Connecticut Audbon Society

Volunteer for habitat improvement work at Milford Point

Northern Mockingbird, photographed by George Amato near the Coastal Center’s recirculating waterfall, is one of the native bird species that benefit from habitat improvements.

The last several years have seen great improvements at the Milford Point Coastal Center. But there’s more to be done — and you can help.

We are recruiting volunteers to help remove invasive plants and replace them with native plants, which have much higher conservation value.

It is the kind of hands-on work that makes an immediate difference not just for birds but for pollinators, small mammals, and other wildlife as well.

Our goal is to establish a corps of volunteers to help on an ongoing basis. The crew will work at the direction of habitat steward Stefan Martin, who is overseeing improvement projects at several Connecticut Audubon sanctuaries.

If you can help or you’re interested in learning more, please email our volunteer coordinator, Erika Pollock,






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