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Ecology Camp Weekly Themes


Eco-Adventurers       June 17- 21 * no camp on June 19
Get ready for an exciting adventure as toads, insects, butterflies, and birds await! Captivating explorations, investigations, games, and creative activities fill the days! We’ll use nets, water quality testing equipment, microscopes, and much more. Weekly project includes designing and building your own mini-habitat diorama.

Art and Science Discovery Week 1      June 24-28
Unleash your inner artist! Science invites exploration while art fuels the imagination. The two will interconnect in this week’s session. By experimenting with a variety of materials and mediums, we will witness firsthand the intriguing, beautiful results that can happen! And for campers who wish to capture everything they learn and do, there will be daily time for journaling. The weekly project culminates in a large-scale collaborative multimedia art piece using found and repurposed objects.

Estuary Explorers         July 1-5 *no camp on July 4
Dive into the extraordinary world of estuary life! Campers will learn about the creatures, plants and algae that live in this environment through hands-on discovery. Seine nets, magnifying glasses, microscopes, and buckets will provide an up-close encounter with critters, allowing for detailed observation before their release. As part of the weekly project, campers will engage in the construction and testing of their very own clean water filter.

Super Scientists        July 8-12
Embark on a journey into the realms of “ologies”! Biology, ecology, ornithology, hydrology and more!    Uncover the secrets of plant and animal adaptations, water, soil quality and more!  From birds to bugs and soil to water, we’ll unravel the wonders of the natural world. This week, campers will engage in a personalized plant study of their own design.  

Wild Water Wonders        July 15- 19
Investigate the mysteries of water, mud, and soil! Worms, slugs, and snails are just the beginning of what you will discover! Campers will examine what lives in the water and help take care of our classroom tanks as well as learn about the importance of taking care of our water sources. Each day will bring a new water experiment, providing campers with exciting opportunities for exploration.

Nature Engineers       July 22-26
Build, test, design, and trial – witness STEAM in motion! Put your skills to the test this week as you construct, explore, problem solve, test materials, and work cooperatively! Campers will explore biomimicry and draw inspiration from nature’s designs. Based on their observations, campers will create their own tools to solve real-life problems.

Fantastic Flyers   July 29- August 2
Soar into the enchanting world of birds, bats, dragonflies, and butterflies! Campers will search for these winged creatures and their homes as we discover the outdoors! We’ll unveil the mysteries of beaks, talons, and feathers as we explore the birds’ many talents and skills. Learn to use binoculars and field guides! Campers will craft a bird feeding station and, each day, conduct a bird count while collecting valuable data on bird behaviors.

Budding Scientists       August 5- 9
Campers will catch and study insects, search for wild birds, track animals, and design their very own field journal filled with their weekly discoveries! Each day will explore a different topic as we investigate all our natural world has to offer!

Art and Science Discovery Week 2        Aug 12-16
Science invites inquiry, while art inspires the creative process. The two will interconnect in this explorative hands-on session. By experimenting with a variety of materials and mediums, we’ll witness firsthand the intriguing, beautiful results that can happen! Campers will participate in weekly sketching activities in their very own art sketchbook.


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