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Adam Connell

Adam Connell is a professional arborist and visual artist. His preferred mediums are graphite, charcoal, and chalk. He holds a degree in photography and will often use his photographs to create references for his drawings. His work is primarily inspired by the beauty of the natural world. He currently resides in Westport, Massachusetts.




Trail Wood Reflections

I was honored to be selected for Trail Wood’s artist-in-residency program, and found my time there to be both enriching and enjoyable. I have a particular memory of photographing a bird I had never seen before, which was an experience exciting unto itself. But to then have the opportunity to go back to Mr. Teale’s study and flip through his personal field guides to identify it was truly special. I will now always connect the sight of a yellow throat with my time at Trail Wood and a sense of gratitude for the Teale’s pioneering work and care of nature. I hope that the artwork I produced while there serves to provoke a similar sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty of the world surrounding us.

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