dwyer

Ms. Danusia R. Dzierzbinski

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dziki

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Eck

Mr. Peter Eliel

Ethel and Abe Lapides Foundation

Ms. Nora Fay and Mr. Tom Devel

Mr. Austin T. Field

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Frelow

George Penniman Architects

Gerardi Insurance Services, Inc.

Dr. Robert F. Giddings

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Gilliland

Mr. John D. Gordon


Mr. and Mrs. Mario Guevara-Rodriguez

Ms. Gay Story Hamilton

Mr. William Hammond

Mrs. Margaret Harwood

Mrs. Jean H. Holden

Mr. John Hullar

ImpactAssets, Inc.

J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.

Edward and Ximena Jordan

Mr. Andrew Kaplan and Ms. Elizabeth Schreiber

Ms. Lauragene Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kitchings

Mr. Alex Kuhn

LCS Essex Meadows LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Lombardo

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Lovers

Mr. and Mrs. John A. McKenna

Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers

Milford Bank

Mintz + Hoke

Dr. Fulvio Montanari

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Moorehead


Newcomb Hargraves Foundation

Mrs. Nancy Newcomb

Mrs. Sian Nimkoff

Northeast Private Client Group

Old Lyme Marina, Inc.

Mr. Geoffrey S. Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Paul

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Penniman

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Pfann

Mr. Raymond S. Pierson and Mrs. Anne T. Roberts-Pierson

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Portnay

Putnam Lions Club Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Ryan Quinn

Dr. Ernest Reamer, DMD

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reeder

Mr. and Mrs. L. George Rieger

Mrs. Christine S. Robinson

Rotary Club of Milford

Mr. Zachary E. Ruhl and Mr. Donald K. Landstrom

Dr. and Mrs. Ernst J. Schaefer

Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Schimmel

Ms. Cynthia L. Shereda

Ms. Evelyn Smith and Mr. Martin Halpin

Mr. Edward C. Stebbins

Mr. Robert Stebbins

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Storb

Mrs. Landon T. Storrs

Mr. Jory Teltser

The Lucey Family Foundation Inc.

The Paul Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thomas


Prof. and Mr. Gay Wagner

Mr. Glenn Warner and Ms. Marguerite Davis

Weiss and Hale Financial, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Sonny W. Whelen

Mr. Michael Wilder

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Williams

Mrs. Adela S. Wilmerding

Christopher Wright and Beth Rhame

Mr. Yanjun Xu


$250.00 – $499

Mr. Edward L. Pratt

Mrs. Ilse H. McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Goebel

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Moore

Mr. Aaron Bourque

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sutter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Savicki

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Caulfield

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Felt

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Groom

Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradley Morehouse

Ms. Susan G. Oberstein

Mr. and Mrs. William Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ramsey

Vanguard Group, Inc.


Mr. Richard Lucier

National Charity League, Fairfield Chapter

Mr. Robert Keane

Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Krumperman

Mrs. Katharine C. Constable and Mr. Paul Nugent

Mrs. Judith A. Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Harald S. Stavnes

Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. May

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marks

Ms. Virginia S. Becker

Mrs. Megan DeGrand

Mrs. Dwight F. Fanton

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Feldsher

Ms. Ann M. Gruenberg

Ms. Connie Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kreitler

Ms. Miriam D. Levin

Mr. James D. Lyons

Mr. Neil Lyons

Ms. Dini Mallory

Mr. Peter McKillop and Ms. Juliet Hindell

Mr. Hugh Mulligan

Rowayton Gardeners

Ms. Beth Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael St. Lawrence

Mr. Thomas R. Talamini

Ms. Nancy Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Luciani

Ms. Sharon A. Cregeen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gonci

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Jones

Mrs. Caren Lewis

Ms. Darlene J. Moore

Dr. Benjamin K. Oko

Ms. Marlene Fuller

Mr. Lawrence C. Erdmann and Ms. Susan Bonner

C. Stephen and Meg Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jennings, Jr.

Amplisound, Inc.

Ms. Janet M. Beatty

Mr. and Mrs. R. Kelsey Biggers

Mr. and Mrs. Hadi Bozorgmanesh

Dr. Jane L. Brokaw and Mr. Craig Repasz

Ms. Lauren Brown and Mr. John Herzan

Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Brown

Mr. Ronald R. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Clark

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cressman

Mrs. Ruth B. Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. DiPillo

Mr. Daniel F. Donahue and Ms. Susan E. Harrod

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gerster

Mrs. Sally Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Glazier

Ms. Liz Hellwig

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Huntington

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Huoppi

Mr. and Mrs. Christer Krook

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lachman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Levinson

Mrs. Joan T. Loos

Ms. Marily MacKinnon

Mr. Frederic Waugh and Ms. Katherine Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Necci

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pattist

Ann and Jason Pettengill

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Renzulli

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio H. Romano

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sargent

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schaus

Ms. Alice A. Theodor

Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Volles

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webster

Ms. Karen Selavka

Ms. Virginia Carman

Ms. Margie Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Smith

UnitedHealth Group

Mr. Dennis J. Riordan

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brewster

Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Cary

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shriver

Ms. Mary E. Hughes

Drs. Richard and Sheryl Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy

Ms. Katharine Klarnet

Mrs. Earlyne S. Seaver

Ms. Donna Pike

Alan and Jo Ann Davidson

Ms. Martha Purdy

Mr. Milton J. Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gallogly

Mr. Rolf Wolfswinkel and Ms. Jacqueline Jaffe

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Stammer

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Williams

American Endowment Foundation

Ms. Mary E. Augustiny

Mr. Benjamin M. Baker

Benjamin M. Baker Charitable Fund

Mrs. Jean R. Bradley

Siri and Peter Burki

Mrs. Linda R. Cromwell

Ms. Frances D’Amico

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Doherty

Mrs. Kathleen Ducharme

Mr. Dwight W. Duke and Mrs. Cheryl Dziura-Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Edmiston

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Farrington

Mr. and Mrs. John Fath

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ferguson, Jr.

Dr. Cathy Flanagan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Goldbecker

Greens Farms Garden Club

Greenwich Investment Management

Hartford Audubon Associates Inc

Mr. Jeffrey W. Holcombe

Dr. Marjorie C. Holzer

Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Lehmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Matthies

Mr. David J. Morris

Ms. Barbara Nielsen

Old Greenwich Garden Club

Mr. John Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. H. Elliott Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Rohn

Ms. Joanne Rosenblum

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rueckert

Mr. John G. Russell

Mrs. Joy Shaw

Ms. Janet L. Sherwonit

Mr. Brian J. Skinner

Mr. Kurt M. Talbot

TerraCycle, Inc.

Dr. Lisa Tryon

George and Cynthia Willauer

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wong

Dr. Sharon A. Diamen

Atty. Nicholas A. Longo

Ms. Melanie A. Smedley

Ms. Mary S. Waldron

Christ Church of Pomfret

Ms. Margaret Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dasinger

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Blumberg

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Butzgy

Ms. Gretel L. Cote

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dean

Mr. George H. Jackson

Mrs. Judith Hobbs Jackson and Mr. George H. Jackson

Mr. Barry T. Jessurun and Ms. Maria Sangiolo

Marcia and Wayne Kilpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Jules Kish

Mr. David M. Kozak and Ms. Anne F. Pistell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lewchik

Mr. David M. Kozak and Ms. Anne F. Pistell

Mr. and Mrs. David Ruth

Ms. Kelly Siranko

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Weiss

Ms. Cheryl B. Cappiali

Mrs. Susan Hawkins

Mrs. Dorothy A. Murphy

Mr. Johnny Pavano

Prudential Foundation

Ms. Laura Horne

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C Castellani

Ms. Joan Packer

Ms. Cathy Hagadorn

Elizabeth Reisman

Mr. Michael Reisman

Eileen and John Riccardi

Amazon Smile

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Abbot

Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Abrahamson

Dr. Christine Acebo

Mrs. Marion D. Aimesbury

All Pro Tire Inc.

Ms. Susan Ambrose and Mr. Robert Brautigam

Mrs. Ann Anderberg

Mr. Bradford Anderberg


Mr. Paul Armond

Atlantic Seafood, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. J. Warren Axline

Mr. and Mrs. John Bandler

Mr. and Mrs. Ned W. Bandler


Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Beglin

Mr. Christopher J. Berman

Mrs. Holly E. Bisset

Ms. Lisa Bloss

Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Bok

Mrs. Carolyn Book

Ms. Lynn Boyd

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Boyd

Branford Conservation and Environment Commission

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Braun

Bridgewood Fieldwater Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Byeff

Campaigne Kestner Architects

Cannupa Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William Carley

Mr. Richard P. Carson

Mr. Larry A. Chatfield

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Chicares

Mr. and Mrs. William Chilton

Ms. Denise E. Coffey

Elizabeth and Peter Cogan

Ms. Sarah Cohn, Esq.

Mr. Mark Coley

Common Sense Payroll, LLC

Mr. Martin Conlon and Ms. Carolyn Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Cooper

Ms. Amanda Cotter

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cotter

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cox

Mr. Peter Cummins

Mr. Thomas D. Cunningham and Ms. Pamela H. Jones

Ms. Nancy Curcio and Mr. Nicholas Mann

Mr. Hans G. Dam

Ms. Holly C. Danowski

Mr. Rudy Danowski

DiStefano Family Dentistry

Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. Donovan

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dressler

East Haddam Land Trust, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth C. Ebbitt, Jr.

Edgerton, Inc.

Stanley and Dana Eisenstat

Ms. Cynthia E. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emerson

Essence, Inc.

Essex Steam Train & Riverboat

Evelyn Cole Smith Architects, LLC

Fairfield Garden Club, Inc.

Fitzgerald Painting, Inc

Ms. Dayna Flath

Ms. Monique L. Foster

Fromage Fine Foods & Coffees LLC

Mrs. Stanley M. Fromm

Ms. Virginia A. Gates

Mr. Paul Gianaris

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gnida

Mr. Ernest C. Goodrich and Ms. Kathleen Maher

Mr. Anthony Gordon

Mr. Dylan H. Gordon

Mr. Ralph Gorman and Ms. Marianne Vandenburgh

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gosselin

Ms. Karen Graf

Mr. and Mrs. William Graustein

Mr. Renwick Griswold

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haff

Dr. and Mrs.Yu Hak Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Hannum

Ms. Elizabeth Harbison

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harman

Mr. Glenn Harris

Hart’s Tree & Landscape

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hinckley

Ms. Gisela Hobman

Ms. Carol Hornish

Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation

Mr. Ken Kamber and Ms. Donna Sharrett

Mr. David S. Keating and Ms. Anne E. Aurand

Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Keil

Ms. Margaret Kilgore

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kimball

Ms. Judith F. Kimball

Ms. Lilian King and Mr. Allan Dodds Frank

Ms. Megan Kinney

Mr. James Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Kreitler

KV Designs LLC

L.V. Fuel Co, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Lescault

Lescynski Farm LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Levinson

Linemaster Switch Corp.

Mr. Roger A. Litz

Dr. Becky Lodewyck

Mr. Thomas A. Lovejoy

Mr. Eric P. Lundin

Dr. and Mrs. Roland H. Lupien

Mr. Kenneth W. MacCormac

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Mallory

Mr. Richard C. Manley, Jr. and Mr. Eric R. Ambler

Ms. Anna J. McCann

Mr. Brian McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. David McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McInerney

Ms. Peggy McKleroy

Mr. Daniel B. Meade

Mr. Gregory W. Melville and Mrs. Susan Fox

Melzen Farm Supply Inc.

Ms. Mary S. Merrill

Ms. Laura Lee Miller and Mr. Brian Bowes

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller

Mr. Paul Nash


Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nemetz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nerod

New Canaan Beautification League

Mr. David H. Newell

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolf

Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. O’Connor

Old Lyme Landscape, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olsen

Mrs. Leila F. Ostby

Mrs. Mary Pajonas

Pennywise Oil Company Inc.

Pepsico Foundation

Mr. Gary Peterson

Mrs. Helen Phillips

Ms. Connie Plaehn

Putnam Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Quigley

Ms. Nancy T. Rankin

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Reamer

Dr. Geralynn Renner

Mr. Greg Renner

Mrs. Joan W. Rhame

Ms. Mariya Rivera

Roland H. Lupien, D.D.S.

Ms. Marianne Ruscito

Claire Rusowicz and John Orazem

Sally and Nancy Russell

Mrs. Susan Schaller

Rev. Samuel Scott

Dr. Kameron Shahid

Mr. Steve Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. James Sherwonit

Mr. and Mrs. James Sidway

Ms. Michelle Sikorski

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sonneborn

Ms. Regan Stacey and Mr. James F. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Standart

Mr. Robert Stern

Ms. Carolyn H. Stockman

Ms. Roberta L. Stoll

Ms. Elizabeth Strickler

Take Note! Inc

The Clark Group

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Tirnadi

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Townshend

Trailblazer Central LLC


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ursprung

Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh A. Vautour

Vigo Engineering LLC

Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner

Cary and David Walker

Ms. Laura Wallace

Mr. Douglas E. Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniels Weaver

WEBCO Chemical Corp.

Wells Fargo Advisors

Mrs. Christine Whelen

Ms. Gretchen H. Wiedie

Mr. and Mrs. E. Packer Wilbur

Wild Birds Unlimited of Fairfield

Wild Birds Unlimited of Old Saybrook

Ms. Anne H. Wokanovicz

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woodbridge

Ms. Ruth L. Woodford

Mr. Michael J. Woznicki


< $249

Brian and Nancy Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Slack

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sullivan

Mr. Gerson Escobar-Arroyo

Mrs. Lyla Steenbergen

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Guenther

Ms. Donna Rae Caporaso

Ms. Patricia A. Grote

Mr. Robert Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Moeckel

Ms. Lynne Nguyen

Mrs. Linda N. Berghofer

Eastern Connecticut State University

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Griswold

Ms. Shirley F. Howard

Ms. Dorothy H. Lapnow

Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Ostroff

Mr. Gerald Sazama

Mrs. Robin Sedgwick

Ms. Leah S. Amyot

Ms. Marcia E. Formica and Mr. Timothy Fieweger

Hometown Heating, LLC

Hon. Carolyn King

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Lohotsky

Ms. Renata Lozano

Ms. Linda Padell

Mrs. Ellen Potter

Mr. Howard Potter

Ms. Christie Spooner

Dr. Patricia J. Jepson

Ms. Zellene Sandler

Mr. John A. Sokoloski and Dr. Constance D. Crist

Mr. George B. Castelli

Mr. George Crocco

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ivers

Mr. John G. Morey

Mr. and Mrs. Guenther Salm

Mrs. Noel L. Abbott

Mr. Robert H. Boone

Mrs. Eugenia H. Bourne

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chicoski

Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Hulnick

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson

Dr. Alina Lerman

Mrs. Janet K. Messick

Mr. and Mrs. A. Craig Miklus

Mr. Joseph W. Popovitch and Ms. Michele C. Greaves

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Siewert

Pledgeling Foundation

Mrs. Barbara Abraham

Dr. George Amato

The Rev. Marilyn Anderson and Mr. Barry Anderson


Appleby Plumbing

Mr. James E. Bacon

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ballard

Ms. Joyce E. Banta

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bartels

Ms. Joan Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Blaker

Ms. Janet E. Booth

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brinley

Mr. and Mrs. Wiser Brown

Ms. Jacqueline Bruskin

Ms. Anita Buckmaster

Pastor Christian Bunzel

Ms. Maureen T. Cain

Mr. and Mrs. John Callan

Eleanor and Robert Champion

Mr. Charlton H. Chatfield

Ms. Terri Chegwidden

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Cimmino

Ms. Deborah A. Cluff

Col. Vincent J. Como

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Cummings

Ms. Lynn A. Damon

Mr. Robert Davidson

Ms. Marcy Dawley

Prof. Emer. Ronald W. Degray

Mrs. Catherine C. Delasco

Ms. Linda Demikat

Susan Devokaitis and Charles Weedon

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Downing

Dr. Victoria M. Dreisbach

Mr. Nicholas Eisenberger

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Essig

Mr. Brendan Evasick

Mr. and Mrs. William Evasick

Mr. Salvatore J. Faiella, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fallet

Mr. Ronald J. Fazekas

Dr. and Mrs. Cosmo Filiberto

Dr. and Mrs. Morris C. Finkelstein

Ms. Nancy Fischbach and Mr. Martin Wolman

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Fitzgerald

Mrs. Diane M. Foster

Ms. Sabra Gail Gallo and Mr. Frederick W. Post

Mrs. Shawna Giancola

Mr. Robert Gilberti

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Gillies

Mr. Robert Gilroy

Ms. Helena Gorochow

Rev. Judith Greene

Mrs. Susan Griswold

Mr. Robert Hagadorn

Mr. and Mrs. George Haines

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hansen

Mr. Robert W. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Hoover

Ms. Amy F. Hudak

Mr. Christopher Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Huguenel

Jennings School PTA

Gertrud M. Kamm

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kikta

Mrs. Judith Kissane and Mr. Kevin Dyer

Alan and Joan Kliger

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lesnick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Link

Mrs. Frances O. Logan and Mr. Hank P. Niles

Mrs. Shari Lovegrove

Mrs. Cynthia K. Mackay

Mr. J. Thomas Macy

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mally

Mr. Michael A. Mastromonaco

Ms. Marcia N. McDonnell

Ms. Mary Lou McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McIntyre

Mr. Alan H. McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Meinke

Senator and Mrs. J. Edward Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Middleton

Mill Hill School PTA, Inc.

Mr. Nicholas F. Miller

Ms. Linda Mizak

Ms. Nancy A. Mol

Mr. and Mrs. Biswajit Mukherjee

Mr. Marc Nemeth

Vincent and Maureen Nero

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Norton

Ms. Dorothy H. Osborn

Ms. Annette Pasek

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Patrick

Mr. Jerome Pollitt and Ms. Susan B. Matheson

Pomfret Horse & Trail Association, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Purvis

Putnam II Leo Club

Mr. Douglas M. Reid and Ms. Julie Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Reidenbach

Mr. Robert Richards

Mr. Stuart S. Richardson, Jr.

Mr. Trevor Rose

Ms. Helen Rubino-Turco

Mr. and Mrs. George Rupp

Mrs. Blanche R. Rydel

Mr. Jim Seaman

Mrs. Abby Sesselberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Slama

Mrs. Ginger Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sneider

Ms. Tamara A. Sutfin and Ms. Kathleen Wadlow

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tebo

The Gardeners

Mr. Joel H. Third

Mr. Christopher Thomson

Mrs. Jane H. Tierney

June M. Todisco

Ms. Lynne M. Todisco

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Twardy

Ms. Amy Watson

Dr. Mark Weremchuk and Ms. Penny Lowenstein

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Williamson

Mr. Charles N. Wooding

Ms. Joanne E. Woodward

Ms. Loretta A. Wrobel

Ms. Margaret Zellers

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ziesing

Mr. and Mrs. Val Kratzman

Pitney Bowes Foundation

Dr. Cindy Scope

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Seaver

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Strelecky

Mrs. Renee M. Baade

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Best

Robert Huestis and Susan Burns

Dr. John L. Costa

Ms. Marilyn I. Crisp

Ms. Isabel Cummings

Mr. Nyet Hue and Ms. Mimi Andreolli

Mr. Howard Kiernan

Mr. Casimir Kolbusz

Ms. Lori Romick and Mr. Thomas Barrell

Mrs. Anne Storz

Ms. Jackie Woods

Ms. Martha Poole

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mitlehner

Ameriprise Financial

Ms. Mary Battaglia

Mrs. Margaret E. Beale

Ms. Margaret Benson

Mr. Jack Corroon

Ms. Cynthia M. de Bruyn Kops

Mr. John E. Douglass

Friends of the American Legion and People State Forest, Inc.

Mr. David Goldstein

Tina and Peter Green

Mr. Lance D. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. James Hawley

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Krajci

Mrs. Theresa LaVoie


Mrs. Butzi Moffitt

Mrs. Anne Nord

Mrs. Kathleen Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Paul

Ms. Jane Piro and Mr. Jeff Sund

Debbi and Cheryl Robin-Amendola

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ruckes

Mr. Jeff Sund and Ms. Jane Piro

Mr. John D. Tower

Ms. Kristen M. Widham

Deborah and William Woodsome

Mr. Andy Rzeznikiewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Widmer

Ms. Karen A. Krohn and Mr. John P. Pendergast

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Parker

United Technologies Charity Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Williams

Ms. Barbara Kamicker and Mr. John P. Jasper

Dr. David B. Gropper

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harwood

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Derek E. Brown

Mr. John A. Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt Davis

Ms. Angela Dimmitt

Mr. William Hyatt

Ms. Suzanne Megrue

Ms. Patricia G. Negro

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Secor

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Staiger

Ms. Elizabeth S. Steckler

Atty. Mark C. Valentine


Ms. Heath D. Boote

Mrs. Jean F. Cass

Mr. and Mrs. Helmer N. Ekstrom

Gordon and Angelika Hansen

Mr. Thomas Harris

Deanna and Robert Korner

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Virgalla

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Allen

Beckett & Associates Veterinary Services

Debra and John Bekish

Ms. Ruth Bourassa

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brinckerhoff

Dr. Preston A. Britner and Dr. Suzanne J. LaFleur

Ms. Jennifer E. Brunet and Mr. Joseph Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Cardwell

Ms. Anne Christie and Mr. Steve Russo

Ms. Suzanne M. Cottone and Mr. Thomas M. Ford

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Craggs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fedun

Ms. Nusie M. Halpine

Mr. and Mrs. Dirk C. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Hebert

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Johnson

Ms. Mary Eliza Kimball

Ms. Jane R. Kolodgy

Ms. Michelle Kosmo and Mr. Richard Sykes

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. LaCroce

Ms. Julie Martens

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Matson

Drs. Walter P. and Carolyn E. McGinn

Mr. and Mrs. Denis M. O’Shea

Dr. Robert L. Painter and Ms. Nancy Macy

Atty. Gail O. Pratt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rado

Ms. Laurie Reynolds

Ms. Elena Rockman-Blake

Ms. Diane Simalchik

Mr. and Mrs. John Slanski

Mrs. Carol B. Spunar

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Tedeschi

Dr. Lakshman S. Thakur

Mrs. Florence Vannoni

Mr. and Mrs. John Wertam

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yagid

Ms. Sue L. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Allen


Ms. Mary Barravecchia

Mr. Ronald Berger

Ms. Francis Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bessin

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bloss

Ms. Ellen G. Bornet

Ms. Christine A. Bouchard

Burr Elementary School PTA


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Cantafio

Ms. Carol L. Cate

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Chapman

Ms. Jacqueline Clark

Patrick and April Clyne

Ms. Anne C. Coles

Mr. Kevin A. Coles

Connecticut River Expeditions, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Curry

Cycling Concepts

Mr. Richard J. Daigle and Mrs. Janet Esposito Daigle

Mrs. Ruth Danielson

Mrs. Joan Davidson

Mr. Kevin Dean

Mrs. Linda Dietrich

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dubicki

Ms. Jerilyn Duefrene

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Englehart

Ms. Lynnore Feinberg

Ms. Jody J. Foote

Mr. and Mrs. John Fortuna

Mr. and Mrs. James Francese, Jr.

Mr. Mark Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Galant

Mr. and Mrs. Steve K. Galpin, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell H. Greenberg

Mr. Myke Halpin

Ms. Christine Hammond and Mr. Tom Kalinosky

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hawley

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Heller

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Heminway, Jr.

Mr. Richard Hiendlmayr

Mr. Richard Higgins

Mr. Charles R. Hummel

Ms. Deanna C. Jacobs

Ms. Ayla Kardestuncer

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Kelly

Ms. Judith D. King and Mr. Stephen Gryc

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Knox, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Kunkel

Mrs. Meghan Lacher

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. LaFerriere

Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Lahey

Ms. Patricia Lunka

Mrs. Sandra T. MacGregor

Mr. Brian R. Mahony

Dr. Jonnie Marks

Ms. Mary E. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. May

Timothy and Eileen McIntyre

Ms. Adele McKenna

Mr. Harry Meyer

Ms. Molly Meyer

Mr. Murray H. Morse, Jr.

Mr. Donald F. Muszynski

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Naigles

Ms. Cynthia Newby

Mr. Douglas Nielson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Opderbeck

Mr. Rob Oppenheim

Ms. Jean Perkins

Pershing, LLC

Ms. Leah G. Post

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Preston

Mr. John Rauh and Ms. Mary Wetherell

Mr. Larry Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Richardson

Mr. Rod Rinell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ritzel

Mr. and Mrs. Galen M. Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roy

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Santa

Ms. Georgia Sayers

Mr. David M. Scampoli and Ms. Debora E. Duch

Ms. Abigail Adams Schoff

Ms. Mary Jane G. Scott

Shoreline Child and Family Psychology/Cindy Scope, Ph.D.

Ms. Virginia W. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Spector

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Spinelli

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Strasser

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Tallman

Ms. Gay Tice

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Tillen

Ms. Pamela Toner

Mr. Taff Tschamler and Ms. Wendy Bradley

Brian Vahey and Cristin McCarthy Vahey

Mr. and Mrs. Kent P. Voltz

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Vose

Mrs. Marcia E. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ward

Ms. Mary Wetherell

Ms. Jessica Wysocki

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Yolen

Captain Mark Yuknat and Mrs. Mindy Yuknat

Mrs. Georgia L. Abbott

Ms. Lynn D. Brown

Mr. Ward Burns

Mr. Donald N. Desmond

Ms. Deborah Eccleston and Ms. Pamela Johnson

Dr. Lynn Hackstaff

Mr. Robert Jokubaitis

Mr. John T. Moore

Mr. Henry R. Nolte

Rev. Alice L. O’Donovan

Mr. Robert Paladino

Ms. Mary Ann Raph

Mr. Cliff Schorr

Mrs. Judith S. Wilkinson

Mr. Christopher Wisker

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Yakey

Ms. Sara L. Zagorski

Ms. Michele M. Sorensen

Ms. Jennifer Davies

Mrs. Cheryl A. Groesbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Heerema

Mr. David Koch

Ms. Betsy Mack

Mr. Alexander F. Renzulli

Mr. and Mrs. August F. Serra

Ms. Gail J. White

Ms. Karen M. Esposito

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Renzulli

Ms. Daniela Cossitt-Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Haskell

Ms. Anne Minatti

Mrs. Ann Sather

Stratfield School

Ms. Ami Wright and Mr. Hannes Grascher

Ms. Michelle Eckman

James Blackstone Memorial Library

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Bernhard, Jr.

Kasha and Robert Breau

Ms. Rashmi Deshpande

Duggal Big Picture Foundation

Mr. Michael Foster and Ms. Jill Jensen

Mr. and Mrs. William Graver

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Holt

James and Linda Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Lavoy

Ms. Leanna Loomer

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. McCain

Ms. Rynn Naylor

Redding Garden Club

Mr. Richard P. Stevenson

Ms. Eleanor E. Stutz

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Volinski

Ms. Deborah L. Tedford

Ms. Melissa Murray-Bance

Mary and Russell Stevens

Ms. Lucy A. Adams

Ms. Louise Albrecht

Mr. Bennett J. Bernblum and Ms. Barbara Fallon

Ms. Janice Burrill

Ms. Carmen F. Carlson

Mr. Henry C. Clifford

Ms. Mary E. Cosker

Ms. Judy Cotton

Ms. Christine Darnell

Ms. Ethel Davis

Mr. Gerard A. Etzel

Mrs. Margaret Everett

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Flanagan

Mr. Frederick Fraisse and Ms. Marie Pernin

Mr. Gordon J. Fraser

Mr. David I. Gensler

Ms. Gabrielle Grenfell

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Griswold

Ms. Harriet Tolson and Mr. David Holahan

Mr. Jack Kadden

Ms. Sue E. Kaye

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Koley

Ms. Nikka Landau

Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Lanius, Jr.

Ms. Margaret P. Lord

Mrs. Jacqueline J. Masumian

Ms. Jennifer R. McCann

Mr. and Mrs. John McClellan

Mr. Thomas McGrath

Milford Garden Club

Ms. Nan Miller and Dr. Malcolm Gordon

Ms. Alison Mitchell

Morgan Stanley

Ms. Victoria Murphy

Mr. Roger Parkman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pierson

Ms. Mary Pullen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ranger

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Rockwell

Mrs. and Mr. Joan Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russo

Ms. Jane J. Schmidlapp

Ms. Shelley Shaw

Ms. Claudia A. Sherman

Ms. Celine Sullivan

Mr. William T. Teichgraeber

Ms. Sally Thebaud

Mrs. Sandra Thurston

Mrs. Frederick W. Toohey

Ms. Edie Twining

Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Walker

Mrs. Mary Audrey Weicker-Mellor

Ms. Caroline White

Mr. Merritt M. Zahner

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Alpeter

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Andrus

Ms. Helen A. Aurelia

Mr. David E. Baade

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baron

Mr. Richard Bleiler

Ms. Mary Carty

Ms. Sharon Caruso

Mr. Peter S. Eldredge

Dr. and Mr. Paul Frisman

Ms. Bertha Gallant

Ms. Kristen Gardella

Ms. Virginia M. Hedrick

Ms. Janet James

Ms. Francesca Jones

Dr. Christopher P. Loscalzo and Dr. Marianne Vahey

Mrs. Christina Manuilow

Mr. Stefan Martin

Mr. John D. Maulucci


Ms. Rosemary A. Mulder

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Orben

Mrs. Barbara K. Reck

Mr. and Mrs. David Ruhlow

Mrs. Virginia Sanford

Mr. and Mrs. James Sime

Mr. Joseph Stamboni

Ms. Linda Vannoni

Ms. Freda Yorganson

Ms. Patricia Barnish

Ms. Donna A. Pursley and Mr. Michael Zarick

Emily and Stephen Rigo

Ms. Heather Bourgoin

Ms. Millette Alexander

Mrs. Tabitha Carter

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Chorek

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Cosgrove

Ms. Dorothy L. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horton

Norma and Keith Miller

Ms. Yvonne Miranda

Susan and Thomas Morway

Mrs. Jane E. Simao

Mr. Dennis F. Unites and Ms. Mary Kay Long

Mr. George Veronis

Mr. Scott P. Wetherall

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Briggs

Ms. Marybeth Alpuche

Ms. Diane Augustus

Ms. Marin Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Bottger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown

Karen and Toby Buckley

Ms. Cheryl D. Cape

Ms. Dianne Chace

Ms. Jamie Cicero-Murphy

Ms. Jill H. Cilo

Ms. Lynnette S. Clemens

Hilary and Timothy Daly

Dr. Gerard Gagne

George and Sharon Geer

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goldenberg

Mrs. Nicole Grashow

Mr. and Mrs. Milton G. Harrigan

Jon and Joyce Hopwood

Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood J. Letsch

Mr. Henry Link, PE

Ms. Cecilia Lins-Morstadt

Mr. Goutham Madhava

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Manjoney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Mathes

Mr. Steven M. Maynard

Ms. Margaret A. McKinley

Ms. Joan Milewski and Mr. William Wolf

New Britain Garden Club, Inc.

Kathleen Noel-Johnson and Loren Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Rino Nori

Mrs. Helen O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Olson

Ms. Nicole Page-Fort

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Pazienza

Ms. Helen M. Phelan

Mr. Michael Pollack

Ms. Amy Porter and Mr. Christopher Poss

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Purcell

Mr. E. Michael Rickard and Ms. Alicia Bryn

Ms. Emily Savory and Mr. Ryan Pratt

Ms. Amanda Schmidt

Mrs. Elisabeth Schneider

Rob and Kristen Shugrue

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith

Ms. Nancy Stankiewicz

Mr. Philip M. Steinborn

JoAnne and William Taraskiewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tatulli

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Vasselli

Ms. Carmen Vinters

Ms. Patrice Whittington

Mr. and Mrs. David Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Dege

Mr. Mark Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. William Kenny

Mr. Robert H. Roggeveen

Mr. Conor Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Blomquist

Ms. Mary Buckley-Davis

Mrs. Eve Burhenne

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Catalano

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dayan

Mr. Andrew G. De Rocco

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Demers

Ms. Mary Canniff Dempsey

Ms. Susan DeSilver

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dinsmore

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dionne

Mrs. Sandra Dressel

Christopher and Patricia Dustin

Ms. Christa Ferrick Fitts

Ms. Roberta J. Gowing

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Gribbon

Dr. Sylvia L. Halkin

Ms. Gerry Hanrahan

Ms. Natalie Ihnat

Mr. Fredrick S. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Johnson

Mrs. Dawn Kelly

Joseph and Holly Kocet

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kopper

Mr. and Mrs. Harshad Kuntey

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence V. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lee, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Lemmon

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Lozier, Jr.

Ms. Gabriela Morales Nieves

Ms. Suzanne Myskowski

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Neil

Mr. and Mrs. David Orrell

Ms. June M. Powell

Mr. Eugene Ralph

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rowland

Patsy and Theodore Rupp

Ms. Laurie A. Rutledge

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ryan

Mrs. Sue Salesky

Mr. and Mrs. David Sanders

Mr. Michael Sheehan and Ms. Denise Saldana

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Shires

Ms. Alice N. Siebecker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sina

Mrs. Millicent H. Solum

Mr. David F. Stone and Ms. Jennifer Watson

Mr. James M. Therrien

Margaret and Lamont Thomas

Blake and Jennifer Titrud

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Torop

Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh

Ms. Eugenia West

Ms. Sarah T. Wheeler and Mr. Paul F. King

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilcox

Mrs. Lucy H. Wong

Ms. Margaret K. Powell

Mr. Robert A. Nussbaum

Aaron Associates of CT Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Micha Abeles

Mr. James E. Adametz

The Adamidis Family

Ms. Mary Agnich

Dr. Sultan Ahamed

Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Aibel

Mrs. and Mr. Elsie Aidinoff

Mrs. Insulinde R. Albert

Ms. Sarah Alender

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Allen

Mr. Malcolm C. Allen, Jr.

Mrs. Simin N. Allison

Alter and Pearson, LLC

Ms. Rita Alzamora

Ms. Lynn Amos

Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Andersen

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Anderson

Ms. Kathryn Anderson

Ms. Lynn Anderson and Mr. Dave Brierley

Ms. Sally Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Andreoli, Jr.

Ms. Meredith Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Chip Angle



Ms. Carolyn Antonion

Ms. Jackie A. Apgar

Dr. Elaine Appellof and Mr. Jerome Saunders

AptarGroup Charitable Foundation

Arch Insurance Group

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Arelt

Sal Arena and Joanne Orme

Ms. Catherine Arrigoni

Mr. James S. Arthurs

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Aubin

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Babbitt

Mr. Leonard Babin

Ms. Barbara Backman

Ms. Lisa Bahr

Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Baksa

Ballek’s Garden Center, Inc.

Ms. Coleen A. Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Judson J. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Barnhart

Mr. and Mrs. T. Brooks Barrett

Ann and Dennis Barry

Ms. Grace Bartunek

Mr. and Mrs. Truman Bassett

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bateson

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Batsford

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bauer

Dr. Joseph J. Baxter and Ms. Barbara A. Bacewicz

Ms. Deborah Beall

Mr. Joseph C. Beaudoin

Beauty Strategies LLC

Ms. Phyllis A. Behlen

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bell

Mrs. Debbie L. Benner

Mrs. Patricia Benson

Mr. Marshall S. Berdan

Ms. Michelle Berg

Mrs. Bonnie Bernal

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Berrien

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Bertini

Mr. Eric Beveridge and Mr. Kevin Gardiner

Dr. David B. Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. James Blair

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Blake

Ms. Carol A. Blauvelt

Mr. Charles D. Blinn

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Blomstrann

Mr. Barry Bonetti

Bonni Manning Catering, Inc

Ms. Patricia Borghesan

Stefanie and Michael Borsari

Mr. Geoff Boytos

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bozzone

Courtney and Richard Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Braun

Dr. Barbara Sager and Mr. Michael Brennan

Ms. Alexandra Breslin

Mr. Patrick Bresnahan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Britton

Donald and Wanda Broderick

Ms. Amy E. Brodeur

Mr. and Mrs. Rheo A. Brouillard

Mr. Henry E. Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Robar Brusberg

Mr. John A. Bryan, Jr.

Dr. Carolyn Bucharz

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Buckingham

Mrs. Carol N. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burke

Ms. Michele A. Burnat

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Burns

Ms. Sarah Burns

Ms. Valerie Busby

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Buss

Dr. Louise P. Butts

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cahill

Ms. Laura Cahill

Ms. Nancy E. Calderbank

Ms. Marcia M. Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Camarro

Ms. Carol Camerato

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Cantner

Mr. Jay E. Cantor

Ms. Catherine Carballo

Mrs. Virginia K. Cargill

Dr. and Dr. Andrew J. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carlson

Dr. John Carroll

Mrs. Ruth O. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Carter

Dr. Julia L. Carter

Reed and Christine Cass

Ms. Barbara-Ann Cavanaugh

Ms. Susan T. Cecchini

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ceponis

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cervone

Mr. Michael Chambers

Ms. Patricia A. Chambrello

Mrs. Bev Champany

Barbara and Ira Charmoy

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Dr. Celia C. Chow

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cianciolo

Ms. Catherine Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Clark

Ms. Janet Clark

Mr. Joseph Clark

Dr. Kathleen-Marie R. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Clarke

Ms. Kay Clarke

Dr. Barry S. Coller

Mr. and Mrs. Donal Collimore

Ms. Caroline Collins

Ms. Catharine Collins

Mrs. Phyllis D. Collins

Mr. Jonathan C. Colman

Ms. Joyce B. Comer

Mr. David H. Comins

Ms. Amy Connelly

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Connelly

Mr. Thomas Conroy

Ms. Megan Craig and Mr. Nick Lloyd

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Crawford

Mr. Frederick Cromie

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Crouch

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Cunningham

Ms. Sylvia M. Curry

Ms. Karen Cushnie

Mr. John Cusick

Ms. Catherine M. Daly

Danbury Garden Club

Ms. Patricia Daviau

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Davis

Mr. Wendell Davis

Ms. Elizabeth De Lambert

Ms. Marjorie W. Debold

Ms. Jennifer J. Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Deering

Col. and Mrs. James DeFrank

Prof. Amy Den Ouden

Mrs. Sheila K. Desmond

Ms. Patricia Devoe

Devore Associates

Ms. Diane Devore

Mr. Nick DiAdamo

Dr. Robert Dibble and Ms. Patricia Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Townsend P. Dickinson

Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. DiMassa

Mr. Edwin L. Doernberger

Ms. Florence Dohanos

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Donovan

Cheryl and Anthony Dowd

Ms. Rachel Dreyfus


Sherry D. Duff

Mr. Charles Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dunne

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Durato

Ms. Frances E. Dwyer

Ms. Lynn Dwyer

Ms. Terry Eagan

Beth-Ann and Tony Eason

Mr. and Mrs. Randall P. Eastwood

Mr. David P. Edson

Ms. Jane S. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Elmore

Essex Hardware

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Evensen

Mr. Kenneth A. Ewell

Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Fagan

Mr. Lawrence M. Farina

Mr. Jesse Farnham

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fasano

Ms. Laurie S. Faucher

Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc.

Ms. Betty Fernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ficken

Mr. Michael Finkle

Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finney

Prof. and Mrs. Michael J. Fischer

Mr. Garrett Fish

Ms. Edith F. Fisher

Mr. Woodrow J. Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. William Flanagan

Flanders Fish Market

Ms. Sarah S. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Foarde

Mr. Robert Fochi

Foodworks Inc

Forger-Kunkel Plumbing & Heating, LLC

Ms. Sue Fossett

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Frattini

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Fressola

Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Funck

Mr. and Mrs. Guy G. Gabrielson

Mr. Thomas A. Gaines

Patrick and Frances Gallagher

Ms. Kathy A. Galullo

Mr. Joseph G. Garner

Mr. Bowman Garrett

Mr. Alfred W. Gatti and Ms. Sharon Pope

Mr. Paul Gazzola

Ms. Sandra B. Geaman

Mr. John A. Gettier

Louise and Christopher Gidez

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Ardian C. Gill

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Gill

Ms. Nancy S. Gilliland

Ms. Kathy A. Gillis

Glastonbury Dental Associates

Glastonbury Dental Center

Glastonbury Garden Club

Mrs. Gloria M. Glenn

Mr. Michael Gnadinger

Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Godown


Mr. Lawrence Goodheart

Ms. Therese M. Goodwin

Gordon Foundation, Inc

Ms. Jane E. Gordon

Dr. Lisa T. Canter and Dr. Jeffrey A. Gordon

Dr. and Mrs. Larry I. Gottlieb

Ms. Mary Jane Cook and Mr. Chip Gough

Ms. Karin Gould

Jerry Graham and Emily Moore

Mr. and Mrs. John Graham

Ms. Mary Graham

William Gratz and James Bruno

Ms. Ivette Greenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gregory

Ms. Janel Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grigg

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Grose

Orin Grossman and Jane Sutherland

Ms. Margaret L. Grosso

Ms. Carol Groves

Mr. Gary Gruber

Ms. Susan B. Gudaitis

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hageman

Mrs. Margaret Haggerty

Mr. and Mrs. Roswell G. Hall

Ms. Susan M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hamilton, III

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hamilton

Hampton Antiquarian & Historical Society Inc

Ms. Audrey K. Hansen

Ms. Margaret M. Hardner and Mr. Stephen H. Burner

Dayna and Stephen Harris

Ms. Kristin Harris

Mr. William H. Harrison and Ms. Elise C. Schepeler

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Haupert

Mr. and Mrs. Bronson K. Hawley

Polly and Tom Hayden

Mrs. William Heineman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Hendler

Col. and Mrs. Paul G. Hennen

Ms. Anastacia H. Herbert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herzlinger

Ms. Patty Hessel

Ms. Patricia A. Hicks

Mr. Louis Highmark

Ms. Marsha Hilsenrad

Mrs. Muriel N. Hinkle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hire

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hobbie

Mr. John G. Hoffman

Mr. Joseph F. Hoffman

Mr. Timothy C. Holahan

Holland Hill School PTA

Ms. Leslie Holland

Ms. Jan Hollerbach

Mr. Neil Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Holt

Col. Shyoko Honiden and Mr. Aryeh Abeles

Ms. Holly Horn

Mr. and Mrs. John Horr

G. Michael and Jane Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hoyt

Ms. Jill Hummel

Dorothy and Kimball Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Huntley

Mr. Ned T. Hurle

Ms. Karen G. Hurley

Drs. Michael and Debbie Hurwitz

Hyde Tools, Inc.


Alexander and Robyn Incera & Family

Ms. Katherine A. Ing

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Jackson

Mr. George F. Jackson, Jr.

Mrs. Anne Strick Jacques

Mr. Joseph Jambriska, Jr.

Ms. Helen Jankoski

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Jarratt

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jennings

John Printup, DDS

Mrs. Alice F. Johns

Ms. Deborah L. Johnson

Ms. Judith Johnston and Mr. Joseph D. Warren

Ms. Nancy W. Jones

Ms. Nellie L. Jones


Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Jones

Mr. Robert Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Joseloff

Andrea S. Joseph

Ms. Margery Josephson

Ms. Ann Judd

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Junker

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Jusino

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell A. Kahn

Hon. and Mrs. Paul A. Kallmeyer

Ms. Ellen Kapustka

Mr. John Karabec

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Kashetta

Katz Hardware, Inc

Ms. Judy Katz

Mr. Peter Kaye

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kean

Mrs. Adele Keating

Mr. and Ms. H. Michael Keden

Ms. Julie M. Keefer

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Keenan

Ms. Patricia Kehoe

Mr. Vincent Kelly

Mr. Alan Kendzior

Mr. Scott Kennedy and Ms. Carole Dyal

Mr. Michael Keohane

Ms. Karen Keser

Mr. E. Leon Kier

Jeffrey Kimball and Pamela Hogan

King Cadillac GMC

Ms. Sylvia Kirby

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kirk

David Klotz and Jane Penfield

Ms. Amy E. Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Koerting

Ms. Cheryl Korowotny

Ms. Julia Kosinski

Ms. Ann Kouatly

Mrs. Jennifer Krasnow

Mr. and Mrs. Lanard A. Krause

Catherine and Daniel Krook

Mr. and Mrs. James Kucharczyk

La Marea

Mrs. Cheryl H. Lacy

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Laduke

Lafayette Consistory S.P.R.S.

Mr. Richard H. Landau

Ms. Margaret M. Landrey

Ms. Terry Langevin and Mr. Doug Muth

Ms. Julie Laplante

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laramie

Ms. Constance Lasky

Dr. Gerard Lawrence and Ms. Fleur Hahne-Lawrence

Laysville Center Hardware

Mr. Robert Leeman

Mr. Steven Lefkowitz

Ms. Doreen M. Legienza

Ms. Eva Dewitz and Mr. Tony Leigh

Mr. Peritz Levinson

Lighthouse Cleaners

Mr. Jeffrey D. Linkinhoker and Ms. Reena M. Joseph

Mrs. Suzanne Loggie

Ms. Renate L. Longa

Mr. Frederick C. Lorenzen

Mr. Erik D. Lounsbury

Mrs. Nancy C. Lounsbury

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore D. Lucci

Mr. Marc R. Luce

Theodore Luchsinger and Deborah White

Dr. Alan G. Lurie and Dr. Susanne A. Shrader

Ms. Julie S. Lyman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyons

Ms. Shirley Ma and Mr. Robert Moy

Mrs. Dorcas E. MacClintock

Alexandra Mack and Kurt Zeppetello

Robert MacKenzie and Donna Lockwood

Ms. Maureen King and Mr. Robert Macmillen

Mr. Robert MacQuarrie

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Macri

Mr. Justin Maggiore

Ms. Judith E. Makrianes

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Malley

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Malone

Mrs. Barbara D. Manicatide

Mr. Natale J. Marchetti

Ms. Alison Marcinek

Marily Mackinnon Interiors

Chris and Catherine Markiewicz

Ms. Linda L. Markiewicz

Ms. Alexandra Marks

Dr. Katherine E. Marschall

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Marsted

Ms. Carol B. Martin

Ms. Sally M. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Matthews

Ms. Christy Mattoon

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mayhew

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McBeth

Mrs. Julie McCall

Mr. Michael McCarthy

Ms. Yvette McCullough

Ms. Anne M. McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McGill

Mr. and Mrs. James McHutchison

Ms. Laura L. Mcintyre

Jennifer and Brian McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Meath

Ms. Marilyn Mehr

Ms. Rosalind Melnicoff

Menunkatuck Audubon Society

Ms. Josephine A. Merck

Stephen Merlino and Kathleen Mangiafico

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Metzner

Ms. Gaylord V. Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Michalik

Middlesex Community College

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Milano

Milford Body Therapy, LLC

Ms. Patricia A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Mindrum

Mitchell Volvo

Ms. Donna A. Monteleone and Mr. Neil P. Randle

Mr. John Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Morgan

Ms. Patricia A. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Don Morrison

Ms. Carolyn Morway

Ms. Stacey Mosetich and Mr. Sergio Pedro

Ms. Suzanne Moskalski

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Mott

Mulryan Funeral Home

Mr. Ernest Nagy

Mrs. Kathleen Nano Bolanowski

Nasdaq Employee Giving

Ms. Sophie Neal-Noschese

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Negralle

Ms. Elizabeth Nelson

New Canaan Land Conservation Trust

New Canaan Nature Center

Ms. Deirdre Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Newcombe

Mr. Rick Newton

Mrs. Mary Nichols

Ms. Kelty E. Niles

Ms. Nina Niles

Mrs. Deborah Nilson

Mr. and Mrs. Don O. Noel

Mrs. Catherine T. Nori

Mr. Alan Norton

Ms. Heather Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Obringer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. O’Donnell

Ms. Susan A. Oldershaw and Mr. Paul Ashton

Ms. Debi Olds

Ms. Linda Olsen

Olympic Pizza Restaurant

Dr. Linda Liefland and Mr. Jonathan B. Orleans

Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ostrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff O’Sullivan

Ms. Emma Palmacci

Mrs. Colleen Palmer

Mr. Ron Palmer

Ms. Jennifer Pandoli

Mr. Michael V. Paulaitis

Ms. Louise M. Paulissen

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pavano

Mr. Brett Pawlak

David & Christine Pearson

Ms. Marion L. Pennell

Ms. Jeanne Perkins

Mrs. Janet H. Perry

Elizabeth J. Peterson

Dr. Lisa M. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Peterson

Mr. Michael R. Petrillo

Mr. Scott Pierson

Dr. Timothy J. Plunkett

Ms. Mary Lynn Polaski

Pomfret Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pomper

Mrs. Sandra H. Pond

Ms. Mary Porterfield and Mr. Arthur Shippee

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Possidente

Ms. Nina E. Price

Ms. Marguerite W. Purnell

Putnam Plastics Corporation

Ms. Catherine Wriston Quintal

Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Raimondi

Kurt Raschi and Catherine Riordan

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rasmussen

Robin and John Rathjens

Mr. Robert E. Raufeisen

Ms. Carol L. Raye

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reen

Mrs. Beatrice S. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Reidemeister

Ms. Norine Reingold

Mr. and Mrs. William Reiss

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Reynard

Ms. Florence C. Ricciuti

Ms. Luanne Rice

Mr. Lawrence C. Richter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Riffice

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Rigono

Riverfield School PTA

Ms. Katherine Roberts

Mr. Douglas H. Robins

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Robinson

Ms. Helen Robords

Mr. Paul Robson

Ms. Christal Rodenhiser and Mr. Yogesh Sadarangani

Roger Sherman PTA, Inc.

Mr. Steven H. Rogers and Ms. Barbara Depray

Mrs. Marjorie Romano

Ms. Hope A. Ropke

Ms. Kathleen Rorick

Ms. Alana Rosenberg

Mr. Barry A. Rosenberg and Ms. Adrienne Saint-Pierre

Jeanne Rovaldi Manning

Mr. Thomas Rovaldi Manning

James and Deborah Russel

Dr. Walter Russo

Mr. Charles R. Rutan

Mr. Daniel J. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Salisbury

Margaret Salvas

Mr. and Mrs. Domenic A. Sammarco

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy E. Sanstrom

Mr. Donald Santacroce

Ms. Lisa Santacroce

Mr. Anthony Santonicola

Mr. Herbert R. Savage

The Savidge Family

Mr. and Mrs. George Sayers

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Scaramozza

Steven and Lenore Schack

Mrs. Catherine Scheckton

Chris and Dudley Schipper

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmitz

Ms. Carol W. Schneider

Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz and Ms. Betsy Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Schweitzer

Ms. Susan Scott

Scott’s Cyclery, Inc.

Ms. Ann K. Sedgwick

Mr. John P. Seidel

Mr. Joseph Shea

Lisa and John Shea

Ms. Jane Shedlin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shepard

Ms. Grethe Shepherd

Ms. Lisbeth Shepherd

Mrs. Patricia G. Sheppard

Mr. Scott Sherwood

Mr. and Mrs. William Shute

Mrs. Margery Silk

Mr. David G. Silsbee and Ms. Charlotte Pyle

Ms. Edith P. Simmons

Simmons Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. Steven J. Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Simonian

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Simonson

Mr. David M. Sinclair

Mrs. Eve N. Skerritt

Mr. Robert E. Skerritt

Ms. Blythe Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Smith

Ms. Shirley W. Smith

Mr. Joseph Solodow

Mr. Duncan S. Somerville

Ms. Karen Sonnabend

Ms. Shirley M. Sontheimer

Mrs. Deborah J. Sopchak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Sovern

Ms. Barbara Spargo

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Spencer

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Spendelow

Mr. Lou Spero

Mr. Alex Stadler

Mr. Bruce Staehle

Ms. Sarah Staley

Mr. E. Jeffrey Stann

Ms. Nancy M. Stark

Ms. Eileen Stecker

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Stein

Mr. George D. Stephens

Marilyn and Jeffrey Stith

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Stout

Prof. William W. Stowe

Mrs. Rita Strong

Mr. and Mrs. David Stuart

Atty. and Mrs. Peter F. Stuart

Frances and Joanna Suchar

Mr. Keith Suchy

Ms. Judith E. Sugarman

Ms. Meredith Swackhamer

Mr. and Mrs. David Swenson

Mr. Szczesniak

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tagliatela

Mr. Patrick E. Tamborra

Judy and George Tappert

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Taussig

Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Telford

The E-List

The Inglesea Charitable Trust

The MAG Adult Teachers Bleecher Road School

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Therrien

Mr. D. Nicholas Thold and Ms. Sally Spence

Ms. Linda Thomas

Mr. Donald F. Thorspecken

Mr. and Mrs. David Thorstenson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Throckmorton

Mr. and Mrs. C. Nicholas Tingley

Ms. Grace M. Tirnady

Dr. and Mrs. Karl E. Tolonen

Mrs. Anne Toombs

Tower Landscape & Design LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tramontano

Miss Barbara A. Treadaway

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Tubridy

UBS Financial Services Inc

Mr. Cody Unger

University of New Haven

Utter Brothers Feed Supply LLC

Mr. Arthur Wynne Vaast

Mr. Daniel Van Der Aue and Ms. Alice Salem

Sally and Peter Van Dyke

Sidney and Sandy Van Zandt

Vanilla Bean Cafe, Inc.

Mr. John Veseskis

Ms. Shirleyanne C. Viadella

Mrs. Kathryn M. Vogt

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. von Euler

Ms. Yasmin Von Schirnding and Mr. Yach Derek

Ms. Mary Jane Walbridge

Ms. Tracey Walker

Walter P. & Carolyn E, McGinn, DMD, PC

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Waltrip

Mr. Robert Watman

Mr. Charles N. Watson

Ms. Joanne L. Watts

Ms. Deirdre Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Weitzer

Ms. Ann L. Wesley

Mr. Charles F. West

Emily W. Westcott

Westport Garden Club

Ms. Mary Whatley

Ms. Chelsea Wheeler

Ms. Anne Whelan

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. White

Ms. Joye Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wickwire

Wild Birds Unlimited

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Wilder

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Williams

Mrs. Penny Wills

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wilson

Ms. Brenda Wiltrout

Ms. Kathleen Winters

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Page Wodell

Dr. Julie DuPont-Woody

Mr. Nelson Wyman

Ms. Jane Yankocy

Mr. Richard Yaus

YHB Charitable Endowment

Mrs. Barbara R. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Zallinger

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zarrelli

Ms. Mary E. Zehr

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ziarnik

Ms. Anne K. Zopfi

Mr. Robert C. Zwick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zwynenburg

Ms. Christin Arnini

Ms. Margaret Coe

Ms. Katalin R. Baltimore

Mrs. Alice Belden

Ms. Constance Cliffe

Ms. Kim Curry

Ms. Tamesin L. Eustis

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Finney

Ms. Heather Kelsey

Mr. Victor Lamberti

Ms. Linda Lyman and Mr. Charlie Potts

Ms. Donna Meadors

Ms. Leslie A. Meredith

Ms. Carol Morris

Ms. Elizabeth O’Connor

Barbara and Peter Setlow

Ms. Nancy Simm

Mrs. Suzanne D. Simmonds

Ms. Patricia M. C. Thivierge

Mr. Kevin Thompson

Ms. Mary Toepfer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Greenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schlubach

Mrs. Judith J. Anderson


Mr. Nicholas F. Bonomo

Mr. James F. Brennan

Ms. Lesley Byrne

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Chester

Ms. Sandra Childress

Ms. Deborah A. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cutting

Ms. Gretchen Cyr

Ms. Lois Flint Eldridge

Ms. Leticia Filip

Mrs. Loretta Finck

Lee Fitzgerald

Mrs. Robin Forsberg

Ms. Pamela Gilles Norris

Miss Terry L. Gobeli

Ms. Leslie Haber

Ms. Kate R. Jamison

Mr. Alan Offeney

Ms. Lee Offeney

Ms. Kim R. Owen and Mr. Stephen Breda

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owens

Ms. Cynthia Prior

Mr. Robert M. Stilson

Dr. Faith Ann Weidner and Mr. James E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Feddersen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Audette

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mark

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Asikainen

Mr. Pierre Cabrila

Dr. Anthony Calabrese

Ms. Karin A. Cohen

Ms. Molly Cooper

Ms. Janice Dombrowski

Ms. Bethe Dufresne

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Fortier

Mr. Grant E. Garrett

Mr. Robert A. Havlena

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Madar

Ms. Judith A. Marshall

Mrs. Sara K. May

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Hare

Mrs. Karen Pfeifer-Forand

Robert Regan and Maureen Sylvestre-Craig

Mr. and Mrs. John Ring

Ms. Sally Rogers

Ms. Beverly A. Skiles

Ms. Susan O. Trehern

Ms. Pamela V. Wells and Ms. Natalie N. Teply

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Zitko

Ms. Ruth M. Feldman

Mr. Scott A. Joyce

Leslie and Lynette Birkmaier

Ms. Lynda L. Boynton

Mr. Frank W. Bridge

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Burger

Mr. Paul Z. Caouette

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Chessin

Ms. Mary Ann Cowing

Dr. and Mrs. Christian Dee

Ms. Betsy S. Delaney

Ms. Erin Duffy

Mr. Vincent Florentino

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gherlone

Ms. Ruth Grant

Ms. Greer Hawley

Ms. Pamela P. Holden

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Jacques

Mr. and Mrs. Leith G. Johnson

Kolbusz Electric

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Maier

Ms. Stephanie A. Mastri

Mr. and Mrs. Ignacy Nietupski

Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Pappantoniou

Mr. Chris Potter

Mr. Vann Reynolds

Barbara and Robert Sequenzia

Dr. Merton Smith and Ms. Judith Silverstein

John and Marion Sullivan

Ms. Meredith VandenHandel

Ronald and Christine Wasielewski

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Wetherell

Ms. Sophie Zyla

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Lucas

Dr. and Mrs. Eric L. Rosenberg

Ms. Gail Zemantic

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Finnerty

Mr. Eric Kurz

Mr. Benjamin A. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Allen

Ms. Jan Aviner

Mr. Russell T. Bailas

Ms. Leigh Bak

Mr. Francis H. Baranski

Ms. Jennifer Blais

Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Bonomo

Ms. Lesley S. Bourque

Mr. George W. Brautigam

Ms. Susan Carlson

Ms. Georgia S. Carrington

Ms. Ellen M. Carter

Ms. Jennifer Cassidy

Mr. Noel F. Castle

Ms. Lisa A. Chase

Mr. Joseph Coci

Mr. Charles A. Coombs

Ms. Jane K. Dean

Ms. Caroline Delaney

Mr. Charles Delinks

Ms. Ann Deluca

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eagle

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fasciano

Ms. Nancy J. Faughnan

Ms. Margaret B. Fiddler

Mr. Edward F. Fitzgerald

Dr. Karen E. Forbes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friedmann

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ganz

Arthur and Caroline Gravanis

Mr. John L. Kochiss and Ms. Maryanne L. Gryboski

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Guerette

Habitat Strategies LLC

Ms. Carol H. Hagen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helzel

Mr. Robert N. Hines

Ms. Hollace F. Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Huydic

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hyman

Dr. and Mrs. David P. Isenberg

Mrs. Donna Jackson

Mr. Charles C. Jensen, Jr.

Ms. Adeline R. Jernstrom

Dr. Sarah M. Johnson

Mr. Ralph C. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Joyce

Mr. Robert Kantor and Ms. Ellen Flanagan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelley

Ms. Emily D. Keltonic

Mrs. Diane King

Mr. Gilbert N. Kleiner

Dr. John T. Kristy

Mr. Michael J. Kulikowski

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Lahey

Mr. Robert E. Lasko

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laux-Bachand

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lemieux

Doris and Bart Lipetz

Mr. Peter A. Lombardo

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lovelace

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Ludington

Ms. M. Catherine Lynch

Ms. Sara A. Mabry

Manchester Veterinary Clinic, Inc

Ms. Nancy A. Marcho

Ms. Vicky Maresca

Mr. Thomas Marra

Mr. Donald Mays

Ms. Margaret McMann

Mr. Stephen Meszaros

Ms. Helen T. Michalka

Mrs. Barbara E. Miller

Ms. Margaret A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miragliuolo

Mrs. Tonya M. Montague

Mr. Steven G. Morrell

Mr. Kirk G. Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Murphy

Mrs. Corinne T. Murray

Ms. Nancy M. Musante

Mr. Daniel Nolte

Ms. Patricia Owens

Mrs. Linda M. Pace

Ms. Ann Marie Palladino

Mrs. and Mr. Richard Paquette

Ms. Ann B. Parkinson

Mrs. Jean W. Partridge

Ms. Frances Pascale

Mrs. Anne S. Patterson, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Gibney Patterson

Ms. Patricia A. Pawlowicz

Mrs. Linda L. Pearson

Ms. Caroline Pech and Mr. John Leslie

Ms. Kathleen Peck

Mr. David R. Pendell

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Perina

Mr. and Mrs. David Perry

Ms. Katherine M. Pfeiffer

Dr. James Phillips and Dr. Wendy Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Platz

Mr. Gerald A. Pollack

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Prewitt

Ms. Martha W. Reed

Mrs. Maira Rogers

Ms. Pamela C. Russek

Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Ryan

Sasqua Garden Club

Ms. Gail Shinners

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith

Mr. Mike Spencer

Ms. Laura Stabell

Mrs. Betty P. Steuer

Ms. Rebecca M. Strominger

Ms. Gailey Teller

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Urban

Dr. Gwyneth Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Wallace

Western CT Bird Club, Inc.

Ms. Susan P. Whitcomb

Ms. Margaret M. Wilson

Mr. Christopher Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wyeth

Ms. Margaret Wyrwas and Mr. Peter Thorner

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Scott

Mr. Linh Nguyen

Mr. David Allan

Michael and Helen Baehr

Ms. Amanda Baker

Ms. Louise P. Beecher

Ms. Tracy Bloch

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Byrne

Ms. Jayne Champion

Ms. Linda Chandler

Mrs. Cathy A. Comstock

Ms. Minette D. Conners

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Demy

Ms. Patricia Donovan

Ms. Barbara M. Gallo

Mr. Ronald Goldstein

Mr. Anthony Hager

Janice and Anthony Hager

Ms. Doris I. LaPlante

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Manzone

Ms. Noel A. Markowitz

Ms. Janet McAbney

Ms. Gaelle Parks

Ms. Sandra J. Peterson

Mrs. Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin

Mr. William Romaine

Ms. Carol A. Sullivan

Ms. Nancy A. Turner

Ms. Debra Valvo

Ms. Ilene S. Whitacre

Dr. Janet C. Woodward

Ms. Carole Woolery

Mr. Barry Young

Ms. Jaye Winkler

Praxair Foundation

Ms. Marie Alipranti

Ms. Kathleen S. Anderson

Ms. Toby A. Appel

Mr. James Arrigoni

Mrs. Patricia A. Barton

Ms. Joanna Baymiller

Ms. Judy Benson and Mr. Thomas Clark

Ms. Theodora Berg

Ms. Laura R. Bona

Ms. Nancy Bono

Dr. Maxine Borghesi

Mr. Lysle Brinker

Ms. Katie S. Brown

Mr. Robert M. Bruns

Ms. Patricia A. Caldwell

Mrs. Cherie E. Caluda

Ms. Susan M. Cannon

Ms. Patricia Cantwell

Mr. David S. Carfo

Ms. Patricia M. Carrigan

Ms. Patricia L. Castelli

Charter Research & Investment Group, Inc.

Ms. Diana Cirillo

Ms. Brianna Connors

Ms. Marianne Corona

Mr. David J. Creamer

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Daversa

Ms. Judith A. Dean

Ms. Dorothy DeMichael

Mr. Jed Duguid

Ms. Jody Dyer

Ms. Stephanie Eisenbarth

Ms. Marge Ellingson

Mr. Ramon Espinoza

Mr. Michael Feldman

Mr. Richard Filakovsky

Mr. Stephen C. Finnigan

Mr. Robert C. Fish

Mr. Byron R. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Formica

Ms. Mary Jane Gagnon

Janice Gasparrini

GE United Way Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Gent

Mrs. Nannette Ghanatzian

Ms. Jennifer Goodwin

Mr. Neil Shapiro and Mrs. Ilse Gordon

Mr. Paul Grevstad

Mr. R. Nelson Griebel

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Guercia

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Guernsey

Ms. Natalie B. Harbeson

Arne and Adair Heitmann

Dr. Jill Hetson

Mrs. Hallie E. Hollister

Ms. Jennifer M. Hollstein

Ms. Lynn B. Horne

Ms. Sandra Horowitz

Ms. Karen L. Howling

Mr. Christopher Hughes

Ms. Mary E. Hussey

Ms. Charisse E. Hutton

Ms. Lena Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobson

Mr. Francis E. Jarrabeck and Mr. Francis C. Cowgill

Ms. Lyn O. Jasinski

Ms. Brenda D. Johnson

Ms. Julia Q. Keggi

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kemp

Deborah and Zohrab Kouzoukian

Ms. Janet Kraemer

Mr. Dan Kryzanski

Mr. Borys Kupa

Ms. Clare M. Leake

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Levitt

Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Lindquist

Ms. Joan F. Maine

Ms. Ann Mandelbaum

Mr. Francis Martucci

Mr. Richard Matos

Ms. Selina H. McArdle

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McKeon

Ms. Gay Myers

Ms. Tes Myrie

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Naumann

Mr. Nicholas Niles

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Noble

Ms. Susan Orcutt

Ms. Geraldine Parent

Mr. Leonard A. Parker

Mr. George A. Patrick

Joseph and Marsha Peters

Mr. Thomas F. Peterson

Ms. Susan C. Phillips

Mr. Richard H. Poole

Ms. Katherine A. Potter

Ms. Judith M. Power

Betsy and Tom Puckett

Ms. Marianne P. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Rosi

Ms. Peggy E. Ruddy

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ruden

Oscar and Elena Ruiz-Diaz

Ms. Jill M. Ryan

Ms. Phyllis J. Schlemmer

Ms. Anne W. Schmidt

Mr. Ernest Smith

Mrs. Cynthia Spinnler

Ms. Nancy J. Stanek

Ms. Norma Stoltman

Ms. Michelle C. Sussman

Ms. Lindsey R. Thune

Ms. Nancy K. Tipping

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold B. Trecker

Ms. Melodie A. Velez

Ms. Evangeline Wales

Miss Dorothy J. Ward

Ms. Kimberly P. Westcott

Ms. Wendy H. Wilke

Ms. Ina Williams

Ms. Kimberly Wills-Rinaldi

Mr. David M. Wilterdink

Mr. Avril F. Winks

Ms. Lisa Wohlert

Mr. Nathan V. Woodruff

Mr. Douglas L. York

Ms. Phyllis Zimmer

Ms. Karen Zupnik

Paypal Charitable Giving

The Hartford

Mr. James M. Dugan and Ms. Jacquelyn Eaton

Ms. Carol Hervey

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Sutton

Armando-Christie Landworks, LLC

Ms. Deborah A. Armitage

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Asmuth, Jr.

Ms. Lisbeth Becker

Ms. Tracy Bodine

Ms. Heidi L. Brierley

Mr. David M. Brittain

Ms. Kathryn E. Coe

Ms. Sarah E. Connolly

Dr. and Mrs. Garfield W. Danenhower

Ms. Janet D’Onofrio

Mr. Walter Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dupont, Sr.

Ms. Terry J. Eddy

Mr. Albert N. Emond

Ms. Marilyn H. Engel

Ms. Stephanie Fielding

Ms. Nancy Fiesler

Ms. Linda Gavin

Mr. David W. Goodrich

Ms. Linda Heinz

Ms. Jalna Jaeger and Mr. David W. Callan

Ms. Lou-Ann LaRochelle

Ms. Lucianne M. Lavin

Mr. and Mrs. David Lees

Mrs. Laura Lefko

Mr. Edward Lukstas

Mrs. Charlotte G. Matthews

Ms. Irmgard M. Meisterling

Ms. Marilyn K. Milliken

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Muldoon

New Shoreham Human Systems Consulting, LLC

Ms. Gillian Norris-Szanto

J. Philip Perschbacher and Pamela Goldin

Ms. Susi F. Peterson

Ms. Regina G. Pfeifer

Mr. David E. Pitchenik

Mr. Thomas Riley and Ms. Michele Lubkan

Mr. and Mrs. William Rowan

Ms. Michele Saulis

Dr. Lea Kessler Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Shenk

Ms. Elizabeth Verge

Ms. Jessica Vivolo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Watson

Ms. Marianne I. Wells

Ms. Susan Whalen

Mr. Richard L. Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Wynne

Mrs. Janice Zlotnick

Mr. Raymond Zujus

Ms. Betty Zuraw

Ms. Gail Chernosky

Mr. Richard J. Stanley

Ebsco Industries, Inc.

Mrs. Brigitta Abakumova and Mr. Yevgen Abakumov

Tony and Deborah Abbott

Jennifer and Debra Abbott-Walker

Ms. Lauren Aber

Mr. Joel Ackerman and Mrs. Tina DuBosque

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Adams

Ms. Helen E. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adelsberg

Ms. Linda Akerman

Mr. Asghar E. Alam

Ms. Emily Alden

Ms. Kate Aldrich

Ms. Dana Alexios Pavlov

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alling

Ms. Kathleen M. Alvites

Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Amende

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Amicucci

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anahory

Meredith and Rahul Anand

Mrs. Donna Anastasio

Mrs. Meredith Anastasio

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ancone

Mr. and Mrs. Erick Anderson

Ms. Bonnie Anderson

Mr. Christopher D. Anderson

Ms. Jane Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Anderson

Ms. Samantha Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Andrews

Elizabeth and Joseph Andriola

Ms. Susan Andrle



Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Appellof

Mrs. Megan Armitage and Mr. Jeffery Fink

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong

Ms. Virginia R. Arndt

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Arnold

Mayor Mark Aronson

Ms. Elizabeth Arrigoni

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Asarisi

Ms. Elizabeth Aschenbrenner and Mr. John Fortanato

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Askins

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Asman

Rabbi and Mrs. Carl Astor

Ms. Kerrie Astrosky

Mr. Robert Attwater

Audubon Shop

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Auerbach

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Augustyn

Ms. Bridget Austin

Ms. Carla Awdziewicz

Mr. and Mrs. John Ayer

Mr. John Ayer

Mrs. Donna Ayers-LaPointe

Mr. and Mrs. Bahman Azarm

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bacchiocchi

Ms. Dina Bajko

Ms. Martha M. Baker

Ms. Paula Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. William Balamaci

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bankalter

Ms. Allison Banker

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Barach

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baranowski

Ms. Pamela Barber

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Barbieri

Mr. Christopher Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barnes

Mr. William Barnes

Cecelia Barnett and John Keller

Ms. Nancy Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Barton

Mrs. Cristina Basic

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Bataille

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Bates

Ms. Nancy Bates

Mrs. Andrea Bauer

Ms. Sheryl Baumann

Ms. Clara G. Baur

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Baxter

Ms. Susan J. Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Beatty

Mr. Robert L. Beaumont

Mr. Jason Beck

Dr. Stephen Becker and Ms. Andrea Cuozzo

Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Beckett

Ms. Sherri Bedingfield

Brannin and Susan Beeks

Ms. Caitlin Behrman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Beirne

Mr. Matthew Bell

Mr. PJ Bell

John and Janice Benda

Ms. Pamela Bennett

Gail and Rolf Bergeler

Ms. Cathy Berni

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bernier

Mr. Isaac Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bezas

Mr. and Mrs. William Biles

Ms. Erin Billiard

Mary and Colin Billings

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bilotti

Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop

Robert Bitondi and Pamela Cartledge

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Blaha

Mr. William Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Cory Blanchette

Ms. Suzanne Blasiak

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Blasius

Dr. Fern Blumenfeld-Jaffe and Mr. David H. Jaffe

Ms. Carrie Bocian

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boissevain

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bolanos

Ms. Deborah Bolnick

Mr. Robert V. Bonaiuto

Mr. Jerry Bonvisuto

Ms. Megan Borman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Borner

Ms. Karolina Borowska

Ms. Michelle Bouchard

Ms. Rachel M. Bouchard

Mr. Mark Bourque and Ms. Linda Quirici

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bove

Ms. Amy Bowley

Mr. Michael S. Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Bradley

Ms. Suzanne Brancale

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Brandorff

Mr. Bruce Branson

Ms. Diane Bray

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bray

Mr. Donald Breeger

Ms. Jessica L. Breen

Mrs. Holly Breidfjord

Mr. Thomas Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Brierley

Mr. Raymond Brignano

Ms. Alison Brion

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Briskin

Ms. Joanne Britton

Bonnie Britz-Thurnauer and Arthur Thurnauer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brochu

Dr. Richard L. Brody

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Brogan, II

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Broker

Ms. Lila C. Brooks

Mr. Russell Brooks

Drs. Janet and David Brothers

Mr. Guillaume Brousseau

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brown

Ms. Kristin Bruno and Mr. Josh Heinz

Ms. Maryanne Brustolon

Joel Bruzinski and Ashleigh Blake

Mr. and Mrs. David Budworth

The Bugaj Family

Ms. Leslie Bulion

Col. and Mrs. David H. Bull

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bull

Mr. Ross Bunnell

Ms. Marcel Burch

Ms. Olivia Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Burnim

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Burt


James and Christine Calandriello

Ms. Angela Calibo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Callanan

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Calogero

Mr. Lawrence Campane

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Campbell

Ms. Wanda Cancel

Ms. Meagan Cannon

Ms. Priscilla A. Canny

Ms. Celeste A. Capen

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Caplik

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cappa

Ms. Rosemary B. Carey

Mr. Roger R. Caridad

Linda Carli and Michael Dorsey

Ms. Cynthia Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Caroti

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Carpenter

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Carr

Maureen and Nolan Carson

Ms. Catherine Carter

Ms. Erin Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Casdia

Terese and Charles Case

Dr. and Mrs. James Caserta

Ms. Laura Cassenti

Lea and William Castle

Ann Cathcart and Emma Cathcart

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cathcart

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Catti

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O. Cavallo

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cavanaugh

Susan Hitt Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Roch J. Champagne

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Champagne

Peter Charles

Thomas and Linda Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chervansky

Drs. Mary and Craig Cheyne

Mr. Francis J. Chiaramonte

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chieda

Ms. Carla M. Chin

Ms. Meghan Chiota

Mr. Louis T. Chmielewski

Ms. Minhee Choi and Mr. Roldao Carvalho

Mr. and Mrs. Sumin Chou

Ms. Carol A. Christoffers

Ms. Tami Christopher

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cichella

Ms. Tiffany Citroen

Ms. Cassandra Ciullo

Ms. Cassandra Clair

Ms. Jill Clark

Ms. May Clark

Mr. Richard Clavet

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Clear

Mr. James K. Clemente

Mr. and Mrs. James Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Clinton

Mr. Bruce A. Clouette

Ms. Julia Coblentz

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cocoli

Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Cocozza

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Coddington

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cody

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Cohen

Ms. and Mr. Sheila Colelli

Ms. Yesenia Collazo

Mr. Matthew Collen and Ms. Anna Mastroianni

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Colleran

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Collins

Dr. Len Comeau

Ms. Patricia Comeau

Ms. Suzanne Conlon

Mrs. Kathleen Conneely

Julie Connery-Smith and Keith Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Connolly

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G Cook

Mrs. Jeni Cook-Mack

Rev. and Mrs. Ray N. Cooley, Jr.

Ms. Susan Coombs

Mr. and Mrs. Brandyn Cooper

Ms. Sarah Cooper

Ms. Tracie Coppola and Mr. Thomas Prates

Mr. Skye Cornell

Mrs. Catherine Correa

Mr. David A. Corsini

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coster

Daniel and Paula Coughlin

Mrs. Paula Coughlin

Richard and Barbara Cousineau

Mr. and Mrs. Jodi Couture

Ms. Nancy S. Covey

Ms. Karen Cowperthwaite

Mr. and Mrs. James Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Craighead

Dr. Brittany Craiglow and Mr. Brett King

Mr. William R. Crochetiere

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cross

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Crosson

Dr. Betsy A. Crosswell

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Crudo

Mrs. Terri Csizmadia

Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cummings

Ms. Amy Curina

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Curran

Mr. Kevin Curseaden and Ms. Wendy Gibbons

Mrs. Carrie Curtin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Curtin

Ms. Jill Cyr

Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Dadlani

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Daigle

Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Dale

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Damato

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Damiani

Ms. Michelle Danehy

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Daniells


Ms. Lauren Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis

Mrs. Elaine Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Gustave L. Davis

Ms. Julie Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Marcos De Jesus

Dr. Marc de Mul

Mr. Louis Deaett

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Deakins

Ms. Joanna deBear

Ms. Tracy DeBruyn

Mr. and Mrs. David DeCaprio

Mr. Bryan R. Decker

Ms. Elizabeth Decker

Mr. Daniel DeClue

Mr. Robert J. Dee

Ms. Deborah A. Deegan

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Deely

Mrs. Barbara Bunnell DeFlumeri

Mr. Quinn J. Degner

Elizabeth DeGroat and Stuart A. Simon

Ms. Sarah DeJonghe

Ms. Maria del Mar Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Delage

Alex Delehanty and Rachel McAnallen

Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Dellinger

Ms. Sue DeMaio

Mr. Robert DeMallie

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Demarest

Ms. Kelly Dematteo

Mrs. Nicole M. DeMattia

Ms. Kathleen DeMeo

Robin Demougeot and Peter Archer

Madeline Dennis Raleigh and Michael Raleigh

Mr. and Mrs. David J. DeRubeis

Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Dery

Mr. Scott DeShong and Ms. Anne Flammang

Ms. Carrie DesJardins

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Despathy

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Destefanis

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Detjen

Ms. Jeanne Deyo

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiBenedetto

Mr. and Mrs. Rich DiBonaventura

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiBonaventura

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Dickinson

Mr. Rolf C. Dietrichson

Ms. Ellen DiGioia-Cannizzaro

Mr. Paul DiMauro

Mr. Edward J. Dimmock

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Dimock

Ms. Geraldine Diorio

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent N. DiPierro

Ms. Maura Dojny

Ms. Rebecca Dombrowski and Ms. Danielle Brown

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Teresa Domnauer and Brendone Romcke-Harber

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Donegan

Mr. John Donohue

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Donovan

Mr. Matthew Dorfman

Ms. Elizabeth Dorney

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Dowd

Mr. and Mrs. John Dresty, III

Ms. Wendy Dreyer

Ms. Katherine Drumm

Ms. Charmine Dubrino

Mr. Richard J. Duddy

Daniel and Emily Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dugan, Jr.

Ms. Brittan Horton Dunlap

Mr. and Mrs. David Durant

Jay and Joann Durst

Ms. Laura S. Dwinells

Mr. Tom Dzialo

Ms. Jill Echevarria

Mr. Jefferson Edman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Edwards

Ms. Allyssa Ehlers

Mr. John Ehrenreich

Mrs. Maria Ehrhardt

Ms. Loretta Eisler

Erica and Ilya Eliashevsky

Ms. Eva Elinskas

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ellis

Ms. Portia Elmer

Jeffrey and Lesa Enchura

Ms. Jennifer Enxuto

Mrs. Donna L. Eriksen and Mr. Tom Finan

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Estes

Mr. Jonathan Etkin

Ms. Susan Etkind

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ettl

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ettlinger

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Evans

Mrs. Judith E. Ewing

Dr. Jeannette Faber and Dr. Caroline Loeser

Ms. Susan Falzone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Farakos

Ms. Margaret H. Farinato

Mr. Kevin Farmham

Ms. Hila Farnsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Farnum

Ms. Lisa Fazzino

Karen and Richard Fecko

Mrs. Karen A. Feinberg

Ms. Natalia Feinstein

Allan and Barbara Feldman

Lenore Felpel and James Hamel

Mrs. Faith Ferrall

Robert Ferrante and Maite Barainca

Ms. Alexandra Ferrari

Mr. Curtis Ferree

Ms. Lindsay Field

Ms. Nicole Figueroa

Ms. Sarah Figueroa

Margaret and Erol Fikrig

Atty. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fila

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Filardi

Ms. Meghan Finley

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fino

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Flick

Ms. Christine Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fodeman

Mr. Aaron Foint and Mrs. JulieAnne Mercier-Foint

Richard and Kerstin Forrester

Mr. Robert Forsten and Family

Mrs. Cathyanne Forstl

Dr. Solandy Forte

Ms. Joan Fortin

Mr. George Fowler and Ms. Carol Roehr

Ms. Kristina Fracassini

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Francoeur

Dr. Marion E. Frank

Ms. Mary Frazeur

Ms. Susan M. Freimuth

Mr. and Mrs. David Frioni

Ms. Laura Frommer

Ms. Susan Froshauer and Mr. Philip Mancini

Mr. George Fugger

Sally and Robert Fulcher

Mr. William J. Gaffey

Mrs. Heather Gagliardo

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Gaines

Mr. Richard Galante

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Galanti

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Galbraith

Ms. Traci Gallagher

Mrs. Kathleen Gallo

Robert and Virginia Gamper

Ms. Susan Ganley

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Ganter

Ms. Aimee Garbett

Ms. Kathy Garmus

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Garskof

Gay Gasser and Paul Berg

Ms. Monica Gat

Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Gauthier

Ms. Roxanne Genay and Family

Ms. Seanna Gendreau

Ms. Stacey Gendreau

Ms. Shelly Gentile

Ms. Janet Gentili

Carrie and Steven Gettings

Ms. Joanna Giddings

Mr. Joseph J. Gilbert and Ms. Nancy Folini

Ms. Jessica Gillmore

Mr. and Mrs. James Gilloran

Mr. and Mrs. Warren O. Gilmour

Mr. Joseph Gionfriddo

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nishball

Ms. Maria Giurdanella

Trisha and Troy Glaser

Sheila Gleason and Harold Moritz

Janice and Randall Glenney

Ms. Megan Glick and Ms. Laura Grappo

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Glynn

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Godar

Ms. Anita Goddard

Mr. Timothy Goddard

Mr. H. Kent Goetjen

Dr. Bernardo A. Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Goode

Mr. Dane Goodson

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Goodwin

Mrs. Sandra J. Goralnick

Amy and Seth Gordon

Mr. Michael Gorman and Ms. Stefanie Berns

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gotfried

Ms. Cheryl A. Goulette

Mr. Lawrence A. Grab, Jr.

Ms. Lesley Graham

Dr. Catherine Graziani and Mr. Michael Markowicz

Great Beginnings Montessori School

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Greenberg

Bill and Sandie Greene

Ms. Brenda Greene

Ms. Diane M. Greenhill

Mr. and Mrs. James Grissom

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Grist

Mr. Michael Grow

Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Gruning

Karen and Henry Guasp

Mr. Jayseth Guberman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gudz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gueldner

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Guglietta

Ms. Alice Guido

Guilford Free Library

Mr. Robert G. Gulas

Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Gustafson

Gwen and Roald Haaland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hackett

Ms. Anne Hall

Mr. David B. Hall

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Hall

Ms. Patricia Hamlin

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hammond

Ms. Rebecca Hammond

Mrs. Seyra Hammond

Katherine Hampton and Jim Davis

Ms. Roberta J. Hanlon

Melissa and Jason Hanna

Briana and Steve Hanson

Ms. Michele Haramis

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Harding

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Harrington

Mr. Jim Harris

Mrs. Lisa Harris

Ms. Patricia A. Harris

Ms. Carolyn Hart

Ms. Claudia Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Hart

Ms. Lynn Hartigan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Harvell

Ms. Heather Haskedakes

Mrs. Dagny Hassinger

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hassinger

Atty. Kristen Noelle Hatcher

Corina Havard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Havard

Mr. Griffin Haviar

Ms. Linda L. Hawkes

Mr. John Hawkins

Ms. Kathleen Hawkins

Mr. Robert Hayford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hearne

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Hedden

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Hedin

Ms. Kristen Heitert and Mr. Daniel Forrest

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Heitzman

Dr. and Mrs. Warren Heller

Ms. Diana L. Hendrickson

Dr. Laurel E. Hennebury

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Henry

Ms. Shannon Herman

Ms. Mary Sue Hermann

Ms. Christina Herrick

Dr. and Mrs. Victor C. Herson

Ms. Heather Hescheles Gagne and Mr. Jeremy Gagne

Ms. Peggy Sue Hessler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. James Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Hinchman

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Hine

Mr. Laurence R. Hinkley

Mary Hobson and Anne Hulick

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hohmeister

Ms. Kelly Holewa

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hollander

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hollenbeck

Ms. Susan Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Holt

Ms. Megan Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. William Hopf

Mr. Andrew Horan

Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Horan

Ms. Emily J. Horning and Mr. David Zukowski

Ms. Mirian Hoy

Ms. Jennifer Hradek and Mr. Steven Colon

Ms. Linda Hubbard

Ms. Deborah L. Hubbell and Ms. Linda Wenner

Mr. Edarrel Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Huff

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hughes

Ms. Elisabeth Hull and Mr. Samuel Gambrell

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Huntington

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Huntley

Dr. Rebecca Huselid

Ms. Michelle Hyland

Ms. Georgette Hyman

Ms. Martha M. Ian

Ms. Jacqueline Igliozzi

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ingalls

Dr. Tiffanie Itsou

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ives

Ms. Cynthia Jacobsen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Jacobson

Mr. William R. Jaffee

Dr. Neha Jain

Mrs. Nancy James

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jamison

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Jankovic

Ms. Janelle Jansson and Mr. Luis Diaz

Ms. Cecilia Jaoude

Ms. Anne Jasorkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jeanetti

Ms. Meredith Jeffery

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Jenkins

Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Joakim

Ms. Margaret Job

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Joerchel

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Johnson

Ms. Holly A. Johnson

Mrs. Jennifer Johnson and Mr. Keith Saunders

Ms. Kate Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Johnson

Mr. Darrell Jones

Ms. Deborah A. Jones

Edward and Leslie Jones

Ms. Joan Jones

Linda and Charles Jones

Ms. Tracy Jones

Ms. Anna Jones-Iacovella and Mr. Dan Iacovella

Mrs. Mary Jonker

Ms. Tessa Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jorge

Ms. Mary Claire Kacerik

Mr. and Mrs. Seann Kalagher

Katherine Kamen and Kevin Huelster

Ms. Heather Kamykowski

Mr. Robert Kanabis

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Kaplan

Mr. Erdem Karatekin and Ms. Monica Perez del Rio

Ms. Olena Karayanidi

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Karwoski

Ms. Geri Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Dmitri Katzman

Ms. Jan Kaufman

Ms. Jennifer Kazakewich

Rita and Richard Kearney

Ms. Courtney Keating

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Keener

Ms. Francesca Kefalas

Martha Keifer and Stephen Cissell

Suzanne Keiser Laginestra and Michael Laginestra

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kelleher

Ms. Ashley Keller

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Keller

Karen Kellerman and Peter Arakas

Ms. Kristin Keneally

Mr. Harry Kettel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Kiernan

Ms. Tara Killeen

Ms. Laurel Killough and Mr. Gustavo Fernandez

Ms. Sharon King

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay King

George Kingston and Jean Delaney

Mrs. Sibylle Kinley

Ms. Kate Kirk

Ms. Katherine Kirk

Mr. John Kirmayer

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kirsheman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kirt

Cathy Klein and Steven Grover

Mrs. Elizabeth Kleinbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Kneeland

Ms. Kristin Knowles

Ms. Leigh Knuttel

Mr. and Mrs. William Kocher

Gary and Jo Ann Koebbe

Ms. Ellen Koh

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kohari

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kohl

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Korin

Ms. Jennifer Kornish and Ms. Jenifer Salamino

Mr. Eugene M. Koss

Ms. Yanina Kostina

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kotchko

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Koval

Ms. Carol Kranowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kreitler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kreitner

Dr. Mary Kremer

Mr. and Mrs. Derik Kruger

Ms. Susan Kruger

Mr. Paul E. Krysiak

Daniel Ksepka and Kristin Lamm

Mr. W. Bruce Kueffner

Ms. Hedwige Kuepper

Ms. Kimberly Kulenych

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kurimai

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kurlowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kurose

Ms. Dana Kuyper

Ms. Tatyana Kvanli

Ms. Polly LaBarre

Mr. Matthew Labbe

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Labella

Ms. Susan Lafond

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lally

Mr. and Mrs. G. Kinsey Lamb

Scott Lambert and Michele Guertin

Mr. Francis E. Lamboley, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lamoin

Ms. June C. Lamoureux

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Langdon

Ms. Laurel Laporte-Grimes

Mrs. Linda Lavender

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Layton

Mr. Ted Layton

Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Leabman

Ms. Sarah Lebov

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Lecky

Nora K. Lee

Ms. Prissy Lee

Mr. Robert Santangelo and Ms. Terry B. Leferson

Mr. Gene M. Leganza and Ms. Theresa Brady

Ms. Sally Lehoux

Ms. Rachel Leigh

Ms. Jessica Lein

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Leite

Atty. Jerald Lentini

Ms. Kaitlin Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Grant C. Leschin

John and Janet Lett

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Levada

Ms. Anne LeVasseur

Ms. Kate Levieff

Ms. Kari Levinson Craig

Mr. David R. Lewis

Ms. Mary H. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lewis

Ms. Judith A. Lhamon

Coren and Shun Liang

Ms. Diane A. Libbey

Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Amanda A. Lindberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindberg

Rev. and Mrs. Matthew Lindeman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Lindner

Ms. Tullia Lindsten

James Link and Pat McNichol

Ms. Deborah Lissfelt and Mr. David W. Payne

Ms. Kyra Litschauer

Ms. Elizabeth Litt and Mr. Edward Randall

Ms. Christine Liu

Ms. Merita Lleshi

Mrs. Jane Loda

Ms. Millie Loeb

Ms. Margaret J. Loew

Mr. Lucien Lombardi

Mr. and Mrs. C. Donald Lord

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lord

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Love

Dr. Beth Ann Loveland Sennett and Mr. Tom Sennett

Mr. and Mrs. Peter LoVerme

Mrs. Elaine Lowe

Dr. Roy Zagieboylo and Dr. Susan I. Lowery

Mr. and Mrs. Xander Lowry

Ms. Xianghua Lu

Dr. Donald Lukaszek

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lukawicz

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lyman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lyngaas

Ms. Dawn MacAllister

Ms. Vanessa Macary

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Maciag

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory MacKay

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mackey

Ms. Nanda K. Madhavaram

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Madia

William and Nora Magi

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Main

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Malane

Alan and Lisa Malina

Ms. Kate Manahan

Wayne and Jan Manchester

Ms. Susan Mancuso

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mandelbaum

Ms. Julie Manwaring

Ms. Delphine Marden and Mr. Billy Diaz

Atty. Linda Mariani

Mr. Peter Marin

Ms. Lara Martin

Ms. Nancy E. Martin and Mr. John Collins

Ms. Marybeth Martinez

Ms. Sarah Martz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marx

Ms. Kathryn Mascia

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mastrianna

Mr. Thomas Mathes

Ms. Agnella Matic

Damon and Marie Vocke

Ms. Stephanie Maurer

Ms. Wendy Maxwell

Mr. Albert F. May

Ms. Deborah Mayer

John and Carol Mazza

Ms. Josephine Mazzarella

Ms. Holly Mazzeo

Ms. Kara Mazzola and Mr. Daniel McGinn

Ms. Sarah McAleer

Mr. James S. McAlister

Ms. Alison McBain

Mr. and Mrs. Blair McBeth

Ms. Haley McCarthy and Ms. Elizabeth Glatt

Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy

Mr. Thomas R. McCauly

Ms. Ruth McClenning

Ms. Heidi McCloskey

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCorkle

Shaye Anne McCormick and David Terrell

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. William McEwen

Mrs. Joan McGinn

Dr. Kim McGinnis

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. McGovern

Christina McGowan and Douglas Wray

Mr. and Mrs. Casey McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGrath

Maria and Michael McGrath

Mr. Steve McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Terence McGuire

Mrs. Alexandra McHale

Mr. and Mrs. James W. McKay

Mrs. Margaret A. McKulsky

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McMahon

Lynn and Jim McNulty

Ms. Sandra McShane

Mr. Robert J. Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Medeiros

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Meehan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Meigs

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Mele

Ms. Sandra J. Mello and Mr. Robert Langlois

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Melvin

Mr. Jacob Mendelssohn and Ms. Joan Walden

Ms. Linda Menkes

Dr. Patricia Mennitt

Mr. and Mrs. John Merola

Ms. Susan L. Merola

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Merrigan

Ms. Cynthia Merritt

Mr. Ted Merritt

Mr. Peter Mesavage

Ms. Sandra J. Messick

Ms. Kristin Meyer and Mr. Paul Schlickmann

Mr. Joseph A. Milano

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miley

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Miller

Mr. Dane Miller

Frederick and Louise Miller

Ms. Nancy H. Miller

Susan Milne and Vincent Arcovitch

Mrs. Susan Mingione and Family

Ms. Pia Miranda

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mirer

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Mis

Mrs. Usha Mistry

Mr. Matt Modafferi

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monitto

Ms. Mickel Montano and Mr. Robert Pacelli

Ms. Anne Marie Monteiro

Ms. Jennifer Montgomery

Ms. Meredith Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Moore

Mr. Peter Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moore

Herbert and Jennifer Moorin

John and Noreen Moreschi

Ms. Elsa Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morgan

Andy and Gail Morris

Mrs. Hilary Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrisroe

Ms. Deborah L. Morrissette

Mr. Clark Moseley

Mr. Ira Moses

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mrsich

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Mueller

Ms. Joan M. Munger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Murray

Mrs. Shannon Murray

Ms. Kendall Musgrave

Mr. Randall Muska

Mr. Steven C. Muska

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mussen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myslenski

Ms. Anne Naab

Ms. Lisa M. Nadeau

Dr. Denise Nadler

Mr. Christopher Nashawaty

Ms. Aleta Naujunas

Mr. Rich Neal

Mr. and Mrs. George Neamonitis

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson

Ms. Emily Nester and Ms. Cherra Wheeler

Ms. Stephanie Newell

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Newman

Ms. Elizabeth Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey T. Nichols

Mr. John Nichols

Ms. Andrea Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Nielsen

Mr. Brian O. Normandin

Nelson and Margaret North

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. John Notar-Francesco

Ms. Carol Noyes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Nuccio

David and Maria Nulf

Ms. Marilyn O?Donnell

Ms. Erica O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. James O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Mark O’Brien

Aileen and John O’Connell

Ms. Mary O’Dell

Mr. and Mrs. John O’Donnell

Ms. Deborah OKeefe

Ms. Rowena R. Okie

Olde Ripton Garden Club of Shelton

Marie and James Olden

Mr. Daniel O’Leary

Ms. Francine C. Olender

Loraine and John Orban

Gary and Lesley Orlowski

Osborn Hill School PTA

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Oster

Mr. Alexander Ostrowski

Ms. Christine A. Ostrowski

Mr. Guobin Ou and Ms. Jing Deng

Ms. Lianne Owen

Ms. Lauren Pacelia

Ms. Christine Pacelli

Jeanine and Frank Pagliaro

Mr. Antimo Palmieri

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Palmieri

Mr. and Mrs. Rajendra M. Palnitkar

Ms. Martha Paquette

Mrs. Pheroza Parashar

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Parent

Mr. Matt Parise

Mr. Christopher R. Parkes

Matthew and Laurie Parnell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Parsons

Ms. Marjorie Pasternak

Ms. Elizabeth H. Patterson

Ms. Kathleen Pavelcak

Mr. Justin Pearlman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pearston

Laura and David Pels

Dr. Laura E. Pence

Ms. Sofia Pendley

Mrs. Jessica Penfield

Ms. Valeria Penn

Dr. and Mrs. Clayton A. Penniman

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perez

Ms. Jocelyn Perez

Chester Perkins and Terry Beardsley

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Perloff

Mr. Peter B. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pestka

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Peterson

Mr. Chris Petherick

Mr. Frank Petise

Ms. Mary Petrie

Mr. Daniel Pickett

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piela

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pillo

Ms. Molly Pimenta

Ms. Kathy Pinicham

Mr. Richard Pinto

Ms. Maria Pirro

Heather and Shawn Pishka

Ms. Susan E. Pitt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Plotnick

Mr. Gregory Plover

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Plummer

Ms. Cornelia Ponath

Ms. Courtney Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Popeleski

Dr. Edith Posselt and Mr. Hal Posselt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Possick

Dr. Meredith Poster

Ms. Kelly D. Pothier

Mr. Sean Powers

William and Candace Powers

Mr. and Mrs. William Powning

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Prisloe

Ms. Miranda Procko

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Proctor

Ms. Ashley Progano

Mr. Charles F. Pullaro

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Purrone

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Putnam

Ms. Melissa Quan

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Querker

Ms. Cara Quigley

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Quinlan

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Quintal

Ms. Lisa Quirindongo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Raff

Mr. Inocensio Ramos

Ms. Christine Ranno

Ms. Danielle Rathey

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rawson

Mr. Tom Rawson

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Raymond

Ms. Kathleen Raymond

Mrs. Martha Rebocho

Mr. Matthew Reda

Ms. Maggie Redfern

Mr. Seth Redfield and Ms. Kathe Podgorski

Mr. Joseph Redman

Ms. Amy Reger and Mr. Brian Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. David Rehder

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Renovitch

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ressi di Cervia

William and Ellen Rewinski

Ms. Klaudia Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Riccio

Elizabeth and Keith Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Richards

Mr. Bruce Richardson

Beth and Frederick Richter

Ms. Loralee Richter

Ms. Stephanie Richter

Ms. Janet Ridenour

Ms. Ellen Riker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Riley

Linda and David Ring

Ms. Michelle Riordan-Nold

Ms. Sara Rivela

Mrs. and Mr. Tara Rizzo

Norman and Sandra Roberts

Joan Rice Robinson

Ms. Allison K. Roche

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun P. Roche

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Rodgers

Ms. Carmen Rodriguez

Ms. Chrissie Rodriguez

Mr. Sergio Rodriguez and Ms. Sarah Ginnetti

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Roger

Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Rogers

Ms. Karyn L. Romajas

Mr. Frank Romano

Mrs. Susan L. Romatzick

Mr. Marice Rose

Mr. Nathan B. Rosebrooks

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Rossman

Ms. Deborah J. Rothberg

Ms. Kelly Rounseville

Mr. and Mrs. Andre P. Roussel

Sydney and Peter Rowland

Ms. Naida Rozenvald

Mr. and Mrs. William Rubidge

Ms. Jennifer Rubin

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Rudolf

Ms. Penelope Rudy

Mrs. Gisele Russano

Mr. Colin Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rzasa

Ms. Mara Saccente

Ms. Katherine Sadowski

Ms. Denise Saez

Mr. Robert Sahlstrand

Ms. Michele Salce

Mr. Roger Saleeby

Ms. Jennifer Salkin

Ms. Elena Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sandel

Mr. Robert Santangelo and Ms. Terry B. Leferson

Ms. Erika Sautman

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Saxon

Mr. and Mrs. William Scalise

Ms. Stephanie Schacher and Mr. Marty Klein

Ms. Susan Schade

Mr. Lawrence M. Schaefer

Ms. Irene Scheibner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlechter

Mrs. Meriwether C. Schmid

Judy and Terry Schmitt

Ms. and Mr. Bianca Schmucker

Ms. Tanya Schneider and Mr. Brian Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Schnierlein

Mr. Kurt R. Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Louis O. Schueler

Mr. Jeremy Schulz

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schwinn

Jean and Robert Scialabba

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Scudder

Ms. Kristina Scully

Ms. Michelle Seagull

Mr. Henry M. Seifert

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy E. Self

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O. Sellevaag

Mr. and Mrs. David Semanchik

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Sessions

Mr. and Mrs. Abhinav Seth

Ms. Alison Seyal

Ms. Margaret C. Shanks

Ms. Cindy Shanley

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Shantz

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shaplin

Dr. Dianna Shattuck

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shaw

Mr. Edward C. Shea and Mrs. Kimberley A. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheahan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sheehan

Mr. Phil Sheehan

Mr. Timothy Sheehan

Annabelle and Michael Shepherd

Ms. Elizabeth W. Sheppard

Ms. Adriane Sherman

Mr. Michael Sherman

Mr. Walter Shicko

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shimchick

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Shipman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shirley

Mr. and Mrs. David Shook

Ms. Janine Shumbo-Jenks

Mr. Fred C. Sibley

Ms. Jessica Siegrist

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Siemon

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Silberger

Mr. Thomas Silva

Ms. Eileen R. Simonson

Drs. Jeffrey A. Simpson and Susan J. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Simpson

Paul and Deborah Simpson

Mr. Jeffrey C. Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Singh

Mr. Gerald Sitko and Ms. Kristin Quinn

Mrs. Elizabeth Skinski

Ms. Carol E. Skog

Mrs. Anima Slangen

Ms. Kathryn Slanski

Ms. Elizabeth Slaughter

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Smith

Barbara and Edward Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith

Ms. Erika Smith

Ms. Katie Smith

Dr. Kristine Smith and Mr. Jason Berkowitz

Ms. Cathy Smith

Melissa and Eric Smith

Ms. Rosemary Smith

Ms. Susan Smith and Mr. Harlan Bass

Mrs. Gillian Smits

Ms. Heather Snell

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sohn

Ms. Aileen Sokol

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sollitto

Ms. Michelle Sonski

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Sorcek

Ms. Misty Sorensen

Mr. and Mrs. Pearson M. Spaght

Douglas and Juliette Spelman

Ms. Marcy Spolyar

Ms. Jackie Squeglia

Ms. Jennifer Staecker

Dr. Michael Stenz and Dr. Eva Skibild

Ms. Laura Stenzi

Ms. Krystle Stevenson

Ms. Kayleigh Stewart

Mrs. Sandra D. Stillman

Ms. Kelli Stock

Peg and Fred Stockman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Stokosa

Ms. Mary J. Stone and Mr. Joel Hawkins

Milburn Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Strait

Ms. Sharon Straka and Mr. Robert Srulowitz

Mr. Michael Strange and Ms. Julia Brion

Ms. Anne Streckfus and Mr. Salvatore Boccuzzi

Ms. Janet Striuli and Mr. Mirco Speretta

Ms. Selina Strong

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Stroup

Ms. Lorella Struzzi

Dr. Silke Sturm

Ms. Tagna Suarez

Mrs. Kathleen Suchy

Ms. Alison Sullivan

Mr. and Ms. Denis R. Sullivan

Mrs. Kimberley Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Summers

Ms. Tara Sunderland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sundman

Mr. Charles M. Super and Ms. Sara Harkness

Thomas and Sandra Swale

Mr. Andre Swarowsky and Ms. Lucia Coelho

Mr. Robert S. Swarr

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Swatt

Ms. Elizabeth M. Sweeney and Mr. Kazuo Mizoguchi

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sweet

Ms. Kamila Szamrej

Mr. Mark Szantyr

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Szczarba

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taddeo

Mr. Suguru Takeguchi

Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Talbot

Ms. Samantha Taraskiewicz

Ms. Jessica Tavenner

Ms. Alexis Taylor

Christina Taylor and Sara Flokos

Ms. Julie H. Taylor

Ms. Katie Taylor

Ms. Sonya Tebo

Ms. Jennifer Terra

Nicholas and Sheila Tetreault

Mrs. Lydia F. Theys

Ms. Alicia Thomas

Ms. Christine Thomas

Ms. Rosalina Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tierney

Mr. Tanner Tietze

Mr. Jeremy Tigano

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Tillinghast

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tillinghast

Mr. Marcus Tilton

Ms. Linda Timman

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Tine

Ms. Rachel R. Titus

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Toner

Ms. Carmen Torres

Ms. Merelys Torres

Ms. Lindsay Totino

Mr. Robert Tripodi

Ms. Lisa Trusdell

Mr. Don Tsai and Ms. Yvonne Su

Dr. Manami Tsutsumi

Walter and Marietta Tucker

Ms. Cynthia Tummins

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Turansky

Ms. Melissa Tweedie

Mrs. Barbara Tyczkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Tyimok

Ms. Diane M. Tyrrell

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Unger

Mrs. Tracy Urgo

Mr. and Mrs. Dougald A. Urquhart

Mr. and Mrs. David Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Van Der Aue

Ms. Jessica Van der Swaagh

Mrs. Anne van Geldern

Peter Van Hagen and Carolyn Davenport

Dr. Anna Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Veikos

Ms. Jacqueline Vernarelli

Mr. Thomas J. Vetter

Ms. Kristen Viesselman

Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Vincent

Mrs. Carol Vincuilla

Ms. Heather Visconti

Ms. Amanda Vitale

Ms. Sherri Vogt

Ms. Antoinette P. Voll

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Voss

Ms. Aimee Waddington

Ms. Melissa Wade

Ms. Meredith Wahl-Jones and Mr. Spencer Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Waimon

Ms. Cassandra Walker

Ms. Ellen M. Wall

Ms. Deirdra Wallin

Mr. and Mrs. Austin K. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Walsh

Linda and Nathan Wang

Ms. Tracy Wang

Ms. Deborah Warren

Ms. Joanne M. Warren

Mr. Joseph Wassong and Ms. Rebecca Skinner

Mr. Sam Waterman

Ms. Linda Waters

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wayland

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weir

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Weiss

Ms. Heather Weitknecht

Carl and Lynn Welshman

Ms. Linda Werner and Mr. Christian Hagaman

Mr. Nicholas Westbrook and Ms. Anne McCarty

Ms. Ivy Wetherell

Mrs. Patricia Wettemann

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Wheelin

Mr. and Mrs. E. John White

Ms. April White Goodier

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. White

Ms. Priscilla J. Whittington

Rep. Patricia M. Widlitz

Mr. William P. Wiehl

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilbur

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Wilk

Ms. Kristen Willett

Mr. and Mrs. McRae Williams

Ms. Nila Williams and Mr. John Miller

Mr. Robert Williams and Ms. Susan Burns

Mrs. Sonya Williams

Thomas and Darlene Williams

Margaret and Whitelaw Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wininger

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Winkelman

Mr. Lewis K. Wise and Ms. Amy Charney

Mrs. Harriet Wiswell

Ms. Marisa Withrow

Ms. Jean Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wood

Mr. Stephen Wood

Ms. Sarah Woods

Ms. Margaret S. Wool

Mrs. Cindy Wright-Jones and Mr. Grant Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wysocki

Dr. and Mr. John Xeller

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Yale

Mr. Thomas Yemm

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Yencho

Mark and Jayne Yerushalmi

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse York

Mr. David K. Young

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Young

Ms. Sybil Young and Mr. Matthew Dojny

Ms. Martha R. Yutzey

Mr. Larry Zaleski

Ms. Corinne E. Zanetti

Mr. Lawrence Zankel

Ms. Kristen A. Zarfos-Vasiliou

Ms. Lori Zaun

Ms. Jennifer Zbell

Ms. Sandra Zeigler

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Zeisler

Ms. Wendy Zimbardi

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Zimmermann

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Haas

Mr. Paul La Pierre

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Yost

Ms. Melinda Tarbell

Beth M. Schauber

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meisner

Tina and Roger Abell

Ellen and Roberto Abutin

Mr. Joseph Adiletta

AIG, Inc.

All Seasons Marine Works

Dr. Heather G. Allore

Ms. Carol J. Altieri

Mr. Paul L. Altieri

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anastasio

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ancel

Ms. Helena C Anderson


Ms. Diane L. Antonelli

Mrs. Ruth Applegate

Ms. Lauren E. Arpin

Ms. Sharon Asselin

Mr. Charles Athenian

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Bacchiocchi

Janet P. Baker

Ms. Pamela Ballard-Ross

Ms. June Penny Balocki

Bank of America Matching Gifts

Ms. Barbara A. Barbato

Ms. Marjorie C. Barker

Mr. Robert H. Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Barrette

Ms. Kathryn R. Barrington

Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Barrios

Ms. Janice Bartholomew

Ms. Susanne T. Battos

Ms. Mildred R. Baxter

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Benoit

Ms. Geraldine Berggren

Ms. Linda R. Bernstein

Mr. Aldo Biagiotti

Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Bierrie

Mr. John Bilotta

Dick Blair

Ms. Ann Blaker

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Blessington

Mr. Douglas B. Bloom

Ms. Elaine M. Bodnar

Mr. Joseph Bogdan

Ms. Sandra T. Bonham

Dr. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr.

Mr. Gilbert Boro

Mr. George Bossers

Mr. Duane Bottino

Mrs. Catherine Boulant

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boulant

Ms. Rebecca Boulet

Ms. Carolyn Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Boyko

Ms. Julia Bragdon

Branford Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. David Brant

Ms. Kathryn Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bridgman

Mr. Carl H. Brolin

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Brotherhood

Mr. and Mrs. Brien R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bruno

Ms. Judith A. Buckley

Ms. Mary L. Buckley

Ms. Carol Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Butler

Amy and Paul Camara

Dr. and Mrs. Ian R. Cameron

Rev. Dana Campbell

Mr. William A. Carboni

Mr. Brett Carey

Dr. Brooke L. Carlson

Mr. Patrick L. Carroll

Ms. Joann M. Carufel

Mr. Auristel F. Castillo

Ms. Jessica Catalano

Ms. Bonnie Cerruti

Chalker Beach Improvement Association

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Chapdelaine

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Charnok

Mr. Steve Chasse

Chiropractic Health Center of Glastonbury

Ms. Ann E. Christmann

Ms. Joan Cimochowski

John and Eleanor Clark

Ms. Sharon Cloutier

Mrs. Clare Coe

Cheryl and Alvin Comen

Ms. Delia Congram

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Conlan

Ms. Colleen H. Connor and Mr. Brian Kelahan

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Conrad

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Constable

Ms. Barbara F. Cook

Douglas and Nan Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Corrigan

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Costello

Ms. Kathleen Cowan

Ms. Marjorie M. Crute

Ms. Marti Curtiss

Mrs. Deborah Cushman

Mr. Chad Czapla

Mr. Robert Dannies

Mr. James E. Darby

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Davis

Mr. Gordon A. Davis

Mrs. Jane M. Davis

Ms. Sandra Davis

Ms. Theresa C. DeFrancis

Mr. and Mrs. John DeGrand

Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeGrand

Dr. Garrett Dell

Mr. Gerhard Deneke

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. DeRosa

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Desmarais

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Dew

Mr. Walter Diaz

Mr. Peter Dickinson

Joan and Jack Dishey

Mrs. Lois M. Doerr

Mr. and Mrs. John Donagher

Mr. Donahue


Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Dondero

Ms. Marcia Donofrio

Ms. Michele L. Drinkwater

Mr. Mark Drummond

Mr. David Dunlop and Mrs. Rebecca Hoefer

Karen Durlach and David Ostrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Drew A. Dutram

Mr. and Mrs. John Early

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Eckman

Mr. Jeff Eckman

Ms. Krysten Ericson

Mrs. Anne Estelle

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Esten

Mr. and Mrs. Deane M. Evans

Ms. Margaret Farrell

Anne and Jason Farrow

Ms. Dolores Favalora

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy J. Favretti

Ms. Lisa Fernandez

Ms. Mary Ann Ferone

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ferrick

Ms. Laurie M. Fichtner

Dr. and Mrs. Judd B. Fink

Mrs. Shirley M. Finney

Mr. William Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fitzsimmons

Mary and James Fleming

Mr. Robert S. Flicker

Mr. Bradley L. Flynn

Suzanne and James Foley

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Fornshell

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Gagnon, Sr.

Ms. Marysue Gailey

Ms. Anne Gallagher

Ms. Junie Gallagher

Ms. Beverly Ganung

Garden Club of New Milford

Ms. Rita Gaspierik

Mr. Ernest Gaudreau

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Geisert

Ms. Lynn A. Giacomucci

Ms. Diane P. Giansanti

Ms. Barbara Gilson

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Glezen

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Goldstein

Ms. Linda Goodman

James and Linda Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Gottlieb

Ms. Vera Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Granville

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gray

Dr. June-Ann Greeley

Dr. David Green and Ms. Maureen Graney

Ms. Karen Gregory

Mr. W. Grant Gregory

Ms. Betty Ann Griffin

Ms. Gail Griffin

Ms. Margaret E. Griffin

Dr. Mary Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gudinkas

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Guida

Gunsmithing, LTD

Ms. and Mr. Elena Gutzmer

Ms. Candace C. Hall

Ms. Madelon O. Hall

Mrs. Mary Ellen Halloran

Mr. Charles Halsey

Mr. and Mrs. Andrus J. Hand

Mrs. Kathleen O. Hanks

Mr. Thomas P. Hannon

Mr. Eric N. Hansen

Ms. Sandra Hansen

Ms. Anne T. Harders

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harma

Harmonic Gardens, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Harriman

Mrs. Wilhelmine Hartong

Maurice and Paula Hebb

Mr. Karl Heilemann

Ms. Veronica Helgans

Ms. Laurie Hemingway

Ms. Patricia Hemingway

Mrs. Melanie Hernandez

Dr. Alfred Herzog

Barbara and Henry Higgins

Mrs. Jennifer R. Hillhouse

Ms. Barbara M. Hilli

Ms. Rose Hiskes

Mr. Michael Hiza

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoffman

Mrs. Lucinda Holbrook

Thomas and Frances Holloway

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Holt

Mr. Leslie Horrell

Ms. Susan Huang and Mr. Oliver Kane

Miss Cecilia R. Hudzik

Mrs. Loisann B. Huntley

Mr. Anthony Irving

Prof. Emer. and Mrs. Alfred L. Ivry

Ms. Elinor James

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Janu

Mrs. Geraldine C. Jenkins

Mrs. Judith B. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. John Johl

Ms. Debra Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Johnson

Ms. Nancy F. Judd

Ms. Laura A. Jutras

Ms. Carol F. Kaimowitz

Mr. and Mrs. James Kallstrom

Mrs. Mary L. Kane

Dr. Joanne Kant

Ms. Doris Kaye

Mr. TJ Kehoe

Ms. Kristi Keil

Mrs. Annette G. Kelly

Ms. Ellen J. Kelly

Mrs. Marie F. Kennedy

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Kent

Ms. Edith M. Kimball

Mrs. L. B. Kimball and Family


Mrs. Jacqueline Kirby

Ms. Kimberly A. Kispert

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Kopyscinski

Ms. Erica Korsu

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kozak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kramer

Ms. Joan M. Kuebler

Ms. Anne Kugielsky

Mrs. Joan Kulikowski

Ms. Diana Roehrs Kunkel

Ms. Anna Kupiec

Ms. Helen H. Kuzina

Mrs. Christine LaBrash

Mr. Paul LaForge

Mr. Wilbur J. Land, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Landry

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaPalombara

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Latko

Ms. Marcia A. Lattimore

Marianne and Christopher Lawther

Dr. Michael D. Leahy

Mrs. June Lee

Mr. Marcus Leef

Mr. Twan Leenders

Ms. Karin Lefranc

Mrs. Janice Lemoine

Valerie and Philip LeMontagne

Mr. Forrest L. Levin

Ms. Doris J. Levinson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Levy

Mr. David Lewin

Mrs. Virginia S. Liddel

Mrs. Nancy C. Liedlich

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Linnetz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lofquist

Ms. Helga B. Lose

Mr. Michael G. MacDonald

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Machledt

Ms. Margaret Mackinnon

Mr. and Mrs. John MacMillan

Kaye and James Maggart

Ms. Karen Marchione

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Maricle

Allen Marks and Julie Roneson

Mr. Philip R. Marsilius

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Martens

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Mashikian

Ms. Patricia E. Mather

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Mattano, Jr.

Ms. Maria Matthies

Mrs. Meredith McClung

Mr. John T. McGarry

Ms. Donna P. McGranaghan

Ms. Deborah McKeever

Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. McKnight

Johanne McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McMerriman

Mr. and Mrs. James McQuade

Ms. Ruth Mersereau

Mr. Robert Methot

Mrs. Elizabeth D. C. Meyer

Mr. William Meyer

Middle Haddam Garden Club

Mr. Albert Miele

Ms. Kristine Miller

Mrs. Rebecca B. Miller

Ms. Barbara Milton

Ms. Sharon J. Miville

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Monahan

Mrs. Mary Jane Monahan

Ms. Keena A. Monsam

Mr. Robert E. Morehouse

Ms. Elizabeth A. Morrison

Ms. Arline Morrissey

Ms. Delor S. Mossey

Ms. Viola Day Mullin

Mr. James A. Mullins

Ms. Janet Mumper

Ms. Ann Munnelly

Mrs. Bernice E. Murphy

Ms. Mary Mushinsky

Mrs. Katharine Newell

Ms. Daphne Nielsen and Mr. Henry Resnikoff

Ms. Ann L. Nolte

Mr. Joseph H. Nugent

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred R. O’Coin

Ms. Sally O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. John C. O’Donnell

Old Saybrook Garden Club

Ms. Ellenor Olson

Ms. Patricia A. O’Rourke

Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Shea

Ms. Suzanne Oslander

Mr. Samuel S. Pagano and Ms. Susan Z. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Panciera

Mr. Sebastian F. Panioto

Mr. Joseph A. Paoletta

Ms. Melinda Papowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Renaud Parent

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pastore

Ms. Janice Patzold

Mr. and Mrs. Giles Payne

Ms. Dorothy Pease

Ms. Christine Peckaitis

Ms. Diana Pelletier

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pepin

Ms. Maggie Peretto

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Perlin

Ms. Sarah A. Perrotta

Ms. Margie Petrilli

Mr. Jay Petrow and Mrs. Nancy E. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Petry

Mrs. Anita E. Pfluger and Mr. Robert Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Piazza

Mrs. Alberta Pichey

Ms. Joan H. Piercey

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Piescik

Lawrence Dowler

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pisani

Ms. Margaret Pisani

Leslie Pitman

Ms. Mary Shea Pitt

Ms. Patricia Plavnicky

Michael and Susan Pohlod

Ms. Marjorie A. Porter

Ms. Julia P. Post

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Povman

Ms. Judith Pratt

Ms. Mili Rapp

Ms. Jean B. Read

Dr. Robert L. Reginio and Ms. Patrice Horan

Mr. Stanley W. Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. James Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rifkin

Ms. Caryn E. Rifkin

Ms. Judith Riley

Carol O. Rindfleisch

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Ringrose, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ringrose

Ms. Kathleen S. Ritchie

Brian and Jacqueline Rivard

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Roach

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Roach

Ms. Mercedes J. Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. O. Pomeroy Robinson

Ms. Connie Rockman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rose

Ms. Celie G. Rosenau

Ms. Irene H. Ross

Mr. Charles S. Rotenberg

Ms. Anita M. Rothblum

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Rozanski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Russell

Ms. Sarah M. Ryan

Ms. Audrey K. Saad

Mr. Peter Sagnella

Mr. Stanley Salland

Mrs. Sharon W. Salling

Ms. Kathryn Salwen

Ms. Diane Sargent

Ms. Claire Sauer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Savage

Mr. Thomas R. Saxton

Mr. John Sayers

Ms. Leslye R. Schaefer

Mr. Daniel Scheiman

Ms. Dorothy A. Schemehl

Elizabeth M. Schmitt

Ms. Penny G. Schnell

Ms. Jayne Searl

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. See

SEI Private Trust Company

Mr. Donald R. Seifel

Ms. Elodie Semmelrock

Ms. Robin Senese

Ms. Louisa H. Severance

Ms. Lauren G. Shafer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Shaw

Mr. Daniel Shea

Mr. Keith Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sibicky

Mrs. and Mr. Priscilla E. Siebecker

Ms. Phyllis M. Simjian

Ms. Janice Simjian-Jones

Ms. Barbara Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. David Simpson

Joan and Arthur Singer

Miss Michele Sinkez

Mr. Kenneth W. Smiley

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Smith

Mr. Bradford Smithers

Mrs. Elizabeth Smyth

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Soeder

Ms. Elissa A. Sommer

Mr. John Soper

Matthew Soule

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Southam

Ms. Hilda Speicher

Mr. and Mrs. David Speirs

Dr. Musa L. Speranza

Ms. Sue E. Stanley and Mr. Greg Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Stebbins

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell W. Steele

Ms. Sandra T. Stein

Ms. Elina Stelman

Dr. Sandra B. Stern

Ms. Janelle K. Stevens

Ms. Jill W. Stevens

Mr. James M. Stevenson-Mathews

Mrs. Patricia M. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Stofferahn

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Stoloff

Ms. Elisabeth Stonehill

Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Stoppelman

Storey Publishing LLC

Ms. Susan Stradecki

Ms. Catherine Strauch

Mr. William Such

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sulger

Ms. Donna Summers

Ms. Patricia Suprenant

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swibold

Ms. Wendy Swift

Dr. Eileen Sypher

Mr. Brian Talbot

Mr. Christopher Tamm

Mr. Charles I. Tannen

Ms. Shirley Tanner

Ms. Doris E. Tariska

Ms. Judith J. Tattar

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Tausche

Ms. Deirdre Taylor

Ms. Ruth P. Telep

Mrs. Andrea Z. Thiede

Mr. Paul R. Thoma

Ms. Susanna M. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Thompson

Timothy Dwight School PTA

Mr. Arthur R. Tinsz

Mr. August Tomasetti

Ms. Denise Trammel

UBS Financial Services

Unilever United States

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alexander Urquhart, Jr.

Valley Springs Sportsmen’s Club, Inc

Mr. William R. Van Loan

Mrs. Sally S. Vaun

Ms. Nicole Veno

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vitti

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wahl

Mr. Alvin Wainhaus

Mr. Lesley Waldron

Jacqueline and John Wallace

Mrs. Sally Z. Wallace

Mr. Lloyd Walling

Wallingford Public Library

Baxter and Patricia Walsh

Ms. Elizabeth B. Walsh

Walt Disney Company Foundation, The

Ms. Anne P. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warren

Ms. Barbara Wasdo

Mr. Tobias W. Watson

Ms. Marjorie N. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wehking

Ms. Edith C. Weighart

Rita A. Weinstein

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Weiss

Ms. Stephanie Weissglas

Mr. Neal B. Wellins

Mr. Joseph Welsh

Ms. and Mr. Theresa West

Mr. Charles P. White

Ms. Christine M. White

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. White

Diana M. Whitelaw

Carl Wies and Margot Hardenbergh

Ms. Wendi M. Wight

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wilkins

Ms. Alyson Williams

Mr. Andrew Williams

Ms. Barbara Williams

Mr. Dennis Williams

Ms. Emily Williams

Ms. Heather N. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wojcik

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wraight

Ms. Diane Wright

Mrs. Rosemarie Xavier

Ms. Debra L. Young

Mr. and Mrs. James Young

Thomas Zawislinski

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Zielinski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haas

Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Krumperman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Solano

Mr. Briggs Tobin

Ms. Karel Citroen

Ms. Kimberly J. Crocco

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maningas

Mr. and Mrs. Jaroslaw Sejdor

Ms. Susan Abbood

Alan and Pamela Abel

Ms. Margaret Ackerson

Ms. Patricia H. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ahearn

Ms. Rowena Ahia

Ms. Helen M. Aiello

Mrs. Lois D. Aime

Ms. Rosemarie Alberini

Ms. Mary E. Albro

Mr. Nicholas A. Algiero

Mr. and Mrs. William Allen

Patricia and Milton Amaral

Ms. Carolyn H. Arnold

Ms. Eleanor Babbitt

Ms. Crystal Babin

Ms. Kristen Bachorowski

Mr. Andrew Bakulski

Ms. Annette L. Barbay

Mr. Robert J. Barbieri

Mr. John P. Baronoski, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Barry

Ms. Maureen Bashaw

Ms. Pamela J. Bayer

Mr. William J. Becker

Ms. Liz Bell

Mr. Stephen J. Bendas

Mr. Brian Bennett

Ms. Patricia Bennett

Ms. Lissa F. Bentley

Mr. Andrew G. Berezowski

Mr. David Bergamo

Ms. Sharon L. Bernd

Ms. Cheryl L. Blum

Eileen and Lewis Bly

Ms. Ruth D. Bockus

Mr. Paul Boileau

Anne and Kurt Bolin

Mr. Douglas B. Boothroyd

Ms. Bernadette Boulais

Ms. Leila R. Bowman

Ms. Lynne Boyd

Mrs. Maria P. Brandriff

Ms. Jayne-Dawn Brautigam

Mr. James H. Brown, Jr.

Mrs. Tonya Brownell

Ms. Heather Brunelle

Ms. Mary T. Buley

Mrs. Kathryn S. Burke

Michele and Douglas Burke

Mrs. Laurie Burt

Ms. Lisa Butler

Mr. Michael Cadden

Mr. Joseph Cala

Ms. Sandra Calkins

Ms. Nancy L. Carberry

Mrs. Kimberly Carew

Ms. Maureen A. Carey

Ms. Karen A. Carr

Ms. Enriqueta Carter-Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Caselli

Ms. Constance Castner

Chace Building Supply Co., Inc.

Ms. Louise Chadborne

Ms. Catherine Chalk

Theresa Champagne

Mr. Jeff Champion

Ms. Heather Chapman

Mrs. Robyn Charmel

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Chaterdon-Perry

Ms. Shulamith Chernoff

Ms. Laurie Chisholm

Mrs. Karen M. Clark

Ms. Louise Clark

Ms. Mary K. Clark

Ms. Shannon Clarkson

Ms. Elena S. Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cohen

Ms. Lisa B. Connelly

Ms. Mary Covello

Mr. Lincoln W. Craighead

Ms. Ellen C. Cramp

Mrs. Lynn Craska

Mr. Kristopher Crawford

Mr. Steven W. Culton

Mrs. Carole M. Czepiel

Ms. Deborah A. Dahlgren

Mr. R. Gordon Dailey, Jr.

Mr. Dennis J. Daniels

Dr. Robin Danzak

Mr. Gregg A. Davis

Ms. Nancy DeLuca

Ms. Donna DeSimone

Bethany and Mike Desjardin

Ms. Aili diBonaventura

Ms. Sandra Dietrich

Ms. Deborah DiQuinzio

Mr. Robert P. Donlin

Ms. Nancy Dorsey-Mott

Ms. Catherine A. Downie

Mr. David M. DuBois

Ms. Jean Dwyer

Mr. Gene Eastwood

Ms. Beth Eaton

Ms. Cynthia Ehlinger

Ms. Lisa Eleck

Mr. Barry Elliott

Mr. Jeffrey B. Elster

Mr. Robert L. Estep

Dr. and Mrs. David D. Evans

Elizabeth Evans and Jeanne Pollak

Mrs. Joanne Fasciolo

Ms. Vicki Favreau

Mr. Dirk Fecho

Ms. Maria L. Ferreira

Kathleen J. Finnigan

Mrs. Dianna M. Firlik

Ms. Paula Fischer

Ms. Stephanie Fischer

Timothy Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fisher

Dr. Hope K. Fitz

Mrs. Linda Fitzgerald

Ms. Linda Floyd

Ms. Megan Floyd

Ms. Jennifer Fontanella

Mr. John H. Ford

Ms. Susan C. Foster

Mr. Victor E. Fox

Ms. Constance Fraser

Donna and Lawrence Fritz

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fulton

Mr. Paul J. Fusco

Ms. Karen Gallo

Mr. Peter Garcia

Ms. Lynn Gardner

Ms. Patricia Gasper

Ms. Kathy Geer

Mrs. Karen Geisler

Ms. Marie A. Geissler

Ms. Christina Gelb

Denise and Paul Gesner

Ms. Melissa Gibbons

Ms. Maria A. Gionfriddo

Cantor Dorothy Goldberg

Ms. Kathleen Gomez

Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Goodrich

Mr. Timothy Gotsick

Ms. Catherine Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Gray

Mr. Jonathan B. Greenberg

Ms. Virginia Greene

Mr. Michael Gregory

Ms. Natalie Griffin

Mr. Kevin A. Grifford

Mrs. Donna Groccia-Lubik

Ms. Manolita Gude

Mrs. Denise Gugliotti

Ms. Dorothy A. Gutaj

Ms. Mary E. Haggett

Ms. Lisa Halpin

Ms. Sally Halsey

Ms. Donna R. Hansen

Mr. Eric Hansen

Ms. Lisa A. Harlow

Ms. Kathryn C. Hastings

Mrs. Mary T. Healey

Mrs. Pam Heffernan

Mr. and Mrs. William Heffernan

Ms. Barbara J. Helming

Atty. James Henke

Mr. David Henkel

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Henson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Herrick, Jr.

Mr. Eugene P. Hickey

Mr. Maury Hill

Ms. Ellen Hines

Mr. Robert L. Hoburg

Ms. Theresa Holder

Ms. Amy Hopkins

Mr. Peter Hornak

Mr. William Hossack

Mr. Julian Hough

Ms. Sheila A. Huddleston

Dr. Angela M. Hudson-Davis

Ms. Barbara H. Johns

Kaye and Scott Johnson

Ms. Lynn A. Johnson

Mr. Dylan Jones

Ms. Emmeline Kaiser

Ms. Amanda Kallenbach

Mr. Donald Kastel

Ms. Grace Kausyla

Ms. Nancy Kaye

Ms. Martha Kayser

Catherine E. Kelly

Ms. Kimberley A. Kendall

Ms. Ellen L. Kennedy

Ms. Grace Kenney

Ms. Allison Kent

Ms. Leanne Kershaw

Ms. Kathy A. Kiely

Ms. Maggie King

Mr. Bradley P. Kjell

Ms. Geraldine Klein-Robbenhaar

Ms. Kathleen Knapp

Ms. Lisa A. Knudson

Mr. Scott Koehler

Mrs. Sue Kozlowski

Mr. Robert Kozuch

Mr. John Kramer

Mr. Irwin M. Krieger

Ms. Dana Laird

Ms. Laura Lamorte

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Landis

Mr. Jonathan Lane

Mrs. Janet Larkin

Ms. Diane Laviano

Ms. Judith Leary

Mr. Scott Leddy

Ms. Judy Legan

Mr. and Mrs. David F. LeJeune

Mr. Ronald A. Letkiewicz

Ms. Martha T. Leveroni

Ms. Ann M. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Lewis

Ms. Elizabeth S. Linde

Ms. Ellen Lindner

Ms. Jacqueline Littlejohn

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lumsden

Ms. Doreen A. Lyons

Ms. Anne MacDonald

Mr. Scott D. MacDonald

Mr. James Magaldi

Ms. Margaret M. Magdon

Mr. Anthony Magnoli

Mr. Nicholas A. Makris

Mr. Peter T. Maloney

Mrs. Nancy Mandeville

Mrs. Susan Mangelsdorf

Mr. Matthew Maramo

Ms. Lisa Markiewicz

Dr. Robert E. Marra

Mr. Phillip E. Marsh

Dr. Gail Martino

Ms. Francisca M. Mathews

Ms. Nancy McClure

Ms. Susan McClure

Ms. Linda McKone

Ms. Marianne V. McNallen

Mr. Tom McNulty

Ms. Ann Meacham

Mr. Clifford Meiselbach

Mr. Mark Melady

Ms. Lisa Meserole

Mrs. Johanne C. Minkley

Ms. Paula Modeen

Mr. Brian Moore

Ms. Mary F. Moriarty

Ms. Barbara A. Morse

Mr. Wilfred J. Morse, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Mott

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Moyer

Ms. Sue Mullaney

Ms. Louise Muller

Ms. Lisa Nakamura

Mrs. Leslie A. Newing

Mrs. Gina Nichol

Ms. Joan Nichols

Mrs. Diane J. Nizlek

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nolan

Mr. Tom Nolan

Ms. Eileen A. Noonan

Mr. Kevin Oakeson

Mr. Donal C. O’Brien, III

Ms. Maureen O’Brien

Mr. Michael J. O’Brien

Mr. Jonathan Oldham

Ms. Barbara C. Oliver

Mr. Patrick Oliver

Ms. Jeannie Oppewall

Mr. John M. Oshlick

Ms. Anne O’Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Sullivan

Mr. Jeffrey C. Paccione

Ms. Nora D. Paige

Ms. Deborah Palladino

Ms. Sharon Palmiero

Mr. Anthony J. Panico

Judith Panthauer

Ms. Maura Paulekas

Ms. Margaret Pechar

Mr. Carl Pedersen

Ms. Beverly A. Perkins

Ms. Claudia Pessagno

Ms. Mary Ellen Petersen

Mr. Thomas Pfeifer

Ann and Roger Phillips

Ms. Jeanne E. Pitney

Mr. Gregory Plante

Ms. Ellynne Plotnick

Ms. Kate Powers

Ms. Catherine Prairie

Mr. Jeffery Priest

Mr. Jonah Propfe

Mrs. Wendy Proto

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Quigley

Ms. Mary Quinn

Ms. Lora L. Rancourt

Ms. Marny Randall

Mr. Kenneth Rapoport

Ms. Elizabeth Rathbun

Mr. Patrick Rathbun

Ms. Nancy Ray

Ms. Jane W. Ready

Dr. Pam M. Reeser

Mr. Bill Reid

Dr. John F. Reiger

Dr. and Ms. Andrew Ricci, Jr.

Mrs. Brenda Rich

Ms. Mary Lynne Riley

Mr. Kenneth A. Rittner

Ms. Marie E. Robert

Mr. James Rogalski

Mr. John P. Rogowski

Mr. Jeffrey E. Rosen

Mr. Donald C. Rosenberg

Richard J. Rothen, Jr.

Ms. Kyle Rothery

Mr. Larry Rubin

Mr. Peter Ruffino

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rugg

Mr. Philip E. Rusch

Mr. Carl Russell

Ms. Valerie E. Salito

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sandgren

Ms. Marie P. Santi

Ms. Loretta Santos

Ms. Karen L. Saunders

Ms. Ingrid P. Saur

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Scalera

Ms. Phyllis Schmidt

Mr. William R. Schnitzel

Mark and Karen Schnitzer

Mr. Christopher P. Sechow

Mr. Jeremy Serwer

Ms. Susanne W. Settineri

Mr. Mark A. Seymour

Dr. Kosha Shah

Mrs. Kathleen Shea

Mr. William J. Shea

Mr. David E. Shellenberger

Ms. Colleen Sherkow

Ms. Pamela R. Shine

Ms. Patricia Shippee

Ms. Christine Simon

Ms. Kathy Simpson

Ms. Lisa Sindoni

Ms. Betty Slanetz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sloat

Geraldine and Jon Smalley

Mr. Theodore Smigelski

Ms. Janet L. Smith

Ms. Paula Smith

Ms. Barbara Smyth

Mr. Iain Sorrell

Ms. Vivian Sorvall

Erica B. Soucy

Ms. Magdalen P. Sparaco

Ms. Rita Spier

Mrs. Maria Spodobalski

Ms. Paula Stahl

Ms. Heidi Staniszewski

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Stannard

Prof. Lynne D. Steeves

Ms. Suzanne Stephenson

Ms. Carol A. Stevens

Mayor Nancy Stogel

Mr. Christopher Stone

Chih-Wu Su

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Sullivan

Ms. Patricia Sullivan

Mr. Trent Sullivan

Mr. Edward J. Swinkoski

Mr. John Tartaglia

Mr. Bradley M. Taylor

Ms. Barbara L. Thom

Ms. Molly Toler

Mr. Jeff Tomei

Ms. Carol A. Topa

Mr. David Smith and Mrs. Susan Totilo-Smith

Ms. Kira Trainor

Mr. Kenneth R. Trapp

Mrs. Elaine Turner

Mr. Brian Twohig

Ms. Elizabeth Tylawsky

Mr. Anthony J. Tylutki

Mr. Gordon D. Underwood

Maureen and Paul Vagnini

Ms. Lisa Vaudreuil

Ms. Brenda L. Viens

Ms. Claudia Volano

Mr. Gary Volz

Mr. Brian M. Voytek

Miss Kathy Walburn

Mr. Anthony W. Walker

Ms. Christie L. Ward

Dr. Sharon Ward

Ms. Holly Watson

Nancy and Mark Weber

Ms. Kathryn M. Whitacre

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Whitaker

Nancy and Peter Whitham

Ms. Debra Williams

Mr. Samuel L. Wilson

Mr. Stuart Winquist

Ms. Donna Winter

Ms. Shelley P. Wood

Ms. Pamela L. Woods

Ms. Heather Yarnall

Mr. Anthony F. Yarochowicz, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Yulo, Jr.

Mr. William Yushkevich

Mr. Eric Zandrow

Ms. Elizabeth Zarrilli

Mr. Frederick Zarrilli

Mr. David Zavarelli

Ms. Cecile D. Zdunich

Ms. Mary Anne Zeh

Mrs. Pamela Zeller

Ms. Stephanie Zoltewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Bird

Emily and Jonathan Green

Ms. Rebecca Bathrick

Ms. Kristy Belejack

Mrs. Joann Blythe

Ms. Susan Carrozza

Ms. Celeste Chartier

Mr. Arthur C. Ciccolo

Ms. Joy Cipollo

Mr. Richard D. Coe

Ms. Marilyn Currier

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Deutsch

Mrs. Gretchen R. Doolittle

Ms. Patricia Dzialo

Ms. Diana H. Erdmann

Ms. Mae Fay

Ms. Terry Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Brock Graham

Ms. Hope Grunske

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hauswirth

Hauswirth Writing Solutions, LLC

Dr. David Hoffman

Ms. Jean Hopkins

Ms. Lucy Kuroghlian

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kuroghlian

Mr. John LaRoche and Family

Ms. Marilyn F. Lassow

Mr. James Leone

Mr. William D. Lepage

Mr. Louie Machado

Mrs. Florence McBride

Ms. Kate Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Mirsky

Mrs. Judith C. Parker

Ms. Sheila Rancourt

Mrs. Dorothy Rodell

Sacred Grounds

Mr. John H. Schaefer

Mr. Donald Straka

Mr. Peter D. Tinkham

Town of Preston

Mr. Jesse Weiss

Ms. June Wildberger

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wright

Ms. Inge Yarri

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Yeaw, Jr.

Ms. Lauren Bernardi

Ms. Kathleen Arsenault

Barbara and Jon Elkow

Mr. Robert T. Leo

Ms. Edith B. Cassidy

Ms. Isabella Bisagni

Ms. Victoria Foulke

Ms. Marge P. Pantirer

Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bauer, DMD

Mr. William Dershowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Silverstein

Ms. Carol Walden

Mr. Ira Wise

Mrs. Samantha Addonizio Butts

Ms. Lenore E. Alves

American Funds

Mr. John Andrulonis

Ms. Marianne E. Antezzo

Mr. Robert W. Apt

Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Ardolino

Mr. James Austin

Ms. Bonnie L. Barillaro

Ms. Noreen Baris

Mr. Peter Barlow

Ms. Karen Barthelson

Mrs. Stephanie Bartlett

Ms. Cecelia B. Bastone

Ms. Cathy Beaulieu

Ms. Margaret A. Bellinger

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Benedict

Mrs. Beverly Bettencourt

Ms. Breana Bietsch

Ms. Jess Block and Mr. Palmer

Dr. G. Peter Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. George Boncek

Ms. Judith A. Bonenfant

Dr. Pennie S. Branden, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Brant

Ms. Joanne M. Brauner

Mr. Brian Briggs

Mr. Philip Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Brummett

Mr. Clifford Bunting

Ms. Sylvia M. Burke

Ms. Deborah Burnaman

Mr. Timothy A. Burns

Mrs. Fay T. Cafferty

Leo Caffrey, DVM

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Canfield

Ms. Susan Carlson

Ms. Janet Case

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Cerrato

Mr. Michael A. Christ

Ms. Ellen S. Cifone

Ms. Barbara Cisco

Ms. Linda Clement

Ms. Patricia Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cohn

Ms. Diane Cooper

Ms. Debbie Corcione

Ms. Antoinette Criscuolo

Ms. Sharon Cuartero

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Culton

Ms. Pauline D. Cunningham

Ms. Marie Darrow

Ms. Kim Davidson

Ms. Claudette DeCilla

Ms. Patricia C. Denno

James Donady

Ms. Cathleen S. Donnelly

Ms. Rosemarie Dostilio

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Downes

Mr. John Duke

Mr. Louis J. Durato

Ms. Suzanne Dutilly

Dr. Nancy Eaton

Mr. Frederick J. Eckert

Ms. Barbara B. Eighmie

Ms. Lindsay Evans

Dr. Dennis L. Feinberg

Ms. Judith Fekete

Edmond and Joyce Fidrych

Mr. Jack Finkelstein

Aubrey and Scott Fitch

Mr. Domingo E. Franciamore

Mr. and Mrs. David Fray

Ms. Patricia Gabriel

Ms. Josephine Garcia and Ms. Erica Lay

Ms. Eileen Geary

Ms. Jacquelyn M. Germain

Mr. Michael Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gillespie

Mrs. Jayne D. Gillon

Ms. Priscilla Ginnetti

Ms. Winifred T. Gordon

Mr. Michael Goudreau and Ms. Judy Blackmore

Ms. Christine M. Greene

Mr. Edward Grella

Ms. Nancy Grogan

Mr. Jason S. Grosz

Mr. Peter Gucciardo

Ms. Frances Haas

Mrs. Debra Halbach

Mr. Martin J. Hallier

Ms. Louise Hannegan

Mr. Seth P. Harris

Ms. Sandra W. Haun

Ms. Sandra A. Hawley

Mr. Peter Hearn

Mr. Eric Heller

Ms. Kristin Hendrickson

Mrs. Kathleen Heslin

Mr. Robert L. Hock

Horace Mann School

Ms. Jane R. Housewright

Ms. Michele A. Hubbard

Ms. Harriet Hurlburt

Mr. Peter J. Hussey

Ms. Ellen R. Imbimbo

Mr. Kenneth Jacobson

Mr. Theodor Jones

Ms. Janet M. Kalas

Mr. Daniel Kean

Mr. Patrick Kearney

Ms. Audrey Kemp

Ms. Lynn R. Koczera

Mr. Alex W. Koumanelis

Mr. and Mrs. Bert F. Krauss

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kreiger

Mr. Larry Krozel

Ms. Karen Labout

Mr. Michael Lamothe

Ms. Carol A. Langston

Joan and James Laucius

Mr. Joseph F. Legg

Mrs. Martha Leonard

Mr. Rob J. Leone

Ms. Rosalie C. Levinson

Mr. Stewart Lindsay

Mr. Charles A. Linley

Mr. Israel Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Luning

Ms. Eileen G. Marino

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Marr

Mr. Charles Martin

Miss Elizabeth Mathison

Ms. Christine C. McCarthy

Ms. Joan A. McCarthy

Mrs. Maureen K. McClay

Ms. Deborah McDonald

Ms. Liz McGregor

Mr. Alfred McGunnigle

Ms. Nancy R. Meitzler

Ms. Sarah Melquist

Mr. Michael J. Menousek

Janet and Philip Merriss

Ms. Gail K. Messina

Ms. Carolyn Metz

Ms. Rebecca Meyer

Ms. Sarah Middeleer

Mr. Alfred G. Miehl

Ms. Susan Miller

Mr. Aidan Moran

Ms. Nancy Morgan

Ms. Luce Neilson

Mr. Roger E. Nelson

Ms. Lori Neumann

Ms. Toni Nolder

Mr. Mark Norbom

Ms. Kate O’Boyle

Ms. Pauline Ores

Mr. Michael A. Paladino

Mr. and Mrs. Dominick N. Palumbo

Ms. Sally R. Parker

Ms. Jo-Ann Parylak

Mr. Robert P. Patton

Ms. Sandra Pease

Ms. Susan Petersen

Sheri and Gustaf Peterson

Ms. Alisa B. Piech

Mrs. Betsey Pitt

Ms. Debbie Ponkala

Ms. Barbara Porter

Mr. Thomas Porter

Ms. Nancy J. Potvin

Ms. Elizabeth Rake

Ms. Teresa Ralabate

Ms. Kathryn S. Ratcliff

Ms. Karen W. Ray

Mr. Thomas P. Rees

Mrs. Barbara Reid

Ms. Susan N. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Reynolds

Mrs. Louis S. Rice, III

Ms. Kathleen Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Richter

Ms. Jane M. Roche

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Romaniello

Ms. Lynn Rossi

Ms. Mary Rubelmann

Ms. Phyllis Ruggiero

Mr. Thomas C. Rugh

Ms. Elizabeth P. Ruml

Ms. Deborah S. Rutty

Mrs. Marion Sanford

Ms. Starr Sayres

Mr. Dominick A. Scaramuzzino

Mr. Rich Schlachter

Ms. Deborah L. Schuller

Mrs. Joanne Segalla

Mr. Kenneth S. Sek

Ms. Suzanne Sheridan

Ms. Nancy E. Silkman

Mr. David Singer

Mr. David C. Slepian

Ms. Lisa M. Smith

Mr. Curt Solarek

Mr. Alan Sonnichsen

Ms. Judith Steinfort

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Swanepoel

Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Sweet

John and Robin Swenarton

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Thunberg

Town of Thompson

Mrs. Lillian P. Traub

Mr. Steven Underwood

Ms. Lori Utzler

Ms. Jan van Heurck

Mr. Michael Voisine

Ms. Lisa Wahle and Mr. Peter Auster

Ms. Ingrid K. Waters

Ms. Carolyn Webb

Ms. Susan Webb

Ms. Joanne T. White

Ms. Sarah J. Whitson

Ms. Betty L. Williamson

Ms. Elise D. Wood

Ms. Margaret J. Yankowski

Ms. Linda Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Yergeau

Mr. Christopher Yurkovsky

Ms. Patricia Zalesny

Mr. Jeffrey Zelin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Zergiebel

Mr. Joseph A. Zipoli

Mr. Kenneth Kudrak

Ms. Pamela S. Albertsen

Mr. Juan Arroyo

Ms. Judy Belaval

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Black

Mr. Kenneth Bledsoe

Ms. Donna Boivin

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Boone

Ms. Beverley Bourque

Mr. and Mrs. Carolton Bristol

Ms. Janet Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cabot

Ms. Charlene Carson

Ms. Denise Cassella

Ms. Barbara Chamberlin

Mr. Joseph Chiaramonte

Ms. Ruth Clancy

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Cotton

Ms. Dana Dan-Crisan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dauster

Ms. Doris Davidson Snyder

Ms. Sara Doner

Mr. James Estrada

Ms. Lesley Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fleahman

Mr. Franklin K. Frandsen

Ms. Robin Franklin

Ms. Joann Freeman

Ms. Laura Friedeberg

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fuerst

Mrs. Mary Gallagher

Ms. Melina Giantomidis

Ms. Patricia A. Goff

Mr. and Mrs. James Grandpre

Ms. Marjorie C. Guerin

Jeanne R. Haas

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hadlock

Mr. Christopher Hageman

Ms. Kathy Hall

Mr. David Hiscocks

Ms. Carol Jensen

Mr. and Mrs. Braden Kattman

Ms. Catherine King

Mrs. Fiona Kirk

Mr. Greg Kozbinski

Dr. Robert A. Lanzi

Ms. Justina Leung

Dr. Richard Lopatin

Ms. Bonnie Maguire and Mr. William Hoover

Ms. Cyndie Belmont-Martin

Ms. Anne M. McCarthy-Coleman

Mr. Brett Metzger

Mrs. Cynthia A. Meyer

Mr. Jean-Pierre Mitton

Ms. Kathy A. Mooney

Ms. Ruth B. Morrill

Ms. Carrie Morris

Mr. Thomas F. Morris and Ms. Janet McAllister

Ms. Denise K. Murphy

Ms. Kathleen Murphy

Mrs. Lorraine P. Neff

Ms. Gale Nitti

Mr. and Mrs. John O’Donnell

Mr. Curtis L. Osborne

Mr. Theodore P. Ostrowski

Ms. Candace Palaia

Ms. Sally Patterson

Ms. Linda L. Pearson

Ms. Frances P. Perow

Ms. Danielle Pinder

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Plummer

Ms. Tessa Plummer

Rainbow Scientific, Inc.

Mr. James Ramaker

Sheila A. Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reed

Mr. David Riccardi

Ms. Patricia L. Ritchie

Mr. Orlando Sanchez and Ms. Jonelle Kurasinski

Ms. Diane Santucci

Ms. Janice Scricca

Ms. Wanda Segleski

Mr. Robert Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Singleton

Mrs. Barbara C. Smith

Dr. and Mr. Thomas Sokoloski

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Szeber

Russell and Janice Von Beren

Ms. Pat Weibust

Ms. Leslie Wrixon

Ms. Alexandra Zaparolli

Ms. Lynne M. Butcher and Ms. Gail Larabee

Mr. Harold Grimes

Ms. Melissa Conkling

Ms. Dona M. Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Abercrombie

Ms. Susan P. Abken

Mrs. Olga Abriola

Ms. Maggie R. Acampora

Ms. Sheila A. Acey and Mr. Charles H. Austin

Susan and Michael Ackerman

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Adams

Mary and David Ahlgren

Ms. Kathleen A. Alderman

Mr. Frank Aleman

Ms. Paula Algiere

Ms. Sharon A. Alk

Mr. Richard H. Allaire

Ms. Alexandra Allen

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen

Mrs. Diane D. Allen

Mrs. Deborah Alletzhauser

Mr. Bill Alletzhauser

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Allison

Mrs. Linda Almeida

Mrs. Virginia Alwang

Ms. Linda Andersen

Mr. Chad E. Anderson

Mrs. Eileen L. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Anderson

Ms. Sara Andrews

Mr. John Andrukaitis

Mr. Jim Angelo

Ms. Carol Anselment

Mrs. Patricia G. Antonelli

Ms. Dianne K. Anyan

Mr. Paul J. Apuzzo

Ms. Bette Arey

Ms. Andrea L. Argyros

Ms. Carole B. Arnold and Ms. Linda Bray

Mr. Peter V. Arnold

Mr. Peter S. Aronson and Ms. Marie Landry

Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Arrington

Rev. John F. Ashe

Ms. Caroline Y. Atherton

Mrs. Ginny August

Dr. Elizabeth Austin

Mr. and Mrs. JP Babineau

Mr. Leonard A. Bach

Mrs. Judith K. Bachman

Mr. Eric J. Backman

Mrs. Dorothy B. Baekey

Mr. Arthur Bailey

Ms. Patricia Bailey

Mr. William S. Bailey

Mr. Mark T. Bain

Ms. Betty R. Baisden

Mr. Brett Baker

Mrs. Claire L. Baker

Ms. Louise Baker

Ms. Louise C. Baker

Ms. Sue H. Baker

Ms. Nancy A. Baldoni

Mr. Alan C. Baldwin

Mrs. Frances S. Baldwin

Mr. Raymond P. Baldyga

Mrs. Shirley Baliki

Ms. Anita M. Ballek

Ms. Selma C. Ballentine

Ms. Merilyn G. Bambauer

Ms. Brigitte Banach

Mr. David H. Banks

Mr. Edward Baranski

Mr. Orrie F. Barber

Mr. Keith H. Barber

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barclay

Arlene and Richard Baril

Mr. David W. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Barlow

Mr. John Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Barnet

Ms. Karen E. Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Bartlett

Mrs. Pamela Bateman

Mrs. Anne Batterson

Mr. Andrew Baumgardner

Mr. Rick Baumhauer

Mr. David Bearse

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Beattie

Ms. Jan M. Beauregard

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beeler

Ms. Margaret G. Begley

Mrs. Elizabeth D. Behm

Ms. Barbara McQueen and Mr. Roger A. Behrens

Mr. George V. Belbusti

Ms. Alice Bell

Mrs. Ellen M. Bell

Mrs. Linda Bell

Ms. Mary Beltramello

Mr. L. Kent Bendall


Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Berglas

Ms. Christine D. Berman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bermingham

Ms. Celestine Bernard

Ms. Shirley Bernard

Ms. Michelle T. Bernardi

Ms. Dale Bernardoni

Mr. Arthur Bettauer

Mr. and Mrs. Jagannivas Bhandary

Ms. Linda Bianowicz

Mr. Winthrop S. Bibbins

Bidwell Interiors

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bilek

Mrs. Diane Billings

Ms. Lucrecia Bingham

Dr. and Mrs. Russell Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Bird

Honey and Harry Birkenruth

Ms. Carla A. Birmingham

Mr. Richard D. Birmingham

Mr. John P. Bisbing

Ms. Gerrie V. Bishop

Ms. Diane C. Bisson

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren H. Black

Ms. Virginia C. Bladen

Mrs. Ruth D. Blakney

Mr. Ronald Blanchard

Ms. Joyce Blanchette

Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Bleeks

Ms. Dorothy A. Blocker

Sandra and Edward Blum

Ms. Kathryn A. Blumhardt

Mr. Harold Bobowicz

Ms. Patricia Bogatkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bognar

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bohman

Ms. Mary E. Bois

Ms. Maura Bonafede

Ms. Celina Bonin

Margaret and Fred Borchers

Mrs. Janice Borodezt

Ms. Charlotte Bostwick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Boucher

Mr. William Bowen

George Bowers

Mrs. Myra Bowers

Ms. Mary E. Bowes

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Boyce

Margaret and Wallace Boyd

Mr. Robert Boynton

Ms. Claire W. Bracaglia

Ms. Kathryn H. Bracken

Mr. Alan Bracknell

Col. and Mrs. Victor P. Bradford, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred V. Brancato

Mr. Kim Scott Brandman

Mr. Lawrence Brault

Dr. Irwin M. Braverman

Ms. Sara Breckenridge

Mr. Dermott M. Breen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Breen

Mr. Tom Brelsford

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Brennan

Ms. Marian Brennan

Mr. Gregory I. Brenner

Mrs. Elisabeth H. Breslav

Ms. Mary M. Britcher

Mr. Alan W. Brixius

Mr. and Mrs. James Broatch

Ms. Dorothy Brody

Mr. Gerard Brooker

Mr. James B. Brooks

Brookside Development, LLC

Mr. James L. Brother

Mr. Dale W. Brown

Col. Edward M. Brown

Ms. Jeanne L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brown

Ms. Linda Brown

Ms. Mary Ann Brown

Ms. Nancy Brown

Mr. Robert A. Brown

Ms. Sally D. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brown

Edward C. Browne, Jr.

Ms. Noreen P. Browne

Dr. William J. Browning

Ms. Ann Brubaker

Ms. Susan Bruzik

Ms. Diane B. Bryant

Ms. Marjorie Buccilli

Ms. Anne Buchalski

Mr. Dwight S. Buckland

Ms. Eileen S. Buckley

Ms. Carol Buckman

Ms. Leslie A. Bufferd

Ms. Ingeborg Buhrmann

Lois and Robert Bull

Ms. Marilyn Bullock

Mr. Kenneth G. Burgess

Ms. Lynne A. Burgess

Ms. Helen Burke

Mr. Martin Burke

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Burke

Mrs. Frances A. Bushinsky

Ms. Patricia Buskey

Mr. Sheldon M. Bustow

Mr. John Butkus

Ms. Lois A. Buttaro

Mr. Gary A. Buttery

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Butts

Ms. Bonnie B. Byers

Mr. and Mrs. William Byers

Ms. Donna Byrne

Ms. Robin Byrne

Ms. Catalina Caban-Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cadan

Dr. Joanne Cafiero

Ms. Susan J. Calaman

Mrs. Mary J. Callahan

Ms. Mary M. Callahan

Ms. Gail Cameron

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Campbell

Ms. Janet Campbell

Mrs. Linda L. Campbell

Mrs. Trudy Campbell

Ms. Carol Campion

Mrs. Patricia Cann

Ms. Rose Canneto

Mr. Paul M. Canning

Ms. Helen Canzanella

Ms. Wendy Caravella

Ms. Margaret Carbo

Ms. Rosemarie Carbo

Ms. Margaret L. Carkner

Ms. Lois Carlson

Ms. Joanne V. Carlton

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Carolan

Mrs. Jane Carpenter

Ms. Sue S. Carpenter

Mr. John Carroll

Ms. Judith Carter

Lee Carvalho

Mrs. Catherine B. Case

Mr. and Mrs. John Casey

Ms. Mary E. Casey

Mr. Paul R. Cashman, Jr.

Ms. Maureen Cassulo

Mr. Michael N. Castellano

Ms. Kathleen Castello Webster

Ms. Donna Castelluccio

Mr. and Mrs. Luiz D. Castro

Elaine M. Cavanaugh

Ms. Carmen Celentano

Mr. Eugene G. Celentano

Ms. Patricia P. Champlin

Mr. Edward Chappell

Mr. Donald Charbonnier

Ms. Carol T. Charter

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Chase

Ms. Kathleen N. Cheney

Ms. Robin A. Chesmer

Ms. Henrietta Chhabra

Mrs. Susan Chiarenzelli

Mr. Charles F. Chiusano

Lynnell and John Chnowski

Ms. Susan Choly

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Choma

Mr. Henry D. Church

Ms. Naomi C. Church

Ms. A. Jean Cianciolo

Carolyn and Carmin Cimino

Ms. Marie Civco

Ms. Lynn M. Clarke

Mr. Michael Claypool

Mr. Ledge Clayton

Ms. Pat M. Cleary

Jerry L. Clupper

Mrs. Janet S. Cody

Ms. Sandra Coelho

Ms. Moira T. Coffey

Mr. James N. Cohen

Ms. Kathy Cohen

Ms. Lana L. Cohen

Mr. William Cohen

Ms. Gayle Colburn

Mr. David Colby

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coleman

Mr. and Ms. Jay C. Coles

Ms. Bette Collins

Ms. Diane Collins

Ms. Heather B. Collinson

Daisy and Anthony Colonnese

Ms. Claudia A. Combies

Ms. Barbara J. Combs

Mr. John C. Condron

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cone

Dr. John Conklin

Ms. Martha Conklin

Ms. Fran Conkling

Mrs. Elsa Conley

Mr. Myles J. Connell

Ms. Janet D. Conners

Ms. Mary J. Connolly

Ms. Monica Connor

Ms. Clare D. Conover

Ms. Lorraine Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Cook

Ms. Janice F. Cook

Ms. Michelle Cook

Ms. Suzanne M. Cook

Ms. Virginia I. Cook

Ms. Christine Coombs

John and Nancy Cooney

Ms. Ann Coonley

Ms. Elizabeth F. Cooper

Ms. Sandra Cope

Ms. Adrienne Coppola

Emily and John Coppola

Mrs. Ruthellen M. Corbett

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Corbiere, Jr.

Mr. Mark D. Corcoran

Mr. Frank Cordova

Mr. Dennis P. Cormier

Mrs. Marianne Cornish

Ms. Sara A. Cornwall

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Correll

Mr. Jim Cortina

Dr. John Corwin

Ms. Catherine A. Cosgrove

Ms. Lorraine Cosgrove

Mr. James J. Costello

Mr. Hilaire Cote

Ms. Julia Cote

Ms. Gail C. Couillard

Ms. Carol B. Couture

Ms. Liz Cowan

Catherine and Lawrence Cowper

Ms. Joan Craig

Ms. Judith A. Craig

Ms. Peggy W. Craighead

Ms. Jennifer Crary

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crawford

Ms. Heather Crawford

Ms. Joan Croce

Dr. and Mrs. David Crombie, MD

Ms. Carrie Crompton

Mrs. Dennis C. Cronin

Mr. Steven Cronn

Ms. Beverly Crowther

Mr. and Mrs. Barry T. Cuda

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cummings

Ms. Louisa Cunningham

Ms. Ann D. Curran

Mr. Lynn C. Curtis

Mrs. Barbara J. Curtiss

Ms. Marcia Curtiss

Ms. Deborah L. Cutrone

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cuyler

Ms. Sherill Cyr

Ms. Maryann Czaja

Ms. Pamela L. Daddio-Bradley

Ms. Sharon B. Dalton

Ms. Ardienne W. Damicis

Mr. Ted Damore

Mrs. Rosemary Danaher

Dr. Janer Danforth Belson and Mr. Charles Belson

Ms. Sharon Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Sox Danilowitz

Ms. Sharon Danosky

Mr. Thomas Darge

Mr. Glen Dash

Ms. Doreen Daum

Mr. Glenn M. Davis

Jean and Hugh Davis

Mrs. Nancy Davis

Ms. Penelope B. Dawson

Dr. Justine B. de Cruz

Beverly and James Dean

Ms. Carolyn L. Dean

Mrs. Sonya DeBiase

Mr. Daniel Deblois

Ms. Theresa Decker

Mr. Wayne Dedmond

Ms. Elaine Defrancesco

Mr. Gerald D. Degenhardt

Mr. Richard C. DeGraff

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DeGregorio

Mr. Gene DeJoannis

Ms. Sabrina DeJoannis

Ms. Theresa DeLeo

Mr. Peter DeLisa

Mr. Alfred Dellorusso

Ms. Barbara J. DeLucco

Ms. Susan DelVecchio

Ms. Amy S. Dement

Ms. Patricia Denardo

Ms. Patricia A. Denhup

Mr. and Mrs. Gioacchino Denicolo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Densmore

Ms. Marilyn F. Deraney

Mr. Steven E. Derby

Ms. Susan J. Derby

Ms. Danielle Dermo

Ms. Johanna M. Deruiter

Mr. Dean A. Des Rosier

Mr. Kenneth DeSanctis

Mr. Robert C. Desmarais

Ms. Cheryl S. Desopo

Ms. Margaret Destassio

Ms. Lorrie Devine

Ms. Gail DeVito

Mr. Vincent J. Dibattista

Mrs. Joanne DiCamillo

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Difranco

Mr. John DiIorio

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Dinice, Jr.

Mrs. Eleanor Dinitz

Mrs. Karen M. Dinsfriend

Mr. James L. Dionne

Ms. Theresa Dixon

Ms. Carolyn Dohan

Mr. Robert Doherty

Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan

Ms. Marjorie R. Dolan

Mr. James F. Dombroski

Mr. Preston Dominique

Mr. Kevin Donaher

Dr. and Mrs. George M. Donahue

Ms. Gertrude Donohue

Ms. Kathleen Donovan

Ms. Kathy Doonan

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dougherty

Ms. Barbara Douglas

Ms. Sandra L. Douskey

Ms. Maryellen Dow

Ms. Anne L. Dowling

Ms. Sharon Downie

Jane Doyle and John Day

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Drasch

Ms. Jane M. Dringoli

Mrs. Virginia Driscoll

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. R. Drobney

Ms. Jacqueline Drown

Ms. Deborah J. Duarte

Mr. Jack Dube

Mr. Joseph W. Dubin

Ms. Renee Dubin

Ms. Jeanne Dubino

Ms. Susan Dudley

Mr. Michael F. Duffy

Ms. Darlene Dunbar

Ms. Miriam Duncan

Mr. William B. Dunigan

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Durand

Mrs. Mary F. Dutka

Ms. Marleen B. Dutra

Ms. Anne Duval

Mr. John L. Duval

Dr. Bari S. Dworken

Ms. Barbara H. Dwyer

Mr. Frank Dziedziak

Ms. Dorothy A. Eagan

Ms. Peggy Eatherton

Ms. Constance C. Ecklund

Mr. Stephen Ecsedy

Mr. Bruce Edgerton

Mrs. Diane M. Edwards

Mrs. Marilyn M. Edwards

Ms. Patricia K. Edwards

Ms. Susan Edwards

Ms. Monica C. Egan

Mr. Charles V. Eimicke

Mr. Mark P. Eisenhauer

Mr. Brian Eitzer and Ms. Elizabeth Appel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Ekstrom

Mrs. Frances Ellesio

Mrs. Linda M. Elliott

Mr. David Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ellsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ellsworth

Mr. Sulmann El-Mammann

Mr. Harold C. Elston

Mr. Roger Emerick

Dr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Englert

Mr. and Mrs. George A. English

James and Katherine Entwistle

Mr. Robert K. Erling

Mr. Frank S. Errico

Ms. Susan Esons

Mr. Alan Esplin

Mr. Kenneth A. Evans

Mr. Robert E. Evans

Mr. Thomas Evans

Mr. Doug Ewing

Ms. Maureen Fabbri

Mrs. Justine H. Faile

Ms. Jan B. Fairservis

Ms. Gail Falcon

Ms. Constance J. Falcone

Ms. Helen J. Falcone

Dr. Jack W. Faller

Mr. J. Michael Farrell

Dr. Sarah F. Faulkner

Mr. Antonio Federici

Mr. Richard C. Feldman

Mrs. Barbara Fencil

Dr. Kumudhini Fernando

Dr. Michael Ferry

Mr. Dennis Festa

Ms. Angela Fichter

Arlene and William Field

Ms. Dorothy S. Fielding

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Files

Ms. Jill Finch

Ms. Naomi L. Fiora

Mr. Lawrence Fischer

Ms. Carolyn K. Fischman

Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Fishbone

Ms. Bettye Fitts

Dr. Mona Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fitzgerald

Ms. Cecelia C. Flagg

Ms. Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig

Ms. Alice K. Flanagan

Shennen Flannery

Mr. Andrew L. Fleischmann

Ms. Maureen Flynn

Ms. Brenda Folland

Mr. David W. Forrest

Mr. Kenneth Foscue

Ms. Sharon Foster

Mr. George N. Fountas

Mr. Edward A. Fournier

Ms. Karen L. Fowler

Mr. Alan J. Fox

N. Jane Fox

Mr. Donald Francis

Ms. Hallie M. Frank

Ms. Leslie S. Frankel

Ms. Blanche Frechette

Ms. Alice W. Fredericks

Ms. Bernice Freedman-Warnke

Mr. Richard M. Freeman

Ms. Leora Freemantle

Ms. Gloria Freimann

Ms. Caroleen Frey

Ms. Raiana Frey

Ms. Diane Fried

Ms. Mary Ann Fuller

Ms. Wendy H. Furniss

Ms. Kathe Gable

Eugene Gaddis and Alison Lane-Reticker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Gagnon

Ms. Karen Gagnon

Ms. Frances M. Gaines

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gair

Ms. Felicia M. Gajda

Ms. Joanne Galayda

Mr. Steven Galkin

Ms. Joan Gallagher

Ms. Susan Galli

Ms. Sheila Gannon

Dr. and Mrs. Brad T. Garber

Jon A. Gardner

Ms. Nina Garrett

Mrs. Mary M. Gasker

Ms. Patricia Gaston

Mr. Ken G. Gatzke

Mrs. Mary H. Gaudet-Wilson

Ms. Donna Gauthier

Ms. Donna Gauthier

Mrs. Mary Gavin

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gaynor

Ms. Mary R. Gazzola

Ms. Elizabeth A. Geary

Ms. Leslie Geary

Ms. Shirley B. Geis

Ms. Joyce Gentilozzi

Ms. Frances L. Gerety

Ms. Ann Germano Otr

Mr. David Gerrol

Mr. Robert Giambalvo

Mr. Gary Gianini

Mrs. Ann Gibbons

Ms. Deborah Gibson

Joan and Luther Gibson

Mr. Roger J. Gibson

Mrs. Carol Giese

Ms. Barbara Gilbert

Mr. David Gilbert

Ms. Dorothy A. Gilbert

Ms. Elizabeth Gilbertson

Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Gill

Mrs. Arlene M. Gionet

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Giulietti

Ms. Susan Glantz

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Glaser

Ms. Trude Glasser

Ms. Sara P. Glidden

Mr. David M. Gliserman

Mrs. Margaret M. Goetz

Ms. Maria Goff

Ms. Corliss R. Goger

Mr. John C. Gogliettino

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldsmith

Ms. Rose H. Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Golet

Angela and Ronald Golias

Ms. Audrey H. Goodhue

Dr. Cary Goodman

Mr. Don Goodrich

Benjamin and Suzanne Gordon

Mr. Stephen J. Gorecki

Ms. Maureen Gorman

Ms. Elizabeth H. Gosselin

Mr. Jim Gothreau

Ms. Diane H. Gott

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gotta

Ms. Dorothy B. Gould

Mr. Joseph F. Goyette

Ms. Margaret Gradie

Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Graham

Mr. Joseph A. Grandelski

Dr. Ronald A. Grant

Ms. Joyce E. Grassl

Mr. John Grasso

Mr. Stephen P. Grathwohl

Ms. Joan E. Grau

Ms. Anne L. Gray

Mrs. Maxine Greenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenberg

Ms. Margery A. Greene

Mr. Steven Greenhouse

Ms. Tricia Gregory

Mr. Gene Grenier

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grenier

Ms. Gail M. Grennan

Ms. Cheryl D. Grief

Mrs. Christine M. Griffin

Miss Martha A. Griffin

Ms. Inger M. Grigholm

Mr. Gil Grimm

Mr. George W. Grisevich

Ms. Mary G. Gristina

Ms. Deborah Griswold

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bulkeley Griswold

Mr. John M. Grocki

Mr. and Mrs. David Grossmann

Mrs. Maureen Grothaus

Groton Open Space Assoc Inc.

Judy and Stephen Grund

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Grygorcewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Guglielmoni

Mr. Gary Gula

Mr. Wayne Gustafson

Ms. Kathryn J. Gusy

Ms. June R. Haapala

Ms. Victoria Hackman

Ms. Mary Hadley

Dr. Frederick Haeseler

Mr. Rick Haeseler

Ms. Nancy Hagen

Ms. Cheryl Hale

Ms. Bettina Hall

Ms. Susan Hall

Ms. Cynthia L. Hallenbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Haller

Ms. Janice Lee Hamel

Ms. Carol H. Hamilton

Ms. Gale Hamilton

Ms. Nancy Hammond

Ms. Jean Handler

Ms. Dolores C. Hanrahan

Mrs. Demaris Hansen

Mrs. Jean Hansen

Ms. Mary T. Hansen

Jane Hanson

Ms. Deborah Haraldson

Mrs. Lenore Hardy

Mr. Raymond Hardy

Ms. Sue E. Harkness

Ms. Shelley Harms

Mrs. Marilyn L. Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest S. Harris, Jr.

Mr. Mark Harris

Dr. Deborah Harrison

Mr. Frederick Hart

Mr. Joseph M. Hart

Ms. Carolyn B. Hartel

Ms. Kazumi F. Hartley

Ms. Elaine Harwood

Mr. Richard Hasbany

Mr. Christopher Hatch

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Hatch

Mrs. Ann Hawley

Ms. Christie M. Hayes

Ms. Marie R. Hayes

Ms. Lorraine Haynes

Paul and Ramona Hays

Ms. Deborah L. Head

Ms. Maryann C. Healey

Mr. Robert E. Healey

Ms. Jill F. Heathman

Ms. Catherine A. Heerin

Ms. Mary J. Heffernon

Mr. Richard M. Heffernon

Ms. Sonja S. Hegymegi

Gilbert and Janet Heitert

Mrs. Lynda Hennessey

Rep. and Mrs. Jack F. Hennessy

Mr. John Henninger

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Hernandez

Mr. John Herzog

Mr. and Mrs. Deane Hetric

Mr. Arnold Hetzer

Elizabeth and Charles Hicks

Ms. Kathryn Hill

Mr. Charles Hills

Ms. Sue Hills

Marion and Raymond Hinds

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hinman

Ms. Sharon Hirsch

Ms. Diane Hitchcock

Ms. Antonia M. Hobbins

Ms. Deanne A. Hobson

Ms. Jade Hobson

Ms. Sarah Hock

Ms. Cathryn M. Holinger

Ms. Kathleen S. Hollar

Sharon and Jim Hollinden

Ms. Lois Holly

Ms. Jo Ann F. Holmes

Ms. Carol E. Holtz-Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Holzman

Mr. and Mrs. Sami Hoory

Mr. James Hopkins

Ms. Patricia J. Hopkins

Mrs. Elke Hoppenbrouwers

Ms. Marianne Horn

Patricia and Michael Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Horwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hotchkiss

Ms. Carol C. Hovey

Mary and Kenneth Howland

Ms. Becky Hrdy

Ms. Judith Hsiang

Ms. Kimberly Huba

Eleanor W. Hubbard

Mrs. Jennifer H. Hudner

Mr. Clifford H. Hudson

Mr. William M. Huff

Ms. Lucinda Hughes

Ms. Diane P. Hull

Ms. Catherine Iaccarino

Sandra and Edward Ianello

Nancy Iddings

Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Ignoto

Ms. Eleanor V. Ingianni

Ms. Martha Inglese

Mrs. Marie K. Irish

Ms. Dalia Ivanov

Ms. Susan Iverson

Ms. Ann Ives

Mrs. Carolyn S. Jackson

Mr. Eric A. Jackson

Ms. Diane Jamieson

Ms. Janice Jamieson

Ms. Carol A. Janssen

Ms. Ingela Jansson

Ms. Amy Jarratt

Mr. Richard Jazwa

Mr. Joseph G. Jenecaro

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford V. Jensen

Mrs. Patricia Jensen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jensen

Ms. Sandra Jeski

Mr. Marvin E. Jewell

Ms. Eva Johannesson

Alexandra and Rogers Johnson

Mrs. Beatrice B. Johnson

Mr. Boyd Johnson

Mr. John Johnson

Ms. Myrtis J. Johnson

Mr. Nelson Johnson

Ms. Sandra A. Johnson

Ms. Sandra L. Johnson

Ms. Janice J. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Johnston

Cynthia and Mark Jones

Ms. Shirley J. Jones

Greg Joseph

Mr. Charles J. Joskiewich

Ms. Melissa Joyal

Mr. Glen D. Jukkola

Ms. Karel A. Julian

Mrs. Noreen C. Julian

Ms. Patricia Julian

Mr. Ralph M. Kadden

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Kaeser

Ms. Pepi Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kalish

Miss Julia A. Kane

Mrs. Louise M. Kapitulik

Ms. Elizabeth R. Karhu

Ms. Ruth A. Karl

Mr. Allen Kasden

Barbara and Leonard Katz

Mr. Michael Kazan

Ms. Kay M. Kazmaier

Mrs. Mary Keane

Ms. Linda J. Keating

Ms. Barbara Keefe

Mr. James Keefe

Ms. Patricia A. Keegan

Ms. Anne C. Keenan

Ms. Kathleen M. Keith

Rev. and Mrs. James L. Kellaway

Ms. Elizabeth L. Kelly

Ms. Helen M. Kelly

Pamela and David Kelly

Rachel and Chris Keneally

Mrs. Carlotta J. Kennedy

Mr. Michael Kerstein

Mr. Eino F. Kerttula

Ms. Margaret Kessel

Mr. David Kilgore

Ms. Elizabeth Kincaid-Ehlers

Ms. Carol King

Mr. and Mrs. F. Richard W. King

Mrs. Mary King

Mr. and Mrs. Chet Kirby

Claire and Theodore Kiritsis

Ms. Jenny A. Kitsen

Ms. Linda M. Kittell

Ms. Susan P. Klass

Mr. Lawrence Klein

Mr. Stephen A. Klinck

Mr. Robert M. Knapik

Ms. Carol A. Knee

Mr. Chuck Knobf

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Knoll

Ms. Bridget Knudson

Mr. Robert H. Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Kocsis

Mrs. Eileen Kocum

Mr. Kenneth L. Koester

Mr. Bruce Kohl

Mr. Paul Koker

Ms. Theresa Kollmer

Mrs. Elizabeth Kondub

Ms. Chelsea Kordas

Mrs. Joan Kosakowski

Ms. Tina Kosh

Ms. Drea Koval

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kovalsky

Mr. Gary Kraft

Ms. Bettye G. Kramer

Ms. Janice T. Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. William Krick

Mrs. Mildred Krisak

Helen and Anthony Kriwokulski

Ms. Pauline A. Kruk

Ms. Paula Krutzky

Mrs. Theresa A. Kuba

Ms. Marcella M. Kurowski

Ms. Carol Kurwelnz

Mrs. Dorothea S. LaBelle

Ms. Barbara E. Lacey

Ms. Paula Lackups

Ms. Carol P. Lacoss

Mr. David Lacoss

Mr. William E. LaFleche

Ms. Gail LaGuardia

Ms. Barbara A. Laliberte

Ms. Celena M. Lalli

Ms. Alice Lamberson

Ms. Shirley Lamothe

Ms. Carol Landess

Ms. Susannah C. Landis

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lang

Mr. Charles E. Larkin

Mr. Roger E. Lasky

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Latham

Ms. Bernice Lattanzi

Ms. Sylvia Laudette

Mr. Charles Lautier

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Law

Mr. William C. Leary

Mr. Richard F. Lecuyer

Mrs. Diane T. Lee

Ms. Audrey J. Lefevre

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Leibert

Ms. Sally D. Leighton

Mrs. Sylvia G. Leiss

Ms. Dianne K. Lendler

Ms. Anne Marie Leofanti

Ms. Deborah Lepine

Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Lepore

Dr. Rebecca F. Lerud

Mr. John LeShane

Elana S. Levine

Laura and Richard Levine

Ms. Linda C. Levinhal

Ms. Gabrielle Levinson

Mr. Samuel E. Levinson

Ms. Diane Lewis

Ms. Mary H. Lewis

Mr. Raymond W. Leyden

Gail and Michael Libertine

Ms. Jan A. Lincoln

Mrs. Jessie Linderoth

Ms. Irene W. Lipchus

Ms. Veronica R. Litrop

Ms. Jeanne M. Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Lockwood

Mrs. Michiyo Long

William and Marianne Loomis

Ms. Lona Lopez

Mr. Philip Lopiccolo

Mr. Robert C. Lorette

Ms. Renate H. Lose

Mrs. Wanda S. Losnes

Ms. Karen S. Lovequist

Ms. Judith R. Lowe

Nancy P. Lowry

Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Luckenbach

Robert C. Lundgren

Dr. Mary S. Lungaho

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Lyman

Mrs. Vicki J. Lynch

Ms. Margery D. Maass

Ms. Peg Macdonald

Ms. Patricia MacDougall

Mr. Robert R. MacKendrick

Mr. David M. Mackenzie

Ms. Jane Macleay

Mr. Brian MacPherson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Macris

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Maddock

Ms. Judith Madeux

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Madigan

Ms. Vikki Magaraci

Mr. Jerry Maher and Ms. Linda Bruno

Dr. Henning Maier

Ms. Pauline Main

Elizabeth and Vincent Mainiero

Mr. Steve Mainzer

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Maiorino

Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Majidy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Makarewich

Ms. Carolyn W. Makover

Mr. Ernest Malecki

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Males

Mrs. Carol A. Mancini

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mangano

Mr. John Manion

Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Manz

Mr. and Mrs. R. Darton Marchant

Ms. Joyce Marcotte

Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Maresh

Ms. MaryAnn Mark

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mark

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Marshall

Ms. Virginia L. Marshall

Mrs. Judith A. Martignetti

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Martin

Ms. Carol F. Martin

Judith and Frederick Martz

Mr. William Marut

Ms. Barbara Massy

Eileen and Jon Matthews

Dr. Marian Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Matthies

Mr. Roger Mauer

Mrs. Donna K. May

Barbara and John Mayer

Miss Melissa L. Mayhew

Ms. Sandra Maynard

Mr. John E. McAuliffe

Mr. Edward McCaffrey

Ms. Dorothy McCarthy

Ms. Moira S. McCloskey

Ms. Eileen E. McCone

Ms. Rebecca McCormack

Mr. Daniel J. McCoy

Ms. Gail McCue

Mr. Michael R. McCue

Jean and Bruce McCumber

Ms. Mary M. McCutcheon

Ms. Jeanne McDonnell

Dr. John P. McGovern

Christine and Donald McGregor

Mr. and Mrs. James R. McIntosh

Ms. Esther McIntosh

Lucille A. McKibbin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. McKillip

Mrs. Virginia M. McLevy

Ms. Mary McMahon-Chappell

Dr. and Mrs. Michael McManus

Stanley and Susan McMillen

Joy and Dennis McNeil

Ms. Mary J. McQuarrie

Ms. Marilyn H. Mealy

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Mease

Mr. and Mrs. John Meehan

Mr. H. David Megaw

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Meinzer

Ms. Jaclyn Menard

Ms. Lydia S. Menendez

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Merrell

Mrs. Josephine E. Merrill

Ms. Joy Merrill

Ms. Donna L. Messley

Mrs. Marilyn B. Methe

Catherine Meyer and Steven Seligman

Ms. Elizabeth W. Meyer

Ms. Paula Meyer

Ms. Vivian Meyers

Mr. Francis Michaud

Mrs. Francis F. Michaud

Ms. Emily Mikesell

Dr. Byron S. Miller

Ms. Cheryl Miller

Mr. Daniel T. Miller

Mrs. Libby Miller

Nancy C. Miller

Mr. Patrick Miller

Mr. Robert Miller

Ms. Louise Millette

Dr. Lawrence G. Millhofer

Mr. Alberto F. Mimo

Ms. Janet Misiewicz

Ms. Ann Mitra

Ms. Cindy Moeckel

Mr. Salvatore J. Mollica

Mrs. Elizabeth Mongirdas

Bonnie and Richard Moon

Ms. Beverly P. Mooney

Mr. Cyril H. Moore, Jr.

Mrs. David Moore

Ms. Carolyn H. Morgan

Mrs. Darlene P. Morgan

Ms. Elizabeth J. Morgan

Ms. Nancy B. Moriarty

Mr. Robert S. Morris

Ms. Carolann Morrissey

Ms. Margery Morrow

Ms. Diantha Morse

Ms. Gloria A. Moss

Ms. Jill M. Mott

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Moxhay

Mr. Ralph O. Moyer, Jr.

Ms. Linda Muirhead

Betty Jane and John Mulholland

Ms. Joan C. Muller

Ms. Jane Mullis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mulqueen

Mr. Robert Munhall

Mrs. Gail Munn

Ms. Wendy Murakami

Ms. Joan F. Murchie

Mr. David P. Murphy

Ms. Janet E. Murphy

Ms. Kathy Murphy

Ms. Patricia Murphy

Peter and Linda Murphy

Ms. Sharon L. Murphy

Atty. Stephen J. Murray

Mrs. Marie O. Muska

Ms. Patricia Muzzulin

Ms. Harriet Myers

Mr. Geoffrey Naab

Mr. Richard Nabel

Mr. Jim Nagle

John and Joan Nagy

Mrs. Anne H. Nalwalk

Ms. Ida Namias

Ms. Joyce C. Narden

Ms. Rosmarie Nasr

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nassau

Sandra and Thomas Naughton

Ms. Catharine Neale

Ms. Joanna Negri

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nelson

Mr. Robert H. Nelson

Ms. Jayanti Nerurkar

Mrs. Christine Neubauer

Mr. John Neville

Ms. Winifred Neville

Mr. Michael Newborg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Newman

Mr. Bruce S. Nichols

Mr. George N. Nichols

Mr. Richard D. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nickels

Ms. Deborah Nicolson

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Niedermeier

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Niedmann

Ms. Linda Nielson

Ms. Carolyn Noble

Ms. Elaine Noonan

Mrs. Elizabeth O. Nordell

Ms. Nan E. Norene

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Norman

Ms. Claire C. Norris

Sara and Samuel Norris

Mrs. Judith Nothem

Ms. Karen Nourse

Ms. Margaret C. Nourse

Mr. Ronald P. Novick

Ms. Barbara H. Nugent

Mr. Mark J. Nuzzolo

Mr. John J. O’Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Brien

Mr. David O’Brien

Ms. Pat O’Brien

Ms. Barbara O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. O’Connor

Ms. Mary S. O’Connor

Ms. Maureen O’Doherty

Ms. Elizabeth J. O’Donnell

Mr. Stephen Q. Oehmsen

Mr. Ross Ogden

Mr. David Ogilvie Kee

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ogren

Ms. Phyllis Ohnemus

Ms. Sandy O’Leary

Mr. James Oliphant

Mrs. Josephine T. Olsen

Ms. Nancy E. Olsen

Dr. and Mrs. Dan C. Omohundro

Mr. Daniel D. O’Neil

Mr. William F. O’Neil, III

Ms. Virginia O’Neill

Ms. Sandra J. Opalenik

Ms. Kate D. Orecchio

Ms. Alice O’Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Oresman

Ms. Tracey L. Orne

Mr. James T. Orrico

Mr. Ronald Orszag

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold T. Orza

Ms. Lillian Osiecki

Ms. Gail Ostrow

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Otto

Ms. Janice M. Otulak

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ouchterloney

Oxford Veterinary Hospital, LLC

Ms. Marilyn M. Ozols

Ms. Jodi Page

Mrs. Shawn Paggioli

Mrs. Janie L. Palasek

Ms. Linda Pallin

Patricia and Peter Palmieri

Mr. James Pandaru

Ms. Jennifer J. Panko

Mr. Raymond W. Pantalone

Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Paquette

Ms. Marianne Paradiso

Mrs. Millie Pardee

Ms. Elinor B. Parisi

Ms. Janet J. Parks

Ms. Geraldine A. Pasko

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Passaro

Thea and George Pastore

Ms. Barbara Patterson

Barbara and John Patulak

Mr. C. Thomas Paul

Mrs. Jean L. Pawlich

Mrs. Patricia K. Peck

Ms. Rita K. Peck

Mr. Richard N. Peloquin

Ms. Antoinette Penkala

Mr. Andrew J. Pennella and Ms. Jane Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Peoples

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Pepe

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Perchal

Ms. Debra Perez

Ms. Patricia S. Perkins

Ms. and Mr. Jane A. Perry

Ms. Beverly H. Peterson

Ms. Eloise B. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Peterson

Ms. Susan E. Petit

Ms. Marion Petrelli

Ms. Barbara Petroske

Mrs. Mary A. Petrucci

Mr. Eugene Petsa

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Petzold

Mr. and Mrs. Jan B. Peyrot

Rev. Joan P. Phelps

Ms. Nancy J. Phelps

Mrs. Diane Philippe

Mr. Albert Phillips

Ms. Kathleen Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Phillips

Ms. Wendy Picardo

Ms. Cassy Pickard

Ms. Jo Anne Pierce

Ms. Anne B. Pierson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Pigott

Mrs. Glenys Pinchin

Mr. Raymond E. Pinette

Mr. Brian Pistolese

Cynthia and Kenneth Placko

Mrs. Ruth Plaisted

Mr. William C. Planeta

Ms. Beverly M. Poggio

Ms. MaryAnn Poinelli

Mr. Ronald G. Poitras

Ms. Mendy P. Polchinski

Ms. Rhea E. Pomaski

Mr. John H. Pontillo

Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Pool

Ms. Brooke Pooler

Ms. Debra B. Porter

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pote

Ms. Anita J. Pothier

Ms. Anita A. Potts

Mr. James Powell

Ms. Marcia Prenguber

Ms. Laurie Pribble

Ms. Ann Price

Mrs. Marilyn G. Price

Ms. Anita K. Pugh

Ms. Kirsten A. Purdie

Mr. Robert F. Quagliaroli

Ms. Gloria J. Quellette

Ms. Margaret E. Radcliffe

Ms. Stephanie S. Rank

Mr. Bryce H. Rathbone

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rathgeber

Ms. Alison A. Ratliff

Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Raymond

Ms. Alayne M. Reed

Mr. Kevin M. Reich

Max Remington

Mr. Bob E. Remy

Mr. Paul Restuccia

Mr. Daniel P. Rex

Ms. Irene Reynolds

Ms. Linda Reynolds

Mr. and Ms. Ned Reynolds

Dr. Chan-Kook Rha

Ms. Marilyn F. Rice

Ms. Bobbie Rich

Mrs. Karen Richmond

Dr. and Mr. Guy Ricklin

Mrs. Sara Riddell

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Rider

Mr. and Mrs. William Ridgway

Mr. L. Christian Rigby

Ms. Nan L. Rigdon

Ms. Patricia Riley

Mr. Timothy Riley

Mr. and Mrs. William Rinckel

Ms. Jean Rioux

Mr. Joseph D. Rivnyak

Mr. Michael D. Rizzo

Mr. Thomas Robben

Ms. Dianne Robert

Ms. Barbara D. Roberts

Ms. Carol M. Robinson

Mr. David R. Robinson

Henry and Carol Robinson

Ms. Marilyn Robinson

Mr. Adelphis O. Robtoy

Benis and Lester Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Roessler

Mr. Curt Roessler

Ms. Laura R. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. John Rollins

Mr. William H. Rolls

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Rolseth

Mr. William Root

Mr. John J. Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. John Rosania

Mr. Robert N. Roseman

Dr. Jack Rosemarin

Ms. Marie Orsini Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rosenberg

Mrs. Samantha Rosenberg

Mrs. Wendy Rosenberg

Mr. Leon Rosenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rosenfeld

Mr. Richard E. Rosien

Dr. and Mrs. James S. Rosokoff

Ms. Gretchen M. Ross

Ms. Penelope J. Ross

Mrs. Eve Rothbard

Ms. Pamela Rowling

Dr. Alicia M. Roy

Ms. Dorothy W. Rucker

Prof. Victoria Rudick

Hedy and Laurence Rudne

Mr. Frank Ruiz

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rullman

Mr. and Mrs. Kimball J. Rumford

Mr. Kenneth M. Rupp

Ms. Patricia H. Russell

Mr. William F. Russell

Mrs. Mary A. Russo

Mr. and Mrs. John Ruszkowski

Dr. Nancy L. Ruther

Ms. Margaret A. Rux

Ms. Diane Rybak

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ryden

Christine and Roderick Ryles

Ms. Patricia Sabosik

Mr. William W. Sage

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Saller

Mrs. Joyce Saltman

Ms. Judith E. Samokar

Ms. Sandra Samolis

Ms. Barbara N. Samuels

Mr. Richard A. Sandella

Ms. Christie M. Sanders

Ms. Bonnie Sanders-Newton

Ms. Diane P. Santa Barbara

Ms. Adele Santangelo

Kathleen M. Santese

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Santese

Ms. Elyse M. Santucci

Mark and Marlene Santucci

Mrs. Pamela Sardi

Mr. David Sargent

Ms. Gaile E. Sataline

Mr. Robb Sauerhoff

Mr. Guy F. Saunders

Ms. Judy Saunders

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Savage

Ms. Nancy Savas

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Saxon

Dr. Richard Scala

Ms. Irene M. Scanlon

Mrs. Olivia Scaros

Mrs. Elizabeth Schaefer Wicke

Ms. Gail C. Schappa

Marie and Albert Scharf

Ms. Karen S. Schauster

Mr. Mark Scheck

Mr. Stewart Schenck

Ms. Jeanette Schermerhorn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schindler

Mr. Carl F. Schmid

Ms. Carol H. Schmidt

Mr. Herbert Schneider

Muriel A. Scholz

Mr. Paul R. Schoonmaker

Mr. George Schott

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Schott

Mr. Robert Schreibman

Ms. Linda G. Schultz

Mr. Robert W. Schultz

Mr. Lee Schwegler

Ms. Deborah Schwell

Mr. William Schwendner

Mr. Michael Scofield

Ms. Mary Jo Scott

Mr. Walter P. Seaha

Mr. and Mrs. Oden H. Seaholm

Ms. Deborah Seaman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Seaman

Mr. Nils A. Seastrand

Ms. Nancy Seaton

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seidman

Mr. Richard F. Seifert

Ms. Diane Sentner

Mr. Thomas Senuta

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Sergio

Mr. Reinhold Serianz

Mr. Kevin T. Sghia

Mrs. Anita Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shanbrom

Mrs. Marlene Shannon

Ms. Jannie Shapiro

Ms. Mary C. Sharkey

Ms. Alicia J. Sharon

Ms. Patricia Shaskin

Ms. Mary Shea

Mr. Robert A. Shea

Ms. Maureen Sheedy

Ms. Marsha J. Shendell

Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Sherman

Dr. Gregory P. Shields

Mr. Larry W. Shobe

Mr. David Shortell

Esther and Mahlon Shoup

Mr. Ed Shyloski

Ms. Hala Si Ahmee

Lucy and Paul Silvergleid

Mr. Nathan M. Silverstein

Ms. Karen A. Simmons

Ms. Anne Simpkinson

Ms. Ann P. Simpson

Ms. Christine Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Simpson

Ms. Barbara Singer and Mr. Robert Lindhal

Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. R. Singer

Mrs. Judy G. Singer

Mr. Eric C. Sjoblom

Mr. Martin Skala

Mrs. Maryleah Skoronski

Mr. Daniel D. Skuret

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Slane

Ms. Sheilah Slattery

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sloane

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk S. Smallidge

Melaine B. Smigel

Ms. Gail Smith

Mr. Norman Smith

Mrs. Sandra E. Smith

Mr. Thomas E. Smith

Rev. Toni T. Smith

Mrs. Trudy Smith

Virginia and Walter Smith

Ms. Wilhelmina R. Smith

Sandra Smith-Resony and James A. Resony

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Smythe

Ms. Emily Snow

Dr. Sharon Sobel

Ms. Rosanna C. Solomon

Mrs. Mary Jane Sommers

Mrs. Carol L. Sonne

Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell Soper

Ms. Sandra Soule

Ms. Linda Sousa

Mr. Edmond Spaeth

Mr. Louis Spann, Jr.

Mrs. Deena Spector

Ms. Virginia Spencer

Ms. Beverly Spink

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Spinner

Ms. Patricia Sprengelmeyer

Dr. and Mrs. L. Henry Sprouse

Ms. Karen St. Jean

Ms. Susan Stagg

Ms. Mary C. Stambaugh

Diana and Ralph Stanzione

Ms. Eileen Stapleton

Mr. John A. Stavola

Mr. Nathaniel Stein

Mr. Gregory R. Stelmak

Ms. Linnea Stenberg

Ms. Susan Stengel

Julia G. Sterling

Mrs. Barbara B. Stetson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stetson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Stewart

Mr. Robert Stobierski

Mr. George M. Stockwell

Mr. Keith J. Stokes

Mr. Daniel L. Stoller

Mrs. Joan J. Stone

Mr. George M. Story

Ms. Avilon P. Stovall

Mr. Gary Strecker

Mr. Joseph G. Strolin

Ms. Janice Strollo

Major and Mrs. Richard Stubbs

Mr. Michael J. Stuka

Mr. David C. Stumpo

Mrs. Lenore H. Sturm

Ms. Susanne M. Stutts

Ms. Margaret M. Sullivan

Ms. Suzanne F. Sumien

Ms. Joan Surdukowski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sutton

Ms. Sandra Swan

Ms. Carol C. Swanson

Dr. Warren Swanson

Mrs. Judith A. Swayze

Cynthia and Brian Sweeney

Mrs. Helen Sweeney

Ms. Lenore Swenson

Ms. Janet M. Swift

Mrs. Linda A. Swirski

Ms. Kathie Sylvia

Synchrony Financial

Mr. George T. Synnott

Mr. Joseph Szalay

Ms. Jo Ann Szela

Mrs. Patrice N. Szepesi

Ms. Sandra Szocik

Ms. Mary Talbot

Mrs. Jean D. Tanczos

Mr. Anthony R. Tarascio

Ms. Joan Tarrant

Ms. Jennifer Tate

Mr. Edwin C. Taylor

Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Taylor

Ms. Brenda Tella

Mr. Merlim F. Temple, Jr.

Ms. Virginia D. Tennison

Ms. Gretchen Test

Ms. Ilene Tetenbaum

Mr. John A. Tevelde

Ms. Mary Pat Thayer

Ms. Barbara Thomas

Ms. Linda M. Thomas

Mr. Andrew Thompson

Ms. Karin T. Thompson

Mrs. Stephanie Thompson

Ms. Valerie L. Thompson

Beverly Thornton and Janice LaVallee

Ms. Arlene D. Thrope

Ms. Charlotte Timberman

Mr. Henry T. Timmerman

Ms. Lesa E. Tischler

Ms. Margaret Tobelman

Mrs. Molly Toomey

Ms. Florence E. Toplansky

Ms. Stephanie Torlone

Ms. Patricia Torpie

Mr. James A. Torriani

Ms. Linda S. Tors

Ms. Vita M. Toscano

Ms. Suzanne Toyen

Ms. Janice M. Traczyk

Ms. Kim Trela

Mr. Daniel Tricarico

Mr. Carl J. Trichka

Mrs. Estelle W. Trichka

Ms. Janet M. Triplett

Mr. Thomas F. Trudell

True North Cabinets, LLC

Ms. Patty Tryon

Ms. Gladys A. Tucker

Mr. Roger Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Tulley

Ms. Maria S. Tupper

Ms. Andrea S. Turner and Mr. Albert J. Toth

Mr. Kenneth Turnquist

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Turnquist

Margaret and Howard Tuttle

Mr. Russ L. Tuverson

Mr. Timothy Tyler

Mr. Einar Ulfsson

Mrs. Marilyn Ulion

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Ulion

Ms. Gael L. Ulisse

Ms. Randa S. Utter

Holly and Morgan Utzig

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vacchelli

Mr. Marc Vaillancourt

Ms. Diane E. Valante

Mr. Roy J. Van Steinburgh

Ms. Elizabeth Van Tuyl and Mr. John Soltis

Mr. David R. Vance

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Vander Baan

Mrs. Karin Varvaro

Ms. Linda C. Vaughan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Vaughan

Mr. Peter Vermilya

Mr. Charles D. Vernon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Viagrande

Mrs. Carol A. Villaggio

Ms. Linda Villano

Ms. Frances Violante

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Virr

Ms. Marilyn M. Virts

Mr. Aud V. Vitale

Mr. and Mrs. Huntington Voelker

Mr. William A. Voldstad

Ms. Janet J. Von Staats

Ms. Shirley N. Vorisek

Mrs. Olga Voros

Ms. Cheryl R. Wakely

Ms. Carole Walden

Ms. Elizabeth F. Waldie

Ms. Cristine M. Waldron

Mr. Greg M. Walker

Mr. Peter R. Walker

Mr. Richard C. Walker

Dr. Tom Walker

Mr. Robert Waller

Mr. Charles Walsh

Ms. Karen Walsh

Ms. Laura Wardner

Ms. Marie B. Warner

Shirley and Forbes Warren

Watkinson Library

Ms. Nancy Watkinson

Ms. Jean B. Watson

Dr. Kelly Watts

Mr. William Watts

Elaine and Andrew Weaver

Ms. Melinda L. Webbe

Ms. Joyce N. Webster

Ms. Martha R. Webster

Susan and Andrew Weimann

Ms. Helen Weingart

Ms. Deborah A. Weinstein

Ms. Judy Weinstein

Ms. Nancy R. Weissmuller

Ms. Rosemary Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Royal B. Wells

Mr. George Wendell

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wescott

Mr. Robert West

Ms. Sandra L. Westbrook

Ms. Sally Westcott

Ms. Lorraine M. Wetherell

Mr. Robert S. Wetmore

Ms. Amy Wexler

Ms. Debi Wheeler

Ms. Susan Wheeler

Ms. Jane Whelan

Ms. Barbara E. White

Ms. Donna White

Ms. Georgiana D. White

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry W. Whitehead

Ms. Lindsay Whitin

Ms. Elizabeth D. G. Whitley

Mr. Roger Whitmore

Mr. Chester H. Wickett

Mr. Dale Wilcox

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Wilcox

Mrs. Joan Wiles

Mr. John Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willett

Ms. Carol J. Williams

Mr. Edwin P. Williams

Sally M. Williams

Mr. F. Scott Wilson

Ms. Helen Wilson

Mr. John F. Wilson

Mrs. Susan Wilson

Ms. Sue Winkler

Mr. Clayton Winters

Hope and Richard Wise

Mr. and Mrs. Alex T. Wissink

Mrs. Michele T. Witham

Mr. Peter Wlochowski

Mr. Andrew Wojcikowski

Mr. Glenn Wolczak

Ms. Virginia Wolf

Ms. Lorraine S. Wolk

Mrs. Deborah D. Wood

Mr. James Wood

Ms. Sandra Woodford

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Woods

Mr. Samuel Woodson

Mr. Tom Woodson

Ms. Marjorie A. Woodward

Mr. James W. Woodworth

Ms. Katheryn Worcester

Ms. Barbara D. Wright

Ms. Lindsey A. Wright

Lorrie and Craig Wright

Ms. Rosemary E. Wright

Ms. Gloria Wu

Ms. Jennifer Yanko

Eileen and Craig Yarnell

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Yarson

Ms. Barbara Yasinski

Carol and Russell Youell

Ms. Lois Young

Ms. Sandi Young

Ms. Nada Young

Mr. Robert M. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Young

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Yurkerwich

Ms. Norma Zackor

Ms. Laura Zaglio

Dr. Charles W. Zanor

Ms. Evangeline Zarras

Mr. Robert J. Zartarian

Mr. Roy C. Zartarian

Mr. Joseph Zeranski

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Ziemienczyk

Ms. Diana Zilahy

Ms. Gail V. Zillian

Mr. Avi Zilz

Linda and Dieter Zimmer

Ms. Barbara J. Zmijewski

Ms. Susan J. Zorro

Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Zumpano

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Zuromski

Ms. Drina C. Zuvic

Ms. Mary E. Zwecker

Mrs. Virginia Zwelling

Ms. Holly M. Zyara

BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moore

Ms. Cecile Roth

Ms. Samantha L. Heilweil

Mr. Daniel Becce

Mr. Matthew Bordeaux

Ms. Jennifer Daley

Give Greater

Mr. Daniel Martinez

Ms. Carol Allen

Mr. Dominic J. Anthony, Jr.

Mr. Joseph Attwater

Mr. Christopher Aurelia

Ms. Martha V. Beale

Ms. Marguerite V. Boss

Ms. Sally Bovino

Ms. Annie Caron

Ms. Carrie Carter

Ms. Sara F. Cialfi

Ms. Leslie Ciancuillo

Joan and David Crow

Ms. Donna Crowley

Ms. Nicola Culmo

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Cwalinski

Ms. Linda Dearborn

Ms. Amy O. Dixon

Mrs. Anne Marie Engel

Mr. Alan Felman

Mrs. Joan B. Finney

Ms. Lynn Elise Friend

Ms. Evelyn M. Gerr

Mr. Jeffrey A. Gershowitz

Ms. Paulette K. Godek

Ms. Amelia Graham

Mrs. Jan Grandahl

Ms. Meg Greene

Ms. Nancy Greene

Ms. Lauren B. Guzik

Mr. Ryan Hawco

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hawke

Indeed, Inc.

Ms. Barbara C. Joy

Mr. John Kikoski

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kimball

Ms. Kannangath N. Kutty

Chris and Linda Kwong

Mr. and Mrs. Chip Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Langenhan

Mr. Ari Leedom

Dr. Liane Leedom

Ms. Tammy LeFoll

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Leonard

Mr. Robert F. Ludgin

Ms. Irene Lukasavage

Mr. Scott R. Matthies and Ms. Anne Sicilian

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McPartland

Ms. Susan Miller

Ms. Katelyn Monroe

Ms. Kathy Monroe

Ms. Joanne Moyler

Mr. Christopher Nigro

Mr. Robert Omiecinski

Ms. Ava Orphanoudakis

Ms. Diana R. Paoletto

Mr. Marc Potenza

Ms. Stephanie Powers

Ms. Marcia Reiley

Ms. Lois Schmidt

Ms. Edith S. Schoell

Dr. Chad Seewagen

Mr. Olaf Soltau

Ms. Sandra Sorel-LeDuc

Mr. Bruce Sullivan

Ms. Anne Treadwell

Ms. Eleanor Vesentin

Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. James Watso

Ms. Robin Weiner

Mr. Chandler Wiegand

Ms. Marcia I. Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Woolley

Ms. Heather Wussow

Mr. Paul L. Schiffman

Ms. Alaina Brenick

Mr. Mark Ciriello

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew George

Ms. Lorraine F. Jalbert

Mr. Martin L. Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Victor I. Adler

Mr. Teddy Arm

Ms. Janet L. Auger

Ms. Claire Boardman

Brawley Consulting Group, LLC

Ms. Tammy Brink

Ms. Diane Brown

Mr. William A. Bruno

Ms. Agnes S. Budd

Ms. Linda L. Burdick

Ms. Constance Christie

Ms. Sara Chute Hsiang

Mr. Tyler Clouthier

Ms. Lisa G. Courtney

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Curtis

Mr. Theodore Davis

Mr. Claudio Denoya

Ms. Pauline A. Devino

Mr. George Dorosh

Ms. Frances M. Ebert

Mr. Joseph Evitts

Ms. Mary Firkatian

Mr. Evan Glass

Ms. Judith H. Gott

Ms. Robin I. Hawkes

Ms. Alicia Healey

Ms. Diane F. Hirsch

Mr. Paul Iwerks

Mr. Norman Jensen

Ms. Rosemary Johnson

Ms. Susan Kelly

Mr. Franklyn H. Kilby

Ms. Joy LeVine-Abrams

Ms. Darcy Lucas

Mrs. Mary E. Luchina

Ms. Janice May

Mr. Robert M. Milstein

Mr. Alden Neuman

Dr. Elsa Nunez

Ms. Tara Okoney

Ms. Cora Ottaviani

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owen

Ms. Theresa M. Pacelli

Ms. Tricia Pandolfo

Park Watershed

Ms. Marilyn M. Ronalter

Mr. Michael Sadlon

Ms. Theresa Saia

Ms. Sara Santiago

Ms. Kathleen Simpson

Mr. Mark Sondeen

Mr. Asad Spahic

Ms. Annmarie C. Speer

Ms. Janice Spence

Miss Neneh Switalla

Mr. Kyle Szalankiewicz

Mr. Adam Taetsch

Mr. Steven Troop

Ms. Anne E. Viens

Mr. Justin Walters

Mr. Gary Warzocha

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Widomski

Ms. Janene Willsey

Ms. Rose Young

Ms. Christine Zakrzewski

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gecinceis

Ms. Michelle Clifford

Ms. Erica Thrall

Mr. Walter Bavier

Ms. Frances Brown

Mrs. Vanessa Byrne

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan O. Capella

Mr. Adam Castracane

Mr. Bruce Davey

Ms. Lee De Marzo

Ms. Robin DeCaro

Ms. Catherine Donohoe

Ms. Kate Donohoe

Ms. Sandra J. Downing

Ms. Christine L. Engel

Ms. Jane T. Foxall

Mrs. Diane M. Giggey

Mr. Anthony J. Golia

Ms. Maribeth Goulden

Ms. Valerie Grzybowski

Mr. Thomas F. Hartch

Ms. Melissa Hayford

Mr. James K. Heeren

Ms. Darly Henry

Ms. Loryn B. Johnson

Ms. Bonnie Kizilski

Mr. Ted Kronenberger

Mr. Doug Kulmacz

Ms. Karen Laski

Ms. Laura C. Lenox

Ms. Debra Levi

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Longo

Ms. Jayne A. Lynch

Ms. Jeanne M. Lyons

Mr. Jeffrey R. Maher

Ms. Sharon Marinelli

Ms. Elizabeth Marks

Ms. Jo Ann K. Marshall

Ms. Patricia W. Massey

Ms. Sally E. McMahon

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DJ Miller

Ms. Susanne Murphy

Ronald J. Newman, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Connor

Mr. Jon Ozaksut

Ms. Cindy L. Palmer

Ms. Christine Peterson

Ms. Doris L. Piferi

Ms. Sennea Raslan

Ms. Roberta A. Ritchie

Mr. Robert Roche

Ms. Anna Sampieri

Mr. Scott Santa

Ms. Denise J. Sarrazin

Ms. Linnea A. Scheck

Ms. Charlene F. Schutz

Ms. Barbara P. Scillieri

Mr. Richard J. Stockton

Ms. Hope Sweeney

Mr. Paul H. Turnrose

Ms. Emilia van Beugen

Mr. Kyle Vivolo

Mr. Joseph E. Walters

Ms. Caitlin Williams

Ms. Karen Williams

Liang Yan-Ping

Ms. Laura LaVelle and Mr. Frank Illuzzi

Ms. Christin Linden

Ms. Hope Pendleton

Mr. Michael E. Law

Ms. Palma Harman

Mr. Lawrence Balbi

Mr. John Simko

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Totilo

Mrs. Sharon Blackman

Ms. Gloria J. Christensen

Mrs. Lucy Lee Grimes Evans

Ms. Sylvia M. Hongo

Ms. Emily Keating

Ms. Amelia Keller

Mrs. Lee Lapuk

Ms. Carole J. Leahy

Ms. Kristen Lewandowski

Ms. Debra A. Mason

Mr. Gary McNeil

Yin Norodom

Ms. Marie M. Sweglar

Mr. Edwin M. Arnheim

Mr. Al Giaimo

Mrs. Debra Giambattista

Ms. Susan Gorman

Ms. Linda Shea

Mr. Joel W. Caves

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