Connecticut Audbon Society

Firefly Atlas

Firefly Atlas is a national program designed to better understand and conserve the diversity of fireflies in North America. Fireflies use a pattern of light producing flashes to find and recognize each other. Participants will first attend a training session at the center to discuss how to collect data for Firefly Atlas and how to recognize flash patterns. Using monitoring supplies provided by RTPEC, volunteers will choose a local observation site. Participants will start monitoring after sunset and record information on habitat, weather, firefly species, and flash patterns.

Click this link to register for the virtual training on May 8th!

This program is most suited for teenagers – adults. Children are able to help with a participating adult.

Participant Requirements:

Comfortable being outside after dark

Comfortable being near/handling fireflies

Must be able to survey with one other person present


For further information about community conservation science programming or inquiries regarding participation, please contact Conservation Science Coordinator, Taylor Breton, at or (860) 598- 4218






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