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Meet The 2021 Artists In Residence

Since 2012, The Edwin Way Teale Artists-in-Residence at Trail Wood program, has invited writers and visual artists chosen through a juried process, to spend a week in residence at the Edwin Way Teale house at Trail Wood in Hampton, CT While in residence, artists are encouraged to practice their craft in a way that is inspired both by the site’s natural beauty and its important role in American natural history writing. The peace and quiet of Trail Wood allow for deep introspection and focus on the artistic process. Here are the artists and writers who visited in 2021 and exhibited in March 2022:


Roxanne Bogart

Roxanne Bogart is a wildlife biologist and writer whose nature poems and essays have appeared in countless publications. She spends her personal time exploring the forests, meadows, and waters of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. It is here, and on travels farther afield, that she gathers inspiration for her writing through close observation and careful collection of images, information, feelings, and insights. She works part-time as the national coordinator of an urban bird conservation program that creates opportunities for people in cities to deepen their connection to nature through meaningful engagement in bird-related recreation, science, conservation, and education programs.


Patricia Everett

Patricia Everett is a psychologist in private practice in Amherst,Massachusetts. Her writing life has been devoted to research in the Mabel Dodge Luhan Archives at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale. She has published three books about Luhan. The first is a book about the correspondence between Luhan and Gertrude Stein, A History Of Having A Great Many Times Not Continued To Be Friends. The second presents the correspondence between Mabel Dodge Luhan and her psychoanalyst A. A. Brill, and the most recent is The Dreams of Mabel Dodge: Diary of An Analysis with Smith Ely Jelliffe. Before becoming a therapist, Patricia studied art history and lived in New York, where she worked at art galleries and wrote about art.


Tom Ouellette

Tom Ouellette is a scenic and nature photographer. His photographs reflect his interests as an outdoor enthusiast, and his educational and professional experience in natural science, resource management and environmental education. As a environmental analyst for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (retired), and as a freelance artist, Tom has designed and produced numerous educational materials and interpretive installations focusing on natural history, which incorporate his artwork and photographs.



Lynn Sullivan

Lynn Sullivan is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator. Her artwork consists of sculpture, video, sound, and public actions. This work is influenced by her interest in how we understand the things and spaces around us. At Trail Wood, Lynn produced conceptual studies from experiences out on the property. Exhibited everywhere from Connecticut to Beijing, Lynn works between New York and Vermont, and teaches sculpture at Trinity College in Hartford.






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